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Fallout Shelter Music included in the newest issue of Rapper’s Delite Magazine.

December 28, 2011 1 comment
Fallout Shelter Evelavator Music Series Volume I: BASSment Level

Fallout Shelter Evelavator Music Series Volume I: BASSment Level

Some tunes from the collaboration project Fallout Shelter have made their way into the free bundled tracks for Rapper’s Delite Magazine! Rapper’s Delite is the sister magazine to Producer’s Edge with a similar idea. In Producer’s Edge you get free sounds/loops/kits to make beats with and in Rapper’s Delite you get FREE BEATS to rhyme over or write to.

Rapper's Delite Magazien Issue 02

Rapper's Delite Magazien Issue 02

And so, some of my beats from Fallout Shelter are in the Sugahill Gang issue for Winter 2011. They also have snippets to preview on their site. Here it is.


Thank you Rapper’s Delite Magazine for the nod.

Here’s their blog about it!



The Best of Domino Grey 2011 FREE TRACKS

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The Best of Domino Grey 2011 FREE TRACKS

Album artwork for The Best of Domino Grey 2011

Free sampler...ready to be sampled.

Bonus track- available for FREE download.

Domino Grey is a child of rhythm- born from the Organic Electronic. The mixture of our Past and Future presents us with a sonic footprint- a quiet moment in time when silence expressed our deepest emotions and music was the only word spoken. These are cascading thoughts falling across a canvass of sound. Use these new colors to illustrate your imagination. Please touch the walls and leave behind the fingerprints as evidence of your existence.

D.O.M.I.N.O. Dance Or Move In Natural Order
G.R.E.Y. Generate Rhythmic Energy Yourself

And so AVXP Music/Dynamica Music [My Vanity label] has shut down for 2011. That makes it clear for me to reflect on everything that has happened this year. I keep a huge calendar (a cheap one from Staples) and use it as kind of a loose journal to document what goes on for any given year. I’ll make it a sort of a scrapbook and glue ticket stubs, flyers and even bills in the day’s boxes. I keep a few printouts that have important dates like birthdays (I am very bad with dates) and have a sheet for goals or Resolutions.

It’s my habit to look it over on New Year’s Eve and gauge what percent of my ‘plans’ I’ve accomplished. This has truly been one hell of a year. I’ve spent more than a decade making underground/abstract hip hop and decided to dabble in other genres. I added live musicians to my production(s) and reconnected with my muse; Shea the Doll Lizette. As Domino Grey, I’ve been able to work with some really talented artists like DJ Miki, FarishaMusic, Stephanie Kay, Elina Milan and Donna S. I released a total of six projects including Get it Up, Lay it Down, Back in the Black, the My Heart Never Skips a Beat Remixes, Fallout Shelter, Butterfly Affect Part I and the Falling Planets Soundtrack.

Back in the Black “You’re My Addiction” featuring Stephanie kay and Shea the Doll

Fallout Shelter “Kool Intentions” Produced by Dynamics Plus

Butterfly Affect “We Can Go [Dancing]” Domino Grey

Back in the Black “Melody Diagnosis” Featuring Donna S

My Heart Never Skips a Beat Flat Line Remix Featuring DJ Miki

Lonely Angel – Broken Halo Remix Produced by Dynamics Plus

Most recently, I finished the vocal recording of the Shea the Doll and Nae B FREE mixtape called The Take Over. So I’ve run the gamut from hip hop instrumentals, R&B joints to dance music – all in one year. Wow. I’m only hoping next year can run like this year and the Mayan calendar doesn’t run out just when I’m at my most productive.

A big thanks to everyone that supports my music and also my inner circle who keeps me on my toes when it comes to making the best music that I can. Blog sites like I Can’t Call it and ministori for the reviews. In 2012, I expect to finish a full Lenzmen album, more Dynamics Plus, Doctor Atomics and a few new characters will get their shine. What else? I guess that’s it. We’re early with the wrap up, but since everyone is already flipping for the holidays; let’ go in.

Oh snaps, I almost forgot. I got a free sampler, I’m running around with. It’s got all the singles from the albums of 2011. Hmm, if you want a download let me know what’s good. Crack at the kid on FaceBook.

Peace, love and Productivity from [Everything at] AVXP Music.

Domino Grey 2011

D.A. The Future wins In the Groove Battle of the Bands in Long Island City

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Dynamic Universe

D.A. The Future wins In the Groove Battle of the Bands in Long Island City.

D.A. the Future and the band ADD after a winning performance

D.A. the Future and the band ADD after a winning performance

They must be the hardest working girls on this side of showbiz. With their new The Take Over mixtape in full effect, it doesn’t stop for Shea Doll and Nae B. Saturday was full schedule of running around, picking up more copies of their FREE promotional mixtape [The Take Over], connecting with their support crews and getting ready for the nights Battle of the Bands in Long Island City. Shea is performing behind D.A. The Future in his A.D.D. Band.

DA The Future and Shea the Doll Rock In the Groove

DA The Future and Shea the Doll Rock In the Groove

You knew things would be different once the host did the roll call and asked “Is long Island in the house?” and the place roared. The performance was tight and solid. To be honest, it might have been over once D.A. hit the stage. He came to win. The band played to win and so they did. It was a four song set, including “It’s all so Clear” and “I’m addicted to You”. DJ Shuttle worked the wheels and did the hype-man honors while interacting with D.A. The crowd participation was brand new and fresh – it was actually very …Churchy. Yeah, there was a lot of stomping of the feet and hand waving- all while rocking.

Battle of the Bands in Long Island City December 3rd 2011

Battle of the Bands in Long Island City December 3rd 2011

The host and judges for the night have a band of their own (Scarlet Fade) and are all related- yeah, some kind of 2012 Partridge Family. Ali, the host, kept it moving between sets and Jordan, Jaimee and Jake struck the perfect balance between showing natural emotions and critiquing the performances. They offered helpful comments to the bands and left each group feeling like they won for simply being there. The judges took note of DAs’ commanding presence, the power of Shea’s voice (they all mentioned her standout talent) and the killer violinist. They never saw anyone play the violin and jam-on-it like an electric guitar.

Afterward it was something to eat next to the 5 Points and we took time to honor the legendary Jam Master Jay. Kings from Queens indeed.

From Queens come Kings

From Queens come Kings JAM MASTER JAY

Congratulations to D.A. The Future and everyone that helped make this win possible. The event was sponsored by Local recording studio Tonic Couture, the musician’s one stop shop Sam Ash and New England’s School of Groove.


Keep your Universe Dynamic.

The Plus man.