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Fallout Shelter Radio Show Episode 01

This is Fallout Shelter Radio where hosts Drew Spence, Griffin Avid, Xodus Phoenix and Domino Grey play anything with a Groove that makes the needle move. From Electronica to Experimental Hip Hop we drop the beats. Guest DJ drop in and mix for you. Show airs first on Friday Nights 8 -10 PM (EST). This is the one of the podcast archives.

Full show archived here:

Episode 01 Notes: Welcome to the Fallout Shelter Radio Hour. I’m your host Griffin Avid. A music producer, engineer, magazine editor and such who works out of AVX Studios. I’m going to hit you with a serious amount of tunes from our catalogue and various releases. These are mostly songs that I have worked on or artists that I have worked with. A big thank you to Indierock FM and LRS FM Lower East Side Radio for airing the FSR Hour. This first block Features EDM Artist Domino Grey and songs from his first album Get It Up, Lay it Down.

Episode 01Playlist Follows


Domino Grey: Last Night, Night Zone, Let My Spirit Run Free, London Ferry, Enter The Slots, Desiree Desire, Stirrer’s Pot, Melody Diagnosis, MY Heart never Skips a Beat [Dynamics Plus Remix]

Domino Grey: Faint Murmurings and Light Musings.

Dynamics Plus: Lonely Angel Remix

Nae B and Shea the Doll: Why Can’t We Fall in Love, Baby Please, Askin Me For.

Shea the Doll: I Aint Mad At You.

Fallout Shelter: Food For Thought, Sexy Dress, Kool Intentions

Domino Grey on Feiyr Podcast Episode 33

Domino Grey on

Butterfly Affect goes Podcasting for Primal Themes


“Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings” from the Butterfly Affect Part I EP has been put in the Feiyr podcast.

Not much more to say about that.

To have a look at the podcast please click on this link:

If you have installed iTunes on your computer, iTunes will open automatically. If you do not have iTunes, please visit this link to preview the podcast:

Episode33 DJ Eibhlin – Mo Fuaime, Trentem¯ller – My Dreams, Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band – Agita, Tome R – Leave, Cool Million Featuring Kenny Thomas – Without Your Love REMIXES, Pioneerball – Bananas, Arclight – Holographic, Sook and Actuator – Magnetic Anomaly EP, Urban Legends – Chergui – Sius Remix, Isaac – Welcome To Dirty Workz! EP, Electronative – Daylight, Benny White – Red Dress, Desmonduke Feat. D-Smith – U Can Make It, Domino Grey – Butterfly Affect Part I Facial Recognition Technology, Parov Stelar – Jimmy¥s Gang EP, Krisstho – Wer Echte Frauen Lieben Will, Big Yellow Taxi – Big Yellow Taxi, Abigail Bailey & Nick Tcherniak – Sundance, Djmlbeatz – After 2012, Discomakers – World Party, Martin Solveig – The Night Out E.P., Various Artists – Goa Hertz (Three), Urban Legends – Chergui, Dj Roncio – In Music We Trust, F.O.R.N.I.X – Munda, Sonnenj‰ger – Holiday Time, Various Artists – Latin Lounge Music, Dublicator – The Singularity Theories, Jazzy Babe – Night Flight, oe Hill Louis – The Be-Bob Boy (with Walter Horton and Mose Vinson)


Album and more music available for purchase here.

Fallout Shelter Radio Show on IndieRock FM

April 27, 2012 1 comment
Fallout Shelter Radio on

Tune in, Get Turned on as we Turn it out!

The Fallout Shelter hits your airwaves starting on Friday, April 27th    from 8 to 10 pm. Every Friday night Griffin Avid, Drew Spence, Domino Grey and Xodus Phoenix mix up anything with a groove that makes the needle move. From electronica to experimental hip hop, it’s a radio show unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Guest DJs drop in to the Fallout Shelter Radio Hour and spin the best in electronic music. We’re on IndieRock.FM. Point your browser to the number one international independent online Platform for hearing the best underground music from around the world. It’s Lower East Side radio blasted by the Fallout Shelter!

Tune in, Get Turned on as we Turn it out!


LRS.FM | Live Radio Shows |was founded in 2011 and will be providing quality radio to the public. Located in the heart of the Music Industry in New York City, the Lower East Side.

IndieRock FM

Fallout Shelter Radio Show on IndieRock FM

Domino Grey is now live on Earbits Radio

Earbits Banner Domino Grey

Domino Grey on Earbits

Earbits provides 100% commercial-free, online radio, with no listener subscription fees. We feature only high quality, artists, and have developed a business model that eliminates the need for interruptions, ads or distractions.

Butterfly Affect Part I: Facial Recognition Technology in rotation on Earbits!

We Can Go [Dancing] –
Just Look At Me [Last Night Reprise & Another Thought] –
Communication Is The Key That –
Unlocks The Delicate Girl –
Mirrored Responses –
Primal Themes & The Beating of Wings –
Personal Affects [Facial Recognition Technology] –

Listen to us on commercial-free Earbits Radio, the best place to discover new music.

Podcast News DjShop adds Domino Grey to playlist FREE DOWNLOAD Club News Episode 43 Club News Episode 43 Podcast Episode 43

Download Club News Episode 43  17-04-2012 (62.97 MB)

66:01 min –  quicktime

“We Can Go Dancing”

DJshop adds Domino Grey’s music to its podcast line up.  “The podcasts are downloaded more than 75,000 times per episode and reach a broad audience.

A new episode of the club news podcast is published every three weeks. Congratulations to Domino Grey and his Butterfly Affect EP for being selected.”

Episode 43 So Phat!

– A Love Bizarre (The Remixes)
Nicky Romero – Se7en, Tiger Stripes Feat. Cevin Fisher- It All Comes Back,
Various Artists- All-Stars Vol 1,
H2 – The Frequency Of Life,
Tom Budden – Simplest Inhale ñ EP,
Various Artists – LUV001,
Mark Knight – Bullets Vol 2,
Petar Dundov – Stairway / The Arch, Benny Benassi vs. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body 2012,
Thomas Gold – Sing2Me, Hrdvsion – Right and Tight EP,
Sunshine Jones – Warm Sun On My Face / I Got Your Back,
Till von Sein & Tigerskin – Good Times on the Reg EP,
Pablo Ceballos – Adagio for Drums,
Ignacio Vaher – Mf Kommunikation 005,
Tocadisco – FR3E (Remix Album),
Various – Freerange Records Presents Colour Series: Grey 09,
Joss Dominguez Feat. D-Smith – Now I Know,
Various Artists – Toolroom Records Miami 2012,
Chris Kaeser Feat Redd Nose & Max C – She’S Playing On U,
Alex Koenig – The Sequence Evolution,
Ron Ractive ñ Tagtraum,
Benny White – Lose Your Control,
Djmlbeatz – Walk Of The Turtle,
Domino Grey – Butterfly Affect Part I Facial Recognition Technology,
Leandro Lee – Corrida De Toros,
Fuegobeatz ñ Fuegobeatz,
Louis McGuire – Essence & Detail,
Cristian Baglini – Passion Night,
Greenbeam & Leon / Boyd Schidt – Optical Illusion EP,
Scape Eleven – Party Mood,
Elmadon – Europe Awakening


Music Review by Devon Jackson for “We Can Go Dancing” by Domino Grey

Over a pseudo-tabla-drum synth beat, Grey layers on other, bigger, though not at all overwhelming phrases—Moogish, rhythmic, sci-fi-ish. But nothing too big. Nothing too fast. It’s all very smooth. Very tempered. Very well thought out in terms of production, in terms of the feeling it’s wanting to convey. (As opposed to so many other electronica tunes that come at you pell-mell, or throwing out everything and the kitchen sink.) “We Can Go” is more like background music that’s finally, rightfully given center-stage—to a very mellow rave set in a very evolved near future. Picture—sonically, mind—the work of Paul Hardcastle or Jan Hammer, only without their aggressiveness, without that harsh edginess.

**Shared in a follow-up: I really like this. It’s somehow different without being pronouncedly different. What does that mean? Hmm. That you’re not trying to be different, that you’re not forcing it to be something than what it is. It’s whatever it is without you having over-thought it. Really nice.- Devon Jackson

 Devon Jackson

Devon Jackson
Magazine Editor - Freelance Music Journalist

Devon Jackson has written about music and film for a variety of publications–from Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice to Rolling Stone and Details. He is also the author of Conspiranoia! and currently the editor of Santa Fean magazine



Domino Grey Says:

-Following a good review makes a nice place for me to talk about the production of “We Can Go Dancing”. Not much of a track spotlight since this one fell together in a  pretty forward way.  I was grooving to it from the start. The first working had a 4 to the floor drum track that was ‘stolen’ by another song (from B Affect part II) that was just screaming it for it. So I stayed with the disco-y type drum track. DJ Boogiepop is always asking for more effects and filter sweeps in my mixes so I started this one off really Lo-Fi with the song crunched out like a poor radio broadcast. [removed in Europrint version] This is also one the simpler songs when it comes to gear use and the amount of processing. It’s 95% KORG M3 (Music) and Radikal Tech Spectralis 2 (Base and Drops). There’s a little KORG EMX for the drums and a few plugs running in the room after that.

This track became a lead single due to its popularity. It performed best on internet radio stations although a lot of DJs said “Just Look at Me” was the one to watch for. Mostly, I’ve kept them paired together and usually drop one after the other. One of my favorite parts is when the crowd gets noisy in the middle right before the song jumps back in.

And it’s funny that I used a crash. It’s so…cliche and common in most genres of music that it’s not really done in EDM. I was thinking “Yeah, I’m going to drop a classic Rock&Roll splash right as the track restarts. A big one, a  loud one. What’s funny is that it’s the simplest element, but it was also the one I spent the most time working with and agonizing over. I tried and layered over a dozen splashes from every module in the studio and none of them fit. I knew the one in my head was from my old KORG ES-1 Drum machine so I grabbed my recent purchase, the blue-meanie (as I call it) EMX and smashed away. There’s a layer of crashes that I stripped way in the original release that I put back in for the Europrint version.

Well, thanks for supporting my music. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport and CDBaby.

A big shout to DJ Boogiepop and People’s Choice Entertainment DJs for giving my music so much burn.

Here’s me website.

Drive (2011) Movie Review

Drive Movie Poster

I’m not sure what drove me to see Drive. Watching the trailer left me thinking Drive was a story about a race car driver who works on the side driving getaway cars for thieves and other criminals. Some aspects made it look like an action roadster movie with tons of chase scenes and big ‘escape the police’ action sequences.

There’s a little bit of that, but a whole lot more under the hood. The director, Nicolas Winding Refn, has recreated a 1970s styled….Burt Reynolds flick mixed with a little James Dean cool. Ryan Gosling (also in The Notebook and The Ides of March, opposite George Clooney) is cast as ‘the kid’, an unnamed mechanic with a sordid past and dangerous alter-ego hiding behind his outer shell of innocence. It’s a great casting that at first makes you wonder how ‘the kid’ can change the world around him with his quiet and soft demeanor.

The plot is pretty simple and straightforward. The kid befriends a lone mother and child and their growing relationship is complicated by the release of the boy’s father, a Standard Gabriel (played by Oscar Isaac from Sucker Punch). His troubles follow him out of the box as he finds himself still boxed in and needs to pull off one last job. It’s an odd proposition for our driver. He has the unique skill-set to help, but why is he risking his life, only to help the woman he wants- move on without him? If everything goes well…c’mon you know the rest. That last job never turns out as planned.

A woman who left the theater ahead of me said she felt like her stomach tightened up and only relaxed as the credits rolled. I agree. This is a suspenseful movie that revels in its atmosphere. It feels dark and ominous. The cinematography and location(s) help sink us into bleakness as L.A. is rendered as a far away glittery and dreamy backdrop to the darkest of places, characters and deeds.
Bernie Rose, played by Albert Brooks, is the perfect combination of mobster, thug and 1940s gangster. When meeting the kid, there is a tense moment when a handshake is expected. The Driver pauses and you wonder if their relationship is going to start off with an insult. The kid says his hands are dirty and so that’s why he’s not shaking hands. Bernie Rose replies ‘so are mine’. The double meaning of ‘dirty hands’ and the interplay between characters throughout is well scripted and executed.

At some point I would like to revisit this movie and discuss it again after it’s been around a while so we can include spoilers and twists.

In conclusion, this is one of my favorite movies. I felt like I had seen a throwback to a grittier era. The on-screen violence is filmed in a very realistic way. It’s shocking without being done for shock value. It also explains why your stomach was so knotted. You knew it was coming.

This is one of those movies that gets better the more you think about it. As you remember how cool this scene and that scene was and how some of the simplest of actions are given so much weight and meaning, you’ll realize you’ve seen a really good movie. There’s lots of symbolism and repeated motifs to pick up so it also stands up well in repeat viewings. I recommend this movie to all my friends. It’s a little hard to describe so I pretty much say “just see it and then we’ll talk about it”.

I’m not a movie critic; I’m just critiquing a movie.