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Dynamics Plus – “Callus Interruptus – Holla @ a Chick with Kids” (Skit)

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Today we get to check out a skit (…remember those?) off of the new Rocket Science album.  You gotta love the kids.

I’m sure this has happened to you at least once.

 Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

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Dynamics Plus -Exclusive Music and Life interview with Lee Caruso

Exclusive Music and Life interview with Lee Caruso. It’s a Fallout Shelter start when producer Dynamics Plus chops it up over the latest release Elevator Music Volume III Going Down. We mind the music and more in this Q/A.


Dynamics Plus in studio

Fall out in the Fallout


Do you think that producers like Dj Premier, Dr Dre, RZA, Pete Rock etc. influenced you to make the decision to release an all instrumental album?


No. I knew of PeteStrumentals from seeing ADs about it, but haven’t been following anyone else. I think it’s a good idea to have an outlet for your productions aside from the narrow lane of backing music for rappers.


What was your biggest setback in becoming a musician?


It took a long time to discover that many ‘sounds’ are a product of playing technique and not generated solely by an instrument’s tonal character. It’s something close to an articulation where the interaction of notes, timing and velocity create a sonic moment that is impossible to create otherwise.


How does studio engineering play a role in getting the desired sound that all of us musicians have inside our heads but have trouble reproducing?


It’s about knowing the How behind a sound and the tools that are needed to achieve it. You can be looking for a massive drum sound and keep asking for more bass, EQ and compression. An engineer might know it’s really distortion you’re after. Or if you’re trying to get a certain character you hear on an older record – it might come from the tape saturation. A solid engineer can help translate what you describe into a process and help get you there.

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your craft? How long does it usually take you to complete a song- Is it ever really finished by the time the release date comes?


The release date is usually what causes me to stop tinkering. You can noodle and keep adding things forever. Sometimes I listen and I want something happening every split second and other times I have that patience for repetition and let a groove run. Every song is different. Some records have taken years to realize. “Gear Lust” was written and rewritten a dozen times but then “Dominator Brainstorm” was almost a freestyle keeper.

Fallout Shelter Going Down album cover

Going Down is getting up

Do you generally do crate digging for vinyls or do you use digital software based models to come up with your sound?


I haven’t done any digging in years- although I have a pretty solid collection. I like hardware manipulated by software. Software affords so many advantages, but if I slide too deep in that programming direction, I begin to feel like my songs are an arrangement of sounds and not a recording of performances.


What kind of gear do you use- headphones, speakers, DAW, Plug-ins, compressors, EQs etc.

I keep it pretty simple. I like to work in pure audio. I like to see my recording. I reserve MIDI for inter-communication between pieces, but rarely for triggering a sequence or controlling my song.


What do you think of the concept of sampling? Do you think it is fair use if utilized in small increments of straight up stealing of someone else’s intellectual property?

That all depends on how it’s done. Sampling approaches the same level of thievery as copying someone’s chord progression, technique and stylistic tendencies. Just because you’re playing an instrument doesn’t mean you aren’t building off another artist’s work. How much- decides how thick the lines are between creativity, inspiration and mimicry.


What music do you listen to other than hip hop?

Well to be honest, I don’t listen to too much hip hop. I have a very wide playlist with just about everything on it- from cheesy 80s music to Funk to Classical to Calypso. I have fight music from video games and I record the audio from my favorite scenes in movies.


What was the best concert you have been to and why?

I’d say KRS One at Stony Brook University. It was my first time experiencing an artist at that level live. He was more than a rap star rapping his records. I felt like I took a trip and thought about music differently after that. Up until then, I was primarily experiencing music through recordings so when I made songs, I thought about the radio as the main delivery medium. Seeing songs in a live context opened up new ideas and avenues.


How is the music industry changing and how are artists able to get their music out into the open without the help of huge labels like Warner, Universal, and Sony?

The big change is labels wanting you to self-start your career. You need to get yourself out the gate. No one is looking to create or develop you; they are looking to discover you – already walking down that dusty road. The dilemma is, by the time they tell you ‘hop in’ you really don’t need that lift anymore. The ride is more about arriving in style at that point. Everyone has the media now: songs, videos, social profiles and band pages. The tougher part is getting people to care and that still requires a massive effort by the artist.


