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Fallout Shelter Elevator Music Volume 1: Bassment Level Review

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Fallout Shelter Elevator Music Volume 1: Bassment Level Review

Hey all, the BASSment Level got a review blurbie on the I Can’t Call it Blogsite

Album cover:Fallout Shelter Elevator Music Volume I

Buy Fallout Shelter's BASSment level on iTunes

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don’t do things half-heartedly. Because if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.”-Michael Jordan

The Fallout Shelters latest efforts (helmed by super-producer & MC Dynamics Plus, along with multiple personalities Domino Grey, Drew Spence, and Xodus Phoenix) is the realization of a dream being reached, a path that puzzled many fans of the producers former hip-hop efforts. However, with any adversity, great opportunity can come out of it.

Elevator Music Volume 1: Bassment Level is the “soundtrack to a new film” in the Dynamic Plus universe (not an actual film, but more of a collection of valuable music in his already immense catalog). Overall, the growth he continues to display as a producer is earning him the acclaim of being the name used as a standard for producers of all genres to follow. On top of this all, he’s just scratching the surface.


Don’t know what they’re talking about? Peep this.

Behind the Take Ova Shea the Doll and Nae B The Take Over Mixtape

November 30, 2011 5 comments

Behind the Take Ova

Download Shea the Doll Nae B The Take Over album

The Take Over is taking over.

“This is an anthem for all the women who have decided to say ‘Enough, no more’. They are sharing the deepest aspects of their lives and I doubt anyone will listen to this and not be moved.”

Shea the Doll and Nae B drop a powerful mixtape that may change your life.

I don’t even know is I should be sharing this, but meh, let’s see where this goes. For the last couple of weeks I have been locked away in the lower levels of the Fallout Shelter recording Shea the Doll and Nae B. They are solo R&B recording artists putting together a free mixtape called The Take Over. Normally this would be no big deal since I record all sorts of projects, but things quickly took a left turn.

Well, let’s go back a bit. Shea, who I’ve known for many years, is no stranger to hear me doin my thang. She was featured on the Album Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude “Machine Slave” and my most recent Domino Grey music. Now, years later, it was time for me to sit back and watch her do her thang. She’s always had a powerful voice and most people describe it as raw and emotive. I kept hearing how ill Nae B was for a while, but never met her until now. They are both solo song writers/artists who have come together for this first project. They usually sell songs to other artists and have done tons of spot work singing and writing hooks for rap songs, but now they’ve decided to make their own music and take it to the world.

Shea the Doll and Nae B

Strong Women, Strong Voices, Strong Message

There are a few times I spun around at the desk and asked “Do you really want to say that?” Oh yeah, it gets pretty raw. This is an anthem for all the women who have decided to say ‘Enough, no more’. They are sharing the deepest aspects of their lives and I doubt anyone will listen to this and not be moved. When we were near the end, Shea asked me “What do you think?” I answered; “This is going to change things”. She said “No, what do you think of the songs.” I replied “I just told you.”

I take no credit in the creation of this project. They came, they saw, they recorded their vision. All I did was donate my facility and time, to which, they said was a rare act of…

Hold on. What are we all here for? How can you not want to be involved with this kind of music? Do you say you love good music? Are you haunted by shadows from your past? Are you working your way through a world of struggles? Do you have hope and faith that you can make it through? Are you going to look at yourself and say that it’s time for a change? New Years is fast-approaching and that will be time when all of us reflect and decide to make personal changes in how we move about in the world. I suggest you turn it into more than a night of personal promises and vows. I say you commit to Take Over your life and use this album as your inspiration.

You can find out more about this album here.


It can be downloaded for FREE here!

Thank you for your support

In the Groove: Battle of the Bands (New York)

November 26, 2011 1 comment

In the Groove: Battle of the Bands (New York)

Dec 3rd 2010 3pm to 11 Pm

Get Live, Play Live. Battle of the Bands

Sat, Dec 3 2011, 3:00p.m. – 11:00p.m. Secret TheatreLong Island City, NY, United States
Secret Theatre, Long Island City, NY, United States


Tickets and more info here


In the Groove Battle of the Bands, now entering it’s third year, is an exciting and innovative event that provides musicians, young and old, with the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of thousands of people and compete with the best musicians in the Northeast to win a recording contract. While only still in it’s infancy, the In the Groove Battle of the Bands has sold out two of it’s first three events, and participating bands have played to groups of over 200 people.

In the Groove: Battle of the Bands 2011 will present 64 bands from throughout the Northeast in two rounds of competition.

