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Daz Store Comic Book Creation Kit Bundle

December 17, 2021 Leave a comment

A comic book is a powerful medium of expression that speaks to a wide variety of ideas and emotions across all genres. DAZ Studio is a great tool to generate renders for your creating comic book artwork!

However, it can take a great deal of time in building and rendering those scenes. The Comic Book Creation kit (bundle version) saves you time and energy in providing you with over a hundred renders ready to select from and build your own comic book. This kit includes an extensive video course of over 13 hours of instruction and insights on composing your comic by Drew Spence, a professional comic book artist.

The artwork in this kit is royalty-free – so you are free to create and publish your own stories with this kit. Over 1250 PNG renders of various characters are included across contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy scenes. The renders come in a selection of styles ready to select, sequence, and compose into your own story.

Drew teaches you how to use and arrange the elements of a comic book:

  • Panels
  • Lettering
  • Word/Thought balloons
  • Captions
  • Sound effects
  • Panels
  • Borders
  • Gutters

He shows you how to…

  • Map a story structure onto a comic book layout
  • Show, rather than tell a dynamic story
  • Progress and express characters through their story arcs
  • Create strong visual appeal
  • Gain a comic book style that fits your story
  • Comprehend comic book elements and use them to your advantage
  • Compose comic book elements with confidence
  • Master composition of characters in a shot (for a panel)

This course is for you if you are…

  • Overwhelmed with the prospect of creating a comic book
  • Wanting to add extra impact or emotion to your visual story,
  • Needing a comprehensive understanding of comic book elements in all their varieties and how to use them effectively.
  • Having challenges in using composition for comic book elements
  • Wanting to experiment with comic book creation without having to render scenes yourself.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part Course. There’s also a bundle version available.

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Dynamic Spider-Man Plus updated Tapas Webtoon.

December 6, 2021 Leave a comment

Another chapter drops from issue 01. I think we will stick to Thursdays and Fridays, but this was after some readers wanted to see the 3D art parts from the book.

New chapter update. Dynamic Spider-Man Plus. #Tapas # Webtoon
Opening Splash Page from The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus
Requires 3D Glasses. One Red and Blue Lens.
3D Double page Spread from The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus

The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus

December 3, 2021 Leave a comment

Drew Spence drops a new free-to-read comic series on Tapas and Line Webtoon

Series updates weekly, Thursdays and Fridays. Some pages require 3D Glasses – the version with red and blue lenses. Icons denote the images that require 3D Viewing.

The Story:

A Spider-Man is needed for a future, where a thread of lies has caught the world in a web of deception. In this time of uncertainty, a hero will emerge to uncover the deepest secrets and stand for truth in a world of corruption.

14 years ago, the Event-Cataclysmic nearly destroyed the Earth. That day, the sky burned. Peter Parker will receive a special gift. What he does with it – will determine the future for all humanity. Are we the inheritors of a lost destiny or the toys of fate, walking in the shadows of a forgotten history?

Tapas Link

Line Webtoon Link

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