Rocket Science album cover

Blast Off!

Why do you do this- why is music such a passion of yours?

I don’t know anything else that makes me feel this way. There’s a moment of childish giddy when I listen to some things that I make. I rewind it over and over and over again. There’s a beautiful moment of disconnect where I don’t hear elements or see a sequencer rolling by, it’s just a musical experience at that point.


Who is part of your team- do you have lawyers, managers, agents, accountants, engineers, producers etc. If you want to do something big in the music biz you are going to need an army.

We move more like a specialized unit. The world isn’t about fighting wars against a stand up army anymore. It’s covert operations and small units. Why do I need to do something big? If you think about the most peaceful places to live and be in the world, those nations don’t have armies. I don’t need a room full of people scheming on your sensibilities to do what I do.


What do you think of hip hop music today? Do you think the best stuff is on the TV and radio?

Loaded question, but okay. You know what goes here.


Do you have any passion projects?

Yeah, anything story based. CHAOS Legion and Battlestrux. There’s a bunch of that material that I know is catering to a small segment of music listeners.


What are you most proud of as a musician?

I would say my catalog. I like being self sufficient.


What kind of student were you growing up?

Stronger in English and anything dealing with writing. I leaned that way, right from the start.


If you had one last meal before you died, what would it be?

Some kind of salad with toxic herbs- enough to fake my death and later escape, after waking up in the morgue.


How busy are you generally when it comes to music- do you still have time to socialize and have family time?

Everyone that knows me understands how important music is. If you’re around me, you’ve been involved with my music in some capacity. That’s the connecting point.


What was the first 16 you ever wrote? Can you spit it right now?

I know a few bars from it, but not the whole thing. And it’s pretty terrible except for the few bars I barely remember. Some things are best left buried and forgotten.


Who do you think holds the torch of hip hop right now and who used to? This doesn’t necessarily have to be subjective.

Yeah, I don’t know. That’s insider fan stuff and I honestly don’t consider myself a knowledgeable follower and haven’t been for a long time. I know so little about who’s doing what, I couldn’t even name an accurate top ten of anything. We’d have to go way, way back.


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Doing whatever I would want to be doing. I only say that because I can look back 5 years a few times now. And that’s basically what I’m doing so I figure that won’t change. It’s like me from the future showing up now and giving myself advice. It would be the same advice each time: Find that thing you want to do and do it 100%.




What was the worst job you ever had?

I won’t name it, but I can describe it. It wasn’t enough money to better my situation. The length of time I did it was not adding up to useful experience. And the job itself wasn’t helping humanity in any way possible and as an employee, I was not appreciated. And last, there was no future or better days or advancement to look forward to or build toward. It made no difference if I was the best worker or worst.


If you can look at most situations with that same scrutiny, you’ll find a lot of decisions are pretty easy to make. Man, thank you for taking the time to chop it up like this. I appreciate it.



Fallout Shelter Elevator Music Volume III Going Down is available on iTunes and other digital outlets

Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.




New video Dynamics Plus “Gear Lust”

Gear Lust:

To have an intense desire for equipment,

usually beyond any logical need of the musician.



Let’s face it, I spend an inordinate amount of time at Sam Ash. Let’s rewind. It was years ago, but still feels like yesterday. I am circling the keyboard area and waiting for the pro audio rep to be free. He tells me hold on a second as he finishes up with the previous customer. See, I have a wad of cash in an envelope, in my pocket and I know this is a pivotal moment. Up till then, I’ve been using an old AKAI S- series sampler and now I’m about to buy a brand new Ensoniq ASR-10. It’s a workstation sampler and in my mind, the purchase represents crossing a line that now means I’m serious. Yes, that’s the “big box carried out” , but if you know the ASR-10, you aint carrying that thing under one arm like I am in the video.


