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Domino Grey interview with JamSphere 20 Questions Deep with Rick Jamm!

Twenty Questions: DOMINO GREY – The Intellectual Electronic Music Artist!



Domino Grey Electronic Musician


Electronic Music producer, Domino Grey from New York, has influences that range from HipHop to Deep House. He is part of a group that releases instrumental music under the name Fallout Shelter and producing records as Drew Spence and Dynamics Plus. Recently in an exclusive interview, Domino confirmed that his  prowess and skills are not only confined to keyboards and mixing desks. The man (and artist) comes across as a rational and intelligent being, who completely understands his art and the sacrifices necessary to move within, and more importantly around and outside of its boundaries successfully.

1. How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

Domino Grey: It’s been a few years now doing electronic music after many years doing Hip Hop and Rap. I think there’s some kind of artistic debt in trying to give the same kinds of experiences with my music that I had, when I was younger. I want to recreate what I felt then for someone else.

2. Who were the first influences on your sound and who do you consider the most influential electronic music producer in your genre today?

Domino Grey: Influential for today, I would say Deadmou5 and for dub enthusiasts, Skrillex -more so, for what they have accomplished, than their musical sensibilities overall. I think many artists see them as the end goal for their musical aspirations. It’s a little funny when the kids only look at their last two years in the big spotlight and think that’s all there is to it. So easy. Those are developed artists with long histories and are not overnight success stories. I tend to be inspired by ideas and not sounds or production techniques.

3. Do you remember the first piece of software or equipment that you actually purchased, for your productions, with your own money?

Domino Grey: First, I’m not so sure of, but most significant would be the Ensoniq ASR0-10 sampling keyboard. I bought it brand new from Sam Ash for over 2 grand, at a time when you didn’t know who else was using it besides yourself. There wasn’t a fantasy in my head like if I get this, I’ll be just like so and so. It was all about what it could do for me. When I forked over the money I thought “Okay, now you’d better be serious about this.”

Domino Grey on Feiyr Podcast Episode 33

Domino Grey on

Butterfly Affect goes Podcasting for Primal Themes


“Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings” from the Butterfly Affect Part I EP has been put in the Feiyr podcast.

Not much more to say about that.

To have a look at the podcast please click on this link:

If you have installed iTunes on your computer, iTunes will open automatically. If you do not have iTunes, please visit this link to preview the podcast:

Episode33 DJ Eibhlin – Mo Fuaime, Trentem¯ller – My Dreams, Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band – Agita, Tome R – Leave, Cool Million Featuring Kenny Thomas – Without Your Love REMIXES, Pioneerball – Bananas, Arclight – Holographic, Sook and Actuator – Magnetic Anomaly EP, Urban Legends – Chergui – Sius Remix, Isaac – Welcome To Dirty Workz! EP, Electronative – Daylight, Benny White – Red Dress, Desmonduke Feat. D-Smith – U Can Make It, Domino Grey – Butterfly Affect Part I Facial Recognition Technology, Parov Stelar – Jimmy¥s Gang EP, Krisstho – Wer Echte Frauen Lieben Will, Big Yellow Taxi – Big Yellow Taxi, Abigail Bailey & Nick Tcherniak – Sundance, Djmlbeatz – After 2012, Discomakers – World Party, Martin Solveig – The Night Out E.P., Various Artists – Goa Hertz (Three), Urban Legends – Chergui, Dj Roncio – In Music We Trust, F.O.R.N.I.X – Munda, Sonnenj‰ger – Holiday Time, Various Artists – Latin Lounge Music, Dublicator – The Singularity Theories, Jazzy Babe – Night Flight, oe Hill Louis – The Be-Bob Boy (with Walter Horton and Mose Vinson)


Album and more music available for purchase here.

Domino Grey is now live on Earbits Radio

Earbits Banner Domino Grey

Domino Grey on Earbits

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Butterfly Affect Part I: Facial Recognition Technology in rotation on Earbits!

We Can Go [Dancing] –
Just Look At Me [Last Night Reprise & Another Thought] –
Communication Is The Key That –
Unlocks The Delicate Girl –
Mirrored Responses –
Primal Themes & The Beating of Wings –
Personal Affects [Facial Recognition Technology] –

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