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Domino Grey Video for Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings

The video is finished for “Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings” from the Butterfly Affect EP Facial Recognition Technology. I had put this song in rotation for airplay and saw it performing great right along with “We Can Go Dancing” and “Just Look at Me”. I figured it would be one of the simpler videos to shoot so I went with this song first. It’s a pretty straightforward story and uses the dual layers of the butterflies and my fascination with a beauty I meet at a butterfly garden. Spacely Rockit filmed all of the butterfly shots- the close ups and our interaction and a producer friend filmed all of the close studio shots, here in Fallout Shelter Studios. The young lady in the video is Kenya Concepcion.

Domino Grey Primal Themes Print from the Dress that um, didn't make it in the video.

A nice print that Kenya didn’t pick as her favorite.

The part of the dress that sold Kenya into picking it for the Primal Themes video shoot

A better print for Domino Grey Primal Themes

Primal Themes and the BEating of Wings Dress Fitting

Kenya tries on the dress and approves the look

Domino Grey Primal Themes Shoes that match the dress

Kenya finds shoes that match the dress.

Domino Grey Primal Themes- Right before the shoot, makeup was done

Kenya beautifies to become a butterfly

One of our favorite butterflies lands and flaps.

Primal Themes co-star…The Orange one!

The EP is available for purchase here. Thank you for watching.

Domino Grey is now live on Earbits Radio

Earbits Banner Domino Grey

Domino Grey on Earbits

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Butterfly Affect Part I: Facial Recognition Technology in rotation on Earbits!

We Can Go [Dancing] –
Just Look At Me [Last Night Reprise & Another Thought] –
Communication Is The Key That –
Unlocks The Delicate Girl –
Mirrored Responses –
Primal Themes & The Beating of Wings –
Personal Affects [Facial Recognition Technology] –

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Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part I (Facial Recognition Technology)

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Butterfly Affect Part I (Facial Recognition Technology)

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Album Cover

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Album Cover

A girl looked in the mirror and saw a caterpillar instead of the butterfly she had become.

Domino Grey presents a tightly wound set of dance tracks. It’s high-energy all the way around. This is the first release for the Butterfly Affect series. The caterpillar undergoes its metamorphosis and a young girl discovers her face in the mirrored responses of a woman. This is Part I: Facial Recognition Technology.

Track Listing

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Album back art

Butterfly Affect Part I Track Listing

01 We Can Go [Dancing] 127 bpms

02 Just Look at Me 128 bpms [Last Night Reprise and Another Thought]

03 Communication is the Key that 135 bpms

04 Unlocks the Delicate Girl 127 bpms

05 Mirrored Responses 127

06 Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings 127 bpms

07 Personal Affects 65 bpms [Facial Recognition Technology]

Music video for “Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings”

Available on iTunes and other sites where digital music is sold

You can find out more about this release and Domino Grey by visiting or