Over the years, I’ve met many friends and musicians at Sam Ash. From producer Nate Tinsley to Jen to Anthony Michael Angelo, who plays guitar on “Dash the Cloud”. Sam Ash is an incredible place to meet, greet, jam and of course buy gear. So it only made sense to ask Sam Ash (Huntington) to sponsor my video for “Gear Lust”. A super thank you for supporting Dynamics Plus and his Rocket Science album. Of course Jen does a cameo along with David Weintraub from the bands Terra Stigma and Olive Drabs. Thanks, although he had a little too much fun cutting up my credit card.

Enjoy the video.




I’m at Sam Ash, a credit card in a flash

a Little stash of spending cash soon as the salesman asks.

ASR in my grasp, I cashed out, did the dash

ran out , credit maxed out, big box carried out.

First beat blacked out and since seen the seeds sown

I’d seek to own a whole studio and

compose in a grove where fungus grows

and go all out in my Fallout where

time goes in reverse. I’m so immersed in a verse

and reawakened to when first taken by the Gear Lust thirst


And then the MPC became the MCP

Master Control Program over quantized beats

Dispatch EMTs this patch bay EMP

Radioactive fallout rays irradiate Rom Tray

It’s the space knight Rom-pler verse the titan

Triton, astride a tide with his trident: silver surf board

I’m Jean Luc Infected by the Borg.

My foresight affords me more Cause to amplify chords

and multiply Scores. I’m tied to the MicroKorg;

It’s an applied optical force

brought forth from the visors of Geordie LaForge.

less is more, none the less I’m poor,

even when blood

pours from my pores

I’m still at the store with more gear in store.


The baby plays in his playpen, the Rob Papen presets

sits and assists in the banks of the A6.

It’s the basics of a spaceship, in an Analog grip.

Equipped with digital chips, conducting experiments

Rocket Science cast-iron Black Lion.

Galaxy Alliance – LFO descends like a UFO

Pro Tools to edit in Audition, extra exhibition.

I’m Roy Orbison with X-Ray vision, visit my Solar System.

I’m a Projector wiz with the AV with the JP and the JD

and the JV all Roland into One Super Friends/ Justice League

Greed’s the engine to feed, plus it’s the rush of the gear lust.


On Craigslist I can’t resist the endless list of

equipment and musical instruments.

Told my wife that I need this.

She said “Get your Focusrite

It’s a sounbank that amounts,

a new track to bounce, a few checks bounce,

a new age pronounced, the old sounds drowned out.

Moving the crowd, Removing any doubts

setting up my debit accounts, my debt mounts.

I moved out, first record comes out.

Credit runs out, few fans ran out.

Shout outs, shots rang out.

CD sales count and I surmount.

insert a new serving; this my new album announced.

Rush my Rocket Science – a crush is a crutch,

and hear the bust – down for the count from the Gear Lust




Closed Captioned a bust, so close to the clutch


It’s Technique over touch- so close to Gear Lust


It’s at most a Rush, a new plug is a plus


As it grows so Composed In the throes of the Gear Lust


Closed Captioned a bust, so close to the clutch


It’s Technique over touch- when so close to Gear Lust




Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.


Album Review More More Sound Dynamics Plus – Rocket Science

Dynamic Plus – Rocket Science review by

More More Sound

words by LaserLife

This is one of the most exciting independent rap releases I had to chance to hear over the past few months!


It always baffles me a little when I hear people referring to electronic music as an actual genre. Sure, there are many genres that were made possible by the sounds, production trends and approach of electronic music, but I personally tend to look at the whole deal behind electronic music more like a way to compose than as an actual music genre.

While a part of me will never deny the love for the good old analog day; the blood on my guitar strings and some worn out drum skins, another part of me can’t help but being truly fascinated about the wonders of the digital age. Electronic music composers can tweak, manipulate and arrange audio in ways that are only limited by one’s imagination. From EDM to glitch or electro-rock, there are many incredible examples of people using electronic music to push the envelope and truly make a difference when it comes to his creative approach.

Dynamics Plus Rocket Science album Cover

Rocket Science gives more, more sound..