Eight first place winners will be selected in Round 1, and will receive an on-air radio interview and performance, gear, recording session, and coaching session by professional School of Groove ensemble coaches.

Two grand prize winners will be selected in Round 2, and will receive a management contract for a 2012-13 US Tour, a music publishing contract for one book with School of Groove Press, and a performance at the legendary Symphony Hall in Boston, MA

Battle of the Bands December 3rd 2011

Battle of the Bands with D.A. the Future and Shea the Doll


Being posted cause I will be there and Shea the Doll is featured in  a participating band.

It is also related to this blog post from Producer’s Edge Magazine

Tickets and more info here

FREE Music Dynamics Plus Syntax 3: My Syntax Runs Tracks Across Your Veins

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FREE Music Dynamics Plus Syntax 3: My Syntax Runs Tracks Across Your Veins

Image of Lenzmen Dynamics Plus

Syntax 3: My Syntax Runs Tracks Across Your Veins

Syntax 3, a lost joint from the archives
I found this piece while digging through one of my folders. Kinda liked it, thought I’d share it. There’s a spot for a second verse that even had ad-libs recorded in place so I know this is some kind of unfinished track, but since I hate adding on way after the initial inspiration, I’ve chosen to leave it at 1 verse.

Dynamica Music Sale banner

Dynamics Plus presents the Falling Planets Soundtrack

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Dynamics Plus presents the Falling Planets Soundtrack

Falling Planets, the Soundtrack

This is man’s first step into the larger universe.


 Our warp drive will open a new frontier.

This is man’s first step into the larger universe.

We will stumble over our humanity.


Falling Planets is the soundtrack inspired by the Graphic Novel.



I spend most of my time hunched over something; it’s either my computer or synthesizer keyboard. When I think about it, it was always this way. – Hidden away in my room drawing up adventure stories about heroic characters from far off worlds. Come to think of it, my music tends to follow that theme too. It makes sense since I used to play music while I drew my comics. The idea hit me to use my music as a soundtrack to a graphic novel. So, you are supposed to read the book while the music plays in the background. That’s the experience I was trying to create.

I actually sat on this comic for a long time. Every so often I would get the urge to read it again and remember how different the graphics were or put the soundtrack on while I worked. It just struck me to put it out, yeah and drop the soundtrack too. While looking for the original files, I stumbled across a video version of the novel with the soundtrack behind it and decided to upload that too.

Story Synopsis:

A team is sent discover the fate of Earth’s first unmanned, warp-drive capable, space probe. They will discover their own humanity… and also be discovered!


01 AVX Intro Logo Theme

02 Cosmic Naught

03 DeWarp Drama

04 Inner Space Piece

05 Grabbed in Hold

06 Aggressive Officer

07 Rise Thumper Rise

08 Off Point Baby

09 Sinister Planet Fall

10 Falling Planets

11 Ending Music

Enter the Battlestrux

Battlestrux was a comic book I began drawing back in high school. The entire saga follows the rise and fall of humanity and our influence in the universe. Falling Planets is the first story I wanted to present and it tells the story of alien contact. Thank you for supporting my imagination. – Andrew Spencer

The Graphic Novel can be purchased here for only $14.95

Buy the Graphic Novel in print and receive a FREE download of the Soundtrack album.

And the soundtrack is available now directly from The Dynamic Universe. The MP3 package also has a digital version of the Graphic Novel in PDF format.

Graphic Novel +  Soundtrack for only $7.47

The soundtrack will be available on iTunes and other fine digital retailers.

You can read more about the Graphic Novel in this blog post.

Falling Planets The Graphic Novel drops

November 19, 2011 2 comments

Falling Planets

This is a graphic novel from the Battlestrux Universe. It details humanities first voyage into the larger universe. Purchase this book and receive a free download of the soundtrack inspired by and created for Falling Planets by Lenzmen Dynamics Plus.  60 Pages, Full Color.

Falling Planets graphic Novel Cover

Dynamica Comics presents: Falling Planets

Our warp drive will open a new frontier.

This is man’s first step into the larger universe.

We will stumble over our humanity.

Page 15 from falling Planets Graphic Novel

Enter the Battlestrux

Battlestrux was a comic book I began drawing back in high school. The entire saga follows the rise and fall of humanity and our influence in the universe. Falling Planets is the first story I wanted to present and it tells the story of alien contact. Thank you for supporting my imagination. – Andrew Spencer

The Graphic Novel can be purchased here, in either print or digital.

Only $14.95 for Physical Deluxe Copies and $4.95 for Digital (PDF) Download.

Here are the  details for the soundtrack from another post on this blog.

