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Mark of the Griffin episode 3 NIGHT ZONE

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It’s a good guess if Griffin’s got a ghost. Is it a ghoulish clue that unglued Griffin or a haunted hint that’s given as a gift?

Marcus Griffin is forced to reconsider his stance on all things supernatural when the riddle of the taken tots rattles his rationale and shakes up his sensibilities.

Mark of the Griffin episode 3 Soundtrack album cover


Soundtrack episode 3 Night Zone

Five fearful bits of music bite into this soundtrack. Mark of the Griffin Episode 3 Night Zone.

Video Credits

Episode 3 Night Zone Written by Drew Spence

Gabe Lugo The Tot Taker

Mikey White Gabriel (Keith) Krane

Drew Spence as Marcus Griffin

Camera and Film Nimish Panchal Matt Marra Robert Holmes

Wheelz supplied by Matt Marra

Music by Fallout Shelter $4.99 Direct from Avxp Music


Dynamica Comics, AVXP Music and the creative Mind of Drew Spence Presents a graphic web series. Mark of the Griffin follows the journal of an ordinary man turned into an Angel of Mercy and Daemon of Vengeance. The story will be told through video, a graphic Novel and episode and music soundtracks.

Movie Review Apollo 18

October 25, 2012 1 comment

Movie Review Apollo 18

The Right Stuff meets Paranormal Activity

Apollo 18 makes a fine addition to the sub-genre.

Apollo 18 Movie Poster

A Conspiracy Theory backed by found footage

By now we should be fine with watching mockumenatries, where archived/found footage is edited into a retelling of mysterious events. Blair Witch [1999] pioneered the style and movies like Paranormal Activity [2007],  Cloverfield [2008] and Chronicle build on that storytelling technique. Here we go again.

The ‘found footage’ slant requires a few concessions to fully work. Firstly, the film must convince us it was recorded or dated correctly and that usually involves a convincing level of degradation. Secondly, the film must have some technical issues, like recording drops or even interference and damage to the camera so that we can never get any reliable evidence of the supernatural or alien premise put forth until late in the movie. And last, we need our characters trapped or hopelessly confined in an area so that all the events occur in a relatively short amount of time. Apollo 18 gives us two barriers to escape; the tight and claustrophobic confines of their lunar module and the fact that they are far from Earth and any possible help.

All the themes are well done here in Apollo 18. We have the grainy home footage of the main characters last supper on earth, which is about as American as you can get in a backyard barbeque. This is my first time watching a film directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego and he does a fine job in capturing that grainy, choppy NASA 60s moon-feed look.

Horror movies tend to give us one central point of danger and Apollo 18 ups the ante by adding several, just like Jurassic Park, where- even their land rover became a danger at one point. We have a lack of oxygen, Russian cosmonauts and the obstacles to getting home- all on top of the main mysterious danger. For me, this pushes Apollo 18 ahead of its peers. It’s managed to do what the best sci fi does, and that is; to rise above the techno-toys and tell a compelling story.

At this point I must give a head nod to another film landing in this arena that is also better than the sum of its parts. The Fourth Kind [2009] purposely mixed in supposed real found footage with filmed recreations and even starts with a disclaimer by Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, Resident Evil, Stone, Ultraviolet etc) that is supposed to add more credibility. An extra layer is added to Apollo 18 by embracing the conspiracy theories surrounding the truthfulness of the moon landings. The film even ends with a link to a site called that has more information about secret NASA doings and footage that shows plenty of mysterious activity in space.

Overall, I do admit I was drawn in by the sci fi aspect of Apollo 18. As someone with a high interest, I felt it was worth the risk to sit through Apollo 18. I’m glad I did. If you like the movie-making approach of having you question the factual-ness and authenticity of what you are watching, Apollo 18 makes a fine addition to the sub-genre. Warren Christie and Lloyd Owen do fine jobs portraying astronauts Ben Anderson and Nate Walker. Definitely worth renting.

My final thought about mockumentaries: I would like someone create a film centered on an expert watching and analyzing this kind of footage and rewinding, magnifying and examining the recording. In the case of Apollo 18, what would be the sense of having glimpses of aliens whirl by but spend time with the astronaut’s home movies? For film-making it’s a plot device to create a connection with the main characters. From a scientific perspective, it makes no sense. We would just start with the relevant parts of the mission. That’s one of the small problems with getting full immersion. Apollo 18 is a solid movie. I’m no movie critic; I’m just critiquing a movie.

Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter goes live on Earbits Radio FREE MUSIC

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Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter goes live on Earbits Radio FREE MUSIC

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect part II Pretty Imposter

Much Ado About Nothing –
Call It Off –
Right Before She –
Guided Me Home –
Common Sense –

So with the changing trend of indie artists doing it all themselves, Dynamica Music/AVXP is placing all of our artists in rotation on the radio with a  heavy emphasis for online  stations. One of the newest ones is Earbits.


earbits logo

Earbits online radio!

Earbits is a marketing platform for music related products built around interactive radio experiences.

Earbits ( works directly with labels, high quality artists and live music event promoters to create innovative internet radio-based promotions that turn listeners into loyal fans and consumers. They provide commercial-free streaming music on, Earbits Mobile Radio apps, and across a variety of affiliate website partners.


The PROs are the relatively huge number of spins for your $$ campaign. There is a Facebook like button embedded in your profile and you are able to collect the email addresses of your fans and easily export them to your regular contact list.

The singular CON is the lack of a true profile page that streams ONLY your own music. The play lists are generated by genre and region so you can’t directly target your music exclusively. That’s a great system for touring or performance-heavy bands that need regional or home-base concentration, but for artists who want a more global reach…

Overall Earbits provide a great online radio experience with high quality music, but I would like a little more control over the station’s feed.

Mark of the Griffin episode 2 The Mechanic & FREE MUSIC

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Mark of the Griffin web series episode 2 The Mechanic


It’s a mysterious mess when a Miss goes missing. Marcus masquerades as a mechanic when murder is the main mission and the Mark is in the mix.

Fallout Shelter makes the music for Mark of the Griffin episode 2 The Mechanic. The soundtrack swings from ambient to aggressive as Dynamics Plus and Domino Grey accent the action.  BUY THE SOUNDTRACK HERE

Mark of the Griffin episode 2 album cover

It’s hammer time. Literally, it’s hammer time.

Extended Notes and Spoilers

This is a really good episode. Those early teaser clips of the Griffin rolling and picking up his sword had everyone waiting for this one. Johnny Thomas of Titan Auto was kind enough to let us use his shop for filming and Sam Lipford did an amazing job as the bad guy. Sam Wimbley worked the lens as we went hand-held to keep the action moving.

After initial editing, I went back and shot some pick up scenes to help flesh the story out more. Candice Holmes, who was also in the Domino Grey video for Call It Off, appears at the start as Melissa Karn. Her father, Robert Holmes was there to film a number of the intro scenes.

Although I explained it in the 2nd Graphic novel, the Griffin wears a gas mask because he uses chemical weapons- along with the guns, knives and swords. I needed to make that connection as early as possible so The Mechanic was released earlier than I originally planned. There are a few more bits to the origin story and we’ll be showing them in future episodes.

The choreography looked very real because it mostly was. We are very careful with locking things in or landing blows, but I had some serious bumps and bruises after this one. Beyond the small continuity gaps, there are some very cool Easter eggs in the episode. Some were planned and others are just happy accidents. Spoiler! You’ll find a Domino Grey reference and a nod to the 1st comic book, Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun.

What else? I think that’s it for now. I’ll drop more information about the soundtrack and comic book once they get closer to completion. A big thank you to everyone that made this episode and the Mark of the Griffin series possible. Don’t forget to be a Mark and share this web series. The more people know, the more we can do. #MOTG

– Drew Spence

Comic Con 2012 New York City

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I went to Comic Con 2012 in New York City with Sam Wimbley to spread the word about MOTG. While we were there, we took video and flicks.

New York Comic Con is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. Our show floor plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Our panels and autograph sessions give fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators. Our screening rooms feature sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either big or small screens. And with dedicated professional hours, New York Comic Con is a market place, bringing together the major players in the entertainment industry. New York Comic Con is the second largest pop culture convention in America and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world — Gotham City.

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Centri ‘Rise of a Veteran’ Mixtape reviewed on Soul Anchor Collective


Centri Rise of a Veteran Mixtape

After the military Centri built up a name for himself in underground hip hop circles joining the abstract crew, The Lenzmen & debuting on The Persecution of Hip Hop compilation album in 1998 Cannibal Ox, Slug, etc. He recently dropped a military inspired album titled article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story and will be dropping the headless Nobody featuring Akir. Blaq Poet, Sha Stimuli, Sky Zoo, etc

Congrats to Centri on the positive review.  Congrats to Dynamics Plus for producing a whole lotta cuts on the joint.


Hard Core Wrestler 1 and 3 – Both tracks flex the lyrically advanced styling of Centri and his crew The Lenzmen. This track makes listeners remember when they first discovered that hip-hop could be more that just end rhymes and basic delivery. Whether that was via Rakim, Inspectah Deck, or Eminem on the Wake Up Show, once you hear hip-hop on this  (almost scientific) level of  representation, its hard to ever go back to monosyllabic word play.

They fully say :

Centri, the ex-military man with flow hits us with his latest project entitled  ‘Rise of a Veteran” hosted by DJ Jedi and masterfully produced by  Akir, Nickel Plated and others. Full of a slew of underground features ranging from Skyzoo to Blaq Poet and Sha Stimuli the project is laced with below the surface (and above the surface) talent ready to emerge.

Hold NY Down (Masai Bey) – The word play is reminiscent of early Canibus, with a true rapid fire approach and effortless delivery that connects the bridges and represents for NYC.

Culture Shock – This has the feel of that late nineties, hip-hop storytelling. that told social tales of urban environments within great production and lyrics that never let up. I feel that “Phone Tapped” vibe as he tells the story of a solider that has came home from 6 years in the service only to find out that the aftermath isn’t as sweet as envisioned.  That “Persecution of Hip-Hop” Centri is resurrected on this track.

Rot The Body – This track is a vacation from the emcees norm and enlists a heavy break beat package. With a flow that borderlines eccentric and sporadic the emcee creates his most diverse and improbable track. There are a couple reasons why this works…He allows himself to create a sonically nostalgic nod to hip-hops past via the beat; while at the same time bringing lyrically unpredictable rhyme schemes to the present.

Hard Core Wrestler 1 and 3 – Both tracks flex the lyrically advanced styling of Centri and his crew The Lenzmen. This track makes listeners remember when they first discovered that hip-hop could be more that just end rhymes and basic delivery. Whether that was via Rakim, Inspectah Deck, or Eminem on the Wake Up Show, once you hear hip-hop on this  (almost scientific) level of  representation, its hard to ever go back to monosyllabic word play.

Other stand out tracks worth the listen:


Residue (with The Lenzmen)

Black Light Sabre

Despite some awkward arrangements  and imbalanced mixing on a couple tracks, this mixtape goes hard and will offer a great precursor to further Centri projects. Stay tuned for Headless Nobody, the LP coming soon.  Also, we at SAC are hoping there is more from The Lenzmen. Centri seems to be at his best in this collective of big spitters.


Antonio Cortez Appling


You can download it for FREE here:

And learn the man here:

Mark of the Griffin FIRST graphic novel + FREE SOUNDRACK Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun

Mark of the Griffin Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun graphic Novel

40 Pages, deluxe printing, full color $9.50

Mark of the Griffin. It’s about a regular guy who gets recruited into an organization called the AGENCI and grows to become a fearsome vigilante-like detective.

Before he was marked, Marcus Griffin thought he could change the world with a gun. He was wrong. Drew Spence creates a graphic web series that follows the adventures of a vigilante turned special agent.

If you’ve seen the web series episode -1, then you know how it all starts. The graphic novel adds additional layers of depth and another adventure to the mix. Get the full story.

The printed graphic novel goes live for only $9.50. It’s 40 pages, full color. Buy the print version and get the combination graphic novel and web series soundtrack for FREE! That’s right, order the book and get the download package sent right to your email.

This package is the combination of the web series episode -1 soundtrack and the First graphic Novel soundtrack. Separately, this package would cost you $19.95 – that’s more than 50% savings!

Mark of the Griffin Combo Soundtrack Artwork cover

Web series + graphic novel soundtrack $4.99

Here’s the track listing:

1 Distance Changed + narration [Domino Grey]

2 Alarms ring + narration [Drew Spence]

3 After the Failure Reverse Psychology + narration [Dynamics Plus]

4 Ask Anything [Dynamics Plus]

5 Drag Step [Domino Grey]

6 I Don’t Know [Domino Grey]

07 Distance Changed instrumental [Domino Grey]

 And images from the FIRST graphic novel

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