This is definitely the case of  Dynamic Plus, an act with a truly unique approach to music production. His album “Rocket Science” is absolutely impressive because of its genre defying attitude and eclectic approach. The songs are really direct, immediate and easy to relate to, in spite of the great variety of sounds. This is a truly great blend of hip-hop with lots of diverse influences, ranging from the old school to the new ones. When I listen to the  18 songs featured within the track list I am immediately reminded of the style of pioneering artists the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def or The Beasty Boys, but the songs also echo modern-day greats such as Jay Z, Kanye West or Drake, just to name a few.

The coolest thing about this release is that the songs have a really cool spontaneous vibe, almost like listening to a very, very good freestyle.

Don’t miss “Rocket Science” ! This is one of the most exciting independent rap releases I had to chance to hear over the past few months!




Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.


Dynamics Plus interview with with indicoPromo Rocket Science and more

indicoPromo Dynamics Plus interview

Dynamics Plus Phase Shift

Dynamics Plus speaks through speakers

Lenzmen Dynamics Plus drops a Rocket Science album. It’s clever wordplay, familiar scenarios and a scientific take – all flipped out- over hopped up sonics. We blast off into orbit with this rap artist and producer.

What’s the scene like on Long Island, where you are from?

It’s a little splintered. We don’t have that density, so you have to drive everywhere and it can be tough to corral people in one place for smaller events. Some think it’s straight country, but it’s more suburban than people understand. We’re the home of Public Enemy, EPMD, Biz Markie, JVC Force and Keith Murray. Maybe Rakim said it best “It aint where you from…”

How long have you been performing… as a scientist?
Well, that’s more about the general category or banner style I sorta fit under. That was meant to lean towards experimental rhyming and usually sci-fi-ish subject matter. Most scientific rappers tend to use a lot of big words. I don’t really do that. I think of science as taking something very complex and making it simple and workable. I try to say a lot with very few words. On Rocket Science, there’s a song called “Dominator Brainstorm” where I said:

“…hit up the Cape drop a tape, launch a rocket, escape wrapped in a cape…”

Pretty simple on the surface, but in context I’m saying hit up Cape Canaveral in Florida where launches occur. “escape wrapped in a cape” is a reference to the child Superman being sent by his parents in a rocket, wrapped in his cape. Dropping a tape and launching a rocket is a reference to my Rocket Science album and I am comparing my situation to Superman’s. That’s a lot of stuff going on in that little snippet. I end that verse with:

“…the parallel is ill, Plus, I’m from a Smallville.”


The parallel is my use of metaphors and similes to compare and also Smallville is Clark’s hometown and a small village is a nod my own smallish town of West Babylon. So when you grasp the basics of what I’m doing, it becomes simple to understand. That’s the point of being a scientist, to me.

What’s next?

Promote, promote and promote. That’s why I’m so glad you are giving me this space to share my music. Right now, we have numerous videos for Rocket Science already in production so I’m counting down to blast off with that.


Who are your influences musically?
Who? I should really say everything. I hear musical sounds in everything. I really don’t have anyone that I can look at and go “Oh that’s how I should approach this.” My camp is Lenzmen and pretty much- lyricists on that level push me forward.

What do you do for downtime, when you are not making music?
Downtime, what’s that? I stay in my creative zone. I do digital comics and the Mark of the Griffin web series. Running behind EDM artist Domino Grey and our electronic band Fallout Shelter keeps me plenty busy.
Do you have any wise words for your fans?

I don’t know about wise, but yeah, I’d say let me know what’s happening. After CHAOS Legion and Battlestrux a lot of you hit me up and said you were waiting for a return to regular songs so here we go. I’ll rock out, off of your feedback so keep it coming. I appreciate that communication. Okay. Thanks for doing this interview and taking the time.


Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.

Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.


EarWaxx Sessions Week 4 recap

Fallout Shelter opens the night for August 19th EarWAxxSessions

Producer's Edge

EarWaxx Sessions Week 4 recap

                        Going…going…STRONG! And a legend surprises all.

words by Drew Spence

Ear Waxx Sessions Flyer

I would never say that I hate on something, but I am a skeptic. I mean, when news about the EarWaxxSessions first hit my Editor’s desk I said “Every damn week?! These kids crazy. It’s Long Island; you can’t get kids offa that couch and outta that house EVERY week. Nah, son, they need to do this joint monthly.” I was wrong and I can admit it.

