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We feature the interests of the following artists, producers and personalities. Find the label here: www.DynamicaMusic

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Dynamics Plus

Lenzmen producer and recording artist Dynamics Plus creates his sonic visions while taking the listener on a journey into the labyrinth of his imagination. It’s the inner mechanism of the Mind Action that leads us to a world crafted from Foresight that is ancient and futuristic, terrible and promising. His radioactive beats are created in Fallout Shelter studios under the watchful eye of Doctor Atomics. This is intelligent hip hop from a lyrically enhanced scientist.

Domino Grey

Domino Grey is a U.S. born Electronic Dance Music artist and producer. He has influences of Nu Jazz, Dubstep, Lounge and Techno.

D.O.M.I.N.O. Dance Or Move In Natural Order

G.R.E.Y. Generate Rhythmic Energy Yourself



Fallout Shelter + Radio Show

A super-group of producers featuring Dynamics Plus, Domino Grey, Drew Spence and Xodus Phoenix. They specialize in instrumental music ranging from hip hop to dark electronica. Griffin Avid, a recording engineer and media editor from Producer’s Edge hosts an online radio show playing records from his studio and mixes from guest DJs. Show currently plays on Friday Nights 8-10 pm on indierock.fm USA (New York Eastern Time Zone)


Drew Spence

Creator of Producer’s Edge Magazine, a journal for Hip Hop, R&B and Rap Music production.



You can visit the Producer’s Edge Blog here.


Dynamica Comics

Graphic novels, videos and artwork including Battlestrux, Chaos Legion and Mark of the Griffin.



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