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Killer Butterfly #5 on comiXology

February 16, 2019 Leave a comment

The Treacherous Three

3 on 1, once 1 is done!

Killer Butterfly #5: The Treacherous Three

What happens when three bandits, who are pretending to be Daemons, meet a Butterfly on a bridge of death? The young Eagle Fortress agent Kuse Yatsumi will learn an important lesson at the evil mercies of The Treacherous Three. Drew Spence scripts and sketches out issue 05 of the Killer Butterfly series. Also available on ISSUU.

Page Pull Killer Butterfly #5
Fight scene Killer Butterfly #5
Bridge fight from Killer Butterfly comic
buy for only $1.99 on ISSUU
buy for only $1.99 on ISSUU

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Force Six, The Annihilators 29: Sleight of Hand

February 6, 2019 Leave a comment
Force Six, The Annihilators episode 29 cover
Force Six, The Annihilators episode 29 Sleight of Hand

29 Sleight of Hand

Time runs out for Fire Destiny when a racy racer reveals a risky robbery. It’s a rubber meets the road rationale when the heist hire holds the highest hand. Who will have the upper hand when the stakes are raised and the stake is driven through a heavy heart? There’s a slight chance that the Sleight of Hand will hold out just a little longer. With only two episodes left in season III, Drew Spence deals and draws – as the deadly night draws nigh. 34 pages, full color. Available on comiXology and ISSUU.

Page pull Force Six episode 29 page 01

Our titles are available on comiXology and ISSUU. Both sites for $1.99. Want to get the full story? – get your Force Six early and free with support for our art on Patreon. Want to see more artwork and details? Follow us on Instagram. Thank you for your support.

Force Six, The Annihilators 28: Ryde or Die

January 25, 2019 Leave a comment

Force Six episode 28 Ryde or Die

Episode 28 Ryde or Die

Force Six episode 28 Ryde or Die
It’s the torrid tale of turning turbines tearing up a treacherous track. Far above planet Helleron, Rexard Avery will learn an important lesson about being first, second, third and never. The Force Six season III moves closer to its conclusion with part II of the Crash & Burn/Speed Kills story arc. Drew Spence writes and rides in a do or die situation for his Force Six comic series. 49 pages, full color

Also available on ISSUU for $1.99

comiXology in digital format