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The Destruction of Redder Coltrane Force Six 50th Redux

The Destruction of Redder Coltrane

Free to read for a limited time.

Force Six The Destruction of Redder Coltrane Redux cover
Reduxed and redone and done in.

The first story arc on the Force Six series is reduxed for the 50th episode celebration.  Force Six member Jackie-5 and her partner, the Beta One asset, are sent to the planet Fronterra to terminate the war criminal Tiber HenGemon. When the work order gets expanded, more Annihilators are called in to…annihilate.

The Destruction of Redder Coltrane presents a collected packaging of season I, the main story arc. We see Jackie-Five, Fire Destiny and Kojin Ahsaguri confronting Redder Coltrane and his band of criminal outlaws. When the smoke clears, you’ll be fully clear on what it means to be an Annihilator.

Available in print: Indy Planet

Force Six, The Annihilators #36

Episode 36: Boarding Pass Impasse
Jackie-5 will attempt to protect a young girl who carries vital information that is wanted by two opposing interests. Jackie’s only interest is keeping the girl alive long enough to download the data and get her name off the Work Order list. Time is running out as the final destination pulls near. Force Six starts the Lost Train of Thought story arc with episode 36: Boarding Pass Impasse. Tints and tickets will be punched by Drew Spence.

Force Six comics are available on comiXology in digital format

Mark of the Griffin on ComiXology

Comic Series: Mark of the Griffin

Mark of the Griffin comic book cover

When evil cannot be punished enough by the laws of man, they will receive the Mark of the Griffin. Before he was marked, Marcus Griffin thought he could change the world with a gun. He was wrong. Drew Spence creates a graphic web series that follows the adventures of a vigilante turned special agent. One man cannot change the world. But a man can change himself and, if given the proper training and tools, make a difference.

Mark of the Griffin artwork

1st Mark of the Griffin #1

1st Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun
It’s a fast-forward and flashback to the earliest days of Marcus, the Mark, Griffin. Before the Mask, there was the rag and the gun. One man sets out to change the world- one house rush at a time. This story was originally created as episode -1 and is now presented here as the opening chapter of the Mark of the Griffin comic series. Thank you for your support.

Mark of the Griffin pagePull

Force Six comics are available on comiXology in digital format