Thank you for Supporting my imagination.

10 Types of posts I don’t want to see on Facebook anymore

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10 Types of posts I don’t want to see on Facebook anymore

Failure to Communicate

We’re all on Facebook, but for many different reasons. Some are here to Socially Network and meet new people with similar interests. Some just want to pass the time. Some want to catch up with or reconnect with old friends. Some want to push their business and find new customers and increase their brand awareness. Yeah so…this weird mix of purposes and profiles has lead to a  few reoccurring themes I’m tired of seeing.

1. Get Money … We don’t need someone on they hustle or grind reminding us of their greed. Show us you got money by spending it on something meaningful to us. Constantly talking about money doesn’t convince anyone that you have money, a better plan to get money or that you’re about to get some more. And since you aint spending it on me, I must admit, I don’t really care.

2. Things that are likely to change soon- like Dating Status Updates. I know, I know. You’re rubbing it in the face of your ex (or current) that ‘Thangs done changed’. Well, those of us that know you know what your real status is and those that don’t have the same odds as they did before. All it says is that you’re fighting. Don’t do it. You’ll look silly a day later when you change it back.

3. The “I’m single and lonely” post also known as ‘Hot chick is having an ugly day and needs some flattery to boost her self esteem.” This one usually comes from gurlz lamenting that they can’t find anyone. Meanwhile they’ve got 4,998 friends and at least 347 guys salivating over their every post/pic. Oh I remember, you’re looking for a sensitive, caring man who will love you always. Maybe you should consider that guy who talks to you everyday and ignore the 4,997 horn-dogs who friended you after you uploaded that Cleavage-heavy Profile Pic. I’m just saying.

4. Thank you God for giving me crap. I remember reading in the bible about how the rich and shallow people would pray. They would speak very loud and thank the Lord for every single worldly possession they own. “Thank you Lawd for making me one of the rich ones”. It doesn’t bring glory or attention to God. It’s prideful boasting.

5. I’m going to dump some friends. All this tells us is- you are unhappy about the amount of attention your posts get so you are threatening your ‘friends’ into action. Stop using your main profile as a fan page. Speaking of which…

6. To my Fans: What?! So okay, you friended me and you are comin at me like I’m a fan? What’s on your wall worthy of making me a fan again? These are the same people who never read other people’s posts, check their links and expect all kinds of support for their hustle. These types are prone to post 1s, 4s and 5s from above. Consider me a fan when I click the Like Button on your FAN PAGE.

7. Half a conversation and cryptic posts. “I know, but maybe they’ll call you.” What do you know?  Who are they? Call about what? C’mon, do that in an IM or explain everything to us. Damn, aint we supposed to be friends? I also hate reading half an argument. At least tell us who you’re fighting with so we can friend them too and see the other half.

8. If you don’t repost this…WTF? Is this a Chain Letter? Like little puppies in [insert far away and foreign-sounding country] will be tortured if I don’t repost your daily concern. “Grandma has gout. We need to rally against gout. I know most of you don’t have the courage to…” And you just insulted me. Thanks.

9. Things you haven’t researched. “Oh no, Facebook added a new button to show all your credit card numbers?!!”  Thanks for warning me…um wait…where did you hear this from again?

10. Facebook sucks and any kind of complaining about facebook users or how it’s a waste of time or you got haters. De-friend people you don’t like or care about or Deactivate your account. Solved.

I think this is serious stuff and I bet most of you won’t repost this because you are all a bunch of…oh wait.

Domino Grey is on your Radio Waves (FREE MUSIC)

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Domino Grey is on your Radio Waves

The Butterfly Affect Part I song “Just Look at Me” was featured on the Radio Waves beach cast by DJ Michael. Congrats at the airspin. Domino Grey music is currently spinning on your internet radio station. Please support the stations that support our music.

Radio Waves Logo

From the Creators of Brocket 99 comes our less hard edged, not so controversial little brother… Radio Waves. We’re looking for the best *pod friendly, indie and unsigned Rock, Pop, Dance and Top 40 bands in the world. A bit of Reggae too mon’. Surf in, get the love lotion ready and hear the waves! The very best music you’ve never heard. Guaranteed… or we’ll clean the sand out of your shorts.

You can catch the stream and even download it here.