Crowd still strong? Yes.

Still enthusiastic? Yes.

Still well-organized and starting on time? Yes.

Tight Acts? Yessir

So, now that I see this engine has got no quits in it, let’s recap, rewind and reflect on week 4 for Long Island’s freshest artist/producer/talent showcase. The night opens with hosts @ChadLaw & @Rah_licious welcoming the crowd at exactly 10pm. [Yep, they be starting on time] After a…

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Its Not Rocket science!! Review and Interview from RadioSilence24 Dynamics Plus

Review and Interview from RadioSilence24 Dynamics Plus ROCKET SCIENCE


Dynamics Plus takes you on a journey of epic proportions. Energetic and infectious beats. Lyrically enhanced, yet so easy to listen to. I downloaded Rocket Science with excitement and anticipation. I had listened to Dynamics Plus previously and was instantly taken by the Acidic lyrics,beats and sound effects on a journey to another realm.
I listened to Rocket Science start to finish with ease.. The songs had an upbeat energetic feel. If you Love Lyrics, this is for you! Lyrics were spit with true fire and a sense of urgency yet ease. Passion in the delivery,the word play had me loving every song! Puns to Punches this album has it all!! Something for Everyone!

0 Rocket Science Cover




I was lucky enough to interview Dynamics Plus. Here’s our Interview.. The Scientist behind Rocket Science

How would you explain Dynamics Plus to an audience who hadn’t heard your work?
I probably wouldn’t…

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Music Review Dynamics Plus Rocket Science – BeachSloth music reviews

Rocket Science is Beached…


                           but not Bleached MUSIC REVIEW

Dynamics Plus – DUV 9 Rocket Science

Rocket Science album cover


“…the amount of emotional familiarity veers from outright celebratory to moody darker sections. Everything comes together to create quite a human album. “


Dynamics Plus’s “DUV 9 Rocket Science” has a vast variety of styles. From quiet shadowy tracks to outright dance tracks and everything in between, Dynamics Plus includes it all. Such a selection means that the album moves along with a sense of purpose. Hence the amount of emotional familiarity veers from outright celebratory to moody darker sections. Everything comes together to create quite a human album.

“Rocket Science Intro Esper Wish” starts the collection off with an atmospheric sleepy track. Volume increases significantly on “Phase Shift” as it is nearly shouted like they are slowly building off of each other’s energy. On “Hug the Pole” the sound is downright glamorous kept pristine clean. This mood continues on “A Perfect Night A Perfect World” which glides along lusciously. “Turn It Up a Few Degrees” is the party track of the collection with everything made as intense as possible. After a brief interlude an Akufen-inspired track follows entitled “Dominator Brainstorm” which serves as one of the highlights of the collection. Eventually this dance-focus slows down on “Grace Notes” inspired more by videogame music than dance. Finally a cool-down happens on “Taxi All is Fair” that lets everything finally relax.

Elements of rock influence permeate the latter tracks. “Dash the Cloud” is particularly catchy with a nice hook that sinks into the mind. This continues with the optimistic slowness of “Sunrise to Sunset”, another highlight of the collection. “The Ultimate Year” ends off the collection on a high note. Overall Dynamic Plus creates a solid experience.




Preview and Buy the album on iTunes

Dynamics Plus video: Phase Shift from Rocket Science album

Dynamics Plus video:


Phase Shift from Rocket Science album

New video from Dynamics Plus off the album Rocket Science. It’s called “Phase Shift” and the subtitle is “Be Glad it Ever Came”.


Official Video for Dynamics Plus “Phase Shift”
from album Dynamic Universe Volume 9 Rocket Science
Directed by Dynamics Plus, Filmed by Sam Duren, Griffin Avid
AVXP Music

Rocket Science album cover

Blast off, Dynamics

The full album is available for purchase directly from Dynamica Music

And iTunes and other outlets where fine music is sold
Follow Dynamics Plus:

And his interests: