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November 5, 2022 Leave a comment has a global art challenge where they have released a free kit and artists are able to use the kit in an animated (motion) or 2D (still) piece. Submit the piece to the contest by tagging (#KB3Dchallenge on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Artstation). Details of the contest rules and prizes are on the site.

I discovered Kitbash3d years ago. They were offering high quality model kits that were mostly aimed at high-end 3D users, artists, VFX and concept/story board illustrators. The packages come in different software formats. [3DS Max, Blender, Cinema4D, FBX + OBJ, Houdini, MAYA, Unity, Unreal]. My main software is Daz Studio so I usually download the Unreal or Blender version and export to OBJ+ Texture files. At around $199 USD it’s a solid deal for the amount and variety of pieces that come with any set. For me, there was no hesitation with jumping in on this contest. Their kits were already part of my asset library and the Mission to Minerva offering would be an easy addition.

Planet of Fallen Champions Cover Art Drew Spence

The follow-up story to the graphic novel The God of Fury took place at an army-like basecamp. I found the overall layout inspirational and some of the elements, like the radar towers, figure prominently in the story. The Transport and Rover are key vehicles. I need a lot of functionality from the assets I use for my comics. Kitbash3d does a wonderful job of supplying models that look great up close and they have now implemented texture sizes as a choice. I’ll be sharing my comic book entry across all my social media profiles. Thank you for your support.

You can read the full comic book here.

Drew Spence is a graphic comic writer and illustrator

from the United States. He creates under the title of

The Dynamic Universe, which published the digital comics

Force Six The Annihilators and Killer Butterfly. He has

combined his music and video into several works including

Mark of the Griffin, which is both a graphic novel and web

series. These comics are available in digital format on

Amazon Kindle and in print from Indy Planet. He is part of

the instrumental group Fallout Shelter which provides

the soundtrack.

Drew Spence is a graduate of Stony Brook University with

a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and holds various

certificates – from graphic arts to web design.

He currently lives on Long Island, New York and

produces his work from the aptly named Fallout

Shelter Studios, where he crafts crafty and clever

comics using CGI and photorealistic image manipulation.

The Social Behaviors.

The Dynamic Universe can be engaged on the various networks.






We are The Dynamic Universe. We create graphic comics. They sit between traditional strips and a 3-D style of photorealistic drama. Enjoy the science-fantasy action adventure with terrific tints, great graphics and compelling story-telling. Read the comic and enjoy the soundtrack. Story and art by Drew Spence.

Dynamic Spider- Man Plus Issue 05 Chapter 16 and 17 Ruck

February 21, 2022 Leave a comment
The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus

Issue 05 Chapter 16 First Swing Peter Parker dons the PLUS suit and ventures out. And an Operator operates. Issue 05 Chapter 17 Bring the Ruckus This hero stuff aint so hard. Peter Parker discovers a lesson behind the real risk in rescue. Crash and Burn takes on a whole new meaning. This is a brief explainer and recap of The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus comic book series demo that’s being shared on webtoon hosting sites.

The 8-issue series is being broken up into chapters and uploaded weekly. Updates on Thursdays or Fridays.

Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Chapter 14 & 15

February 11, 2022 Leave a comment

Charlotte in Charge (Chapter 14 upload)

The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus has a friend. After the fateful hospital visit, Peter Parker returns home to find that he is not as alone as he thought. 

A brief explainer of The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus comic book series demo that’s being shared on the The 8-issue series is being broken up into chapters and uploaded weekly. Updates on Thursdays or Fridays.

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Strange Visit or Stranger Visits (Chapter 15 upload)

A Spider-Man is needed for a future, where a thread of lies has caught the world in a web of deception. In this time of uncertainty, a hero will emerge to uncover the deepest secrets and stand for truth in a world of corruption.

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Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Chapter 12 & 13

February 4, 2022 Leave a comment

A double chapter upload this week.

Chapter 12 The first official assignment of Peter Parker as a full reporter , takes him to the scene of the crime. Witness the witness. It’s the end of issue 03. The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus, a comic created by Drew Spence.

Want to read the creator’s notes, spoilers and big explanations? Check out our YouTube playlist.

The villainous Vyktoria Vasser has ordered her contacts to eliminate Doctor Otto Octavius! What happens when forces are forced to feel the fury of the T3?!

Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Issue 03 Chapter 11

January 28, 2022 Leave a comment
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson
Some explain’in to do.
Mary Jane Watson visits Peter parker
Dancing together, alone.

Issue 03 Chapter 11 First Dance, Alone

After an almost-didn’t-make-it trip to Peter Parker’s “studio apartment”, Mary Jane loses herself in music. It’s a first dance that’s danced alone among thoughts of temporary isolation. The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus continues. Story and Art by Drew Spence.

A Spider-Man is needed for a future, where a thread of lies has caught the world in a web of deception. In this time of uncertainty, a hero will emerge to uncover the deepest secrets and stand for truth in a world of corruption.  Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

Updates on Thursdays/Fridays…?title_no=710590

Dynamic Spider-Man Plus shares of Issue 03 start now.

January 20, 2022 Leave a comment

As you know, we’ve taken our Dynamic Spider-Man Plus demo and began sharing it on Issue 03 starts uploading in Chapters on Thursdays and Fridays. Thank you for all your support.

The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Issue 03

The 8-issue series is being broken up into chapters and uploaded weekly. Updates on Thursdays or Fridays. Here is the creator’s Explainer video.

The aftermath of Ben’s passing.
The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Issue 03 begins uploading this week.

Daz Store and assets Digital Art Live – Webinars and Tutorials

Comic Book Creation Kit : Romance and Relationships

Drew Spence Romance & Relationships


Emotionally driven love scenes are a powerful part of a story in any genre. These scenes can and should inform the arcs of both the characters and their relationship, letting readers understand more deeply both what is pulling these characters close… and also what is keeping them apart. So how do you accomplish that with the writing and with the art in visual narratives?

This video course by Drew Spence embraces Storytelling Romance for Visual Narratives, looking at essential keys to crafting relationship arcs. The running time is just over 3 hours and 10 minutes. This product includes searchable versions of the videos, allowing you to search on any keyword or phrase spoken during the course.

This tutorial set includes a super content pack of PNG renders rendered from DAZ Studio to drag and drop into panels, to easily make your own romantic visual narrative! These renders are royalty-free.

You’ll learn:

  • The hidden keys to Storytelling Romance.
  • Creating and crafting a relationship story arc.
  • Pulling inspiration from real-world experiences.
  • Logic, love, and the logistics of long-term relationships.
  • Three Terrible shortcuts of establishing a loving relationship.
  • Three Rarely used storytelling techniques to create a relationship.
  • Guest appearance by BeeMKay of Demon Division with her experiences on setting up a romantic scene in DAZ Studio.
  • How to choose the best pose-based products from the Daz Store.
  • What to avoid when creating an attraction.

Some tutorial videos contain PG 13 content

Software Used in this Mini-Course

  • DAZ Studio
  • Photoshop
A sample of included content

Daz Store Comic Book Creation Kit Bundle

December 17, 2021 Leave a comment

A comic book is a powerful medium of expression that speaks to a wide variety of ideas and emotions across all genres. DAZ Studio is a great tool to generate renders for your creating comic book artwork!

However, it can take a great deal of time in building and rendering those scenes. The Comic Book Creation kit (bundle version) saves you time and energy in providing you with over a hundred renders ready to select from and build your own comic book. This kit includes an extensive video course of over 13 hours of instruction and insights on composing your comic by Drew Spence, a professional comic book artist.

The artwork in this kit is royalty-free – so you are free to create and publish your own stories with this kit. Over 1250 PNG renders of various characters are included across contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy scenes. The renders come in a selection of styles ready to select, sequence, and compose into your own story.

Drew teaches you how to use and arrange the elements of a comic book:

  • Panels
  • Lettering
  • Word/Thought balloons
  • Captions
  • Sound effects
  • Panels
  • Borders
  • Gutters

He shows you how to…

  • Map a story structure onto a comic book layout
  • Show, rather than tell a dynamic story
  • Progress and express characters through their story arcs
  • Create strong visual appeal
  • Gain a comic book style that fits your story
  • Comprehend comic book elements and use them to your advantage
  • Compose comic book elements with confidence
  • Master composition of characters in a shot (for a panel)

This course is for you if you are…

  • Overwhelmed with the prospect of creating a comic book
  • Wanting to add extra impact or emotion to your visual story,
  • Needing a comprehensive understanding of comic book elements in all their varieties and how to use them effectively.
  • Having challenges in using composition for comic book elements
  • Wanting to experiment with comic book creation without having to render scenes yourself.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part Course. There’s also a bundle version available.

Searchable Tutorials

Dynamic Spider-Man Plus updated Tapas Webtoon.

December 6, 2021 Leave a comment

Another chapter drops from issue 01. I think we will stick to Thursdays and Fridays, but this was after some readers wanted to see the 3D art parts from the book.

New chapter update. Dynamic Spider-Man Plus. #Tapas # Webtoon
Opening Splash Page from The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus
Requires 3D Glasses. One Red and Blue Lens.
3D Double page Spread from The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus

The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus

December 3, 2021 Leave a comment

Drew Spence drops a new free-to-read comic series on Tapas and Line Webtoon

Series updates weekly, Thursdays and Fridays. Some pages require 3D Glasses – the version with red and blue lenses. Icons denote the images that require 3D Viewing.

The Story:

A Spider-Man is needed for a future, where a thread of lies has caught the world in a web of deception. In this time of uncertainty, a hero will emerge to uncover the deepest secrets and stand for truth in a world of corruption.

14 years ago, the Event-Cataclysmic nearly destroyed the Earth. That day, the sky burned. Peter Parker will receive a special gift. What he does with it – will determine the future for all humanity. Are we the inheritors of a lost destiny or the toys of fate, walking in the shadows of a forgotten history?

Tapas Link

Line Webtoon Link

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Twitter and Instagram @DynamicaMusic