BeachCast # 11 – DJ Michael

Support the Artists you Hear on Radio Waves

Band / Musician


Domino Grey,

Just look at me,

Bubble Gum Orchestra,

Night in Shangri-la,

3 in Counting,

Michigan Song,

Ten Year Vamp,

Got 2 me,

Walter A Torres,


Gory Bateson,

Conan O’Brien’s Hair,

Catherine Duc,

Essence Of Dreams,

Emma’s Revolution,

Occupy the USA

Bravo, Max,

Two Headed Boy,

All India Radio,

Bollywood Nights, (Remix),

Bj’rn Lundquist,

The Rain,

New Album from Lenzmen Centri: Article 15- The Rebel Knowledge Story

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New Album from Lenzmen Centri:

Article 15- The Rebel Knowledge Story

Lenzmen centri Article15 album cover

Lenzmen centri Article15 album cover

There is reason to celebrate whenever a fellow Lenzmen drops a project. This is the highly anticipated album from Centri. And since Dynamics Plus did a lot of the beats, you know it’s bangin!


From the murky depths of the rebellious souls of our few and proud U.S. Veterans comes a grim depiction of a soldier’s reality. Centri the GodKilla Zilla collaborates with Nasa and Dynamics Plus in his solo release called —Article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story. It’s a pro-soldier album that pulls no punches, and it’s the rawest uncut album to date on this subject in the genre of hip hop. It’s a powder keg that captures the angst of every soldier that’s ever had to iron a pair of BDU’s (camouflage uniform), and it should be issued to every soldier with their boots and M-16. Trust me it’s brings forth the TRUTH.

Centri is a veteran of the U.S. Army that never goes into to detail about his military experiences. He instead created this album as an educational tool for anyone interested in joining the military, anyone in the military, and anyone who’s out of the military whether with an honorable or not honorable discharge. It shows the good, the bad and the ugly of service. He claims most of his closest friends got kicked out of the military and it became a detriment in their lives. He believes there is a lot of soldiers who don’t know who to turn to when they are having problems with their command or what to do if their on the verge of getting kicked out themselves. This album relates to these individuals, as well as providing them with insight on what to do under these typical circumstances.

This album taps into that rare emotion of a soldier in today’s military, and guides them through the adversities that every one of them could very well face tomorrow. It holds even more emotion than basic training and with military stories that can only be challenged by Tom Clancy. With songs like “Airborne Ranger” that follow a veteran from his gung-ho years to being a P.O.W and though his later years of headaches, nightmares, and trying to cope when he finds out the biggest lies he’s ever been told by the government. “Black Cat Dumb Luck” is a story that describes how a lost soldier survives when he’s arrested and the Army kicks him out in the street with no money, car or direction and what he must do from there. The banger “A.W.A.L.L” (The Army Will Achieve by Letting me Leave) demonstrates how a delinquent soldier whose unit won’t let him out the Army does everything in his power to piss off anyone he can off.

Article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story invites you to partake in a psychological and intellectual attempt to feed the soldiers with “brain food ammunition”. It is inspired by real life situations, catastrophic world events, and 1st hand experiences. If you have any direct or indirect contact with someone in the military or concerns about how our military treats our soldiers get this album!

Snatch it up here

or on iTunes
Congrats Lenzmen number 3!

Immortals Movie Review (2011)

November 14, 2011 3 comments

Immortals Movie Review (2011)

Immortals Movie Poster

Immortals, it's the gods getting busy instead of the Spartans.

It’s close to 300, but lacks a fully-defined world.

Synopsis and Plot Summary:

King Hyperion declares war on humanity and seeks the all-powerful Bow of Epirus which he will use to unlock the imprisoned Titans. Theseus, a human peasant is favored and trained by Zeus incarnate to become the savoir of all humanity.

General Angle:

This is 300 turned up a notch by replacing the Spartans with fighting gods. 300 was based loosely around true events and Immortals gives the same visual treatment to Greek Mythology.

The New and Original:

The gods are young and active. No more lounging around in floating clouds, wearing togas and eating grapes. Titans (who were supposed to be as strong as or stronger than the gods) are skillful warriors and not the far-from-factual monsters depicted in Clash of the Titans. For the record, Medusa and the Kraken are not Titans.

What’s Old and Borrowed:

Slow motion combat sequences. A hero that is TOLD he’s a hero, BECOMES a hero without doing too many heroic things. A single weapon/object that’s so powerful it can defeat armies. Yes, more movies like Lord of the Rings and Krull. A woman who serves no purpose besides being eye candy- yes, that’s Megan Fox in The Transformers.

When I saw the trailer for this movie two years ago, I quietly leaned over to my girlfriend and said “They made this one for me.” Really, it’s a guy’s movie with the looks of intense battles and non-stop action. I love the combination of great visuals and majestic vistas. I like when moments in a movie have additional impact from meaningful storylines and solid character development. I do. This is a great movie, but its total ranking on my charts suffers from flaws in its foundation. Since 300 is its too- close- for- kissing -cousin, we’ll offer some comparisons.

I’ll skip over the slow-mo fight scenes and partial nudity to nudity (ahem) and Rourke (Hyperion) verse um…the guy who played Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro). It’s about the believability of the world. That makes the action have meaning, the plot twists intriguing, the characters have dimension and the storyline have a logical course. That’s what’s missing here. Oh, by the way, if you’re the kind of movie fan that only cares about loud explosions, action stunts, hot chicks and plots as simple as The Dukes of Hazzard; just go see the movie, its’ awesome.

I expected more and at first I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t enjoying this epic as much as I should have. I figured out why the remake of Clash of the Titans missed the bullseye for me. It was a pacing problem. Everything happened so fast; nothing had any meaning. He gets the Pegasus, no big deal. It’s just a flying horse. No sense of wonder there. Even the hero Perseus seemed unimpressed. Dude, you just got a flying horse! Both Troy and Alexander had some great moments, but the impact was lessened by all the badly executed scenes between battles.

In Immortals, it’s the world that’s lacking. I read that Director Tarsem Singh had a lot of control over this movie. With movies like The Cell and The Fall under his belt, you have no doubts about his ability to tell a tale with visual flair. But for Immortals it seems as though the one-man’s-vision approach leads us to numerous plot holes and logic-defying devices.

Let’s take a look at some of them: SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!!!!

1. Early in, Theseus is told he must wait a day to evacuate his village before the rapidly advancing army of Hyperion. The privileged upper class is leaving immediately and the poor must wait 24 hours. Why? And why wouldn’t he just leave on his own? If you were told a flood was coming and you must evacuate, but only certain people could leave now, would you say “Oh, okay” and stick around? Exactly.

2. Next, a captured Theseus is sent to the salt mines to work. At night the slaves are corralled near a fountain where the (hot) Virgin oracles are also getting a sip or two. And the hotties are chilling one-room over at the Hyperion-Hotel-Six. Who would mix rough slaves with the sexy virg-…oh wait, why are there only four slaves at the salt pit? Why do we never enter the salt mines and only see the front door? Why are there so few guards? How do they get from the salt flats back to…wait…

3. Everything in this world is a few minutes walk. At least when King Leonidas, in 300, showed his map, it did look like walking distance. They also omit any means of travel. The massive army of Hyperion has no horses, carriages or any depicted means of getting around. We only (really) saw two horses in the entire movie and they seemed thrown in at the last minute to solve another How do we get there quick? problem.

4. She’s the virgin oracle that never sees a useful vision. She was hunted down because she could lead Hyperion to the Epirus Bow, but um…she didn’t know where it was and our hero found it on his own, by accident. And after she loses her visionary powers by having sex (like she couldn’t wait till the end of the movie) she’s still around and truly serving no purpose. Speaking of serving no purpose, did you think the Monk who sliced off his own tongue was going to have some kind of significance after sticking around so long? Me too.

5. Yay, a cool scene involving Poseidon making a giant wave. How come the main characters can leave the boat, but the bad guys stayed in the boat and just watched the wave come. AND the Oracle said something to the effect of staying steadfast when the sky thunders. Well, she quoted that line right before the tidal wave hit and our hero did the opposite. He jetted off that boat like he leaned over and saw the name Titanic written on the side.

6. Their plan is to commandeer a merchant boat of Hyperion’s navy, but at the dock, there’s no one. No other boats, crews or merchants or goods even…and that leads us to another problem.

7. Aside from the bad-guy action figures like the hawk-guy, the Bull guy and the beast, everyone else in Hyperion’s army is a generic foot soldier. No generals, captains or anyone else of any rank or skill. In 300, you saw assorted flavors in the Xerxes forces. They seemed like a conquering horde. In Immortals, they felt like the extras they were.

8. Speaking of people, in 300 I could see myself living in that universe, tending, crafting, hell maybe I’d be some kind of musician there too. In Immortals they never showed us Hellenic life to actually see what Theseus would have been fighting to save. Same with the gods. What do they do besides watch us? I wish we knew more about their world. Had their universe been more and better defined, I might have more to walk away with- than the memories of some very cool and graphically charged combat scenes.

I could go on longer, but I’m even getting tired of taking apart this movie. It’s good, long as you watch it lightly and don’t think too deeply about anything besides the beauty of the visually visceral violence. I rate it a 8.5 and 300 a 9.2

I’m no movie critic, I’m just critiquing a movie.