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Domino Grey “Just Look at Me” selected as Track of the Week on the Digital Response radio show!

DJ Scotty B pulls the track “Just Look at Me” from the Butterfly Affect EP and drops it into his funky house mix.

Digital Response Episode 142 DJ Scotty B and Guest DJ Dyno can be found here.

For streaming and download:

 The Urban Cowboy DJ Scotty B

DJ Scotty B from the Digital Response radio show

DJ Scotty B says “Just Look at Me”

In 1983, DJ Scotty B discovered his passion to be a DJ at a roller rink in the small coastal town of Perry, Florida. From the roller rink days he worked his way into several small AM radio stations and his own mobile DJ Company. As his mobile DJ Company took off, he elevated into FM radio stations and eventually became a premier night club DJ throughout Florida and Georgia. His highlight during this time was the Guest DJ spot at MGM Grand, Studio 54, in Las Vegas.. DJ Scotty B is back with a vengeance and now has a weekly House Music radio show, Digital Response. He showcases his mixing abilities, different genres of House Music, and The Hottest International Guest DJ S in the World.

Follow DJ Scotty B at

DJ Scotty B Broadcast a weekly internet radio show called Digital Response check out previous episodes ·

Twitter: @DeeJScottyB

Show times and radio feeds

Sunday nights   at 6pm PT 9PM Est USA Times

2am UK Times on

Tuesday Afternoons at 3pm PT 6pm Est USA Times

11pm UK times on 1

Every night starting at 7:30 pm PT 10:30 pm Est USA Times

3:30 UK times

On WXMR 100.7 FM Radio Bistro Plattsburgh, NY Burlington , VT

The show runs for 8 hours on their station the new episodes start airing Friday Nights.

Butterfly Affect Part I:
Facial Recognition Technology
Butterfly Affect album artwork available on iTunes
Domino Grey presents a tightly wound set of dance tracks. It’s high-energy all the way around. This is the first release for the Butterfly Affect series. The caterpillar undergoes its metamorphosis and a young girl discovers her face in the mirrored responses of a woman.
This is Part I: Facial Recognition Technology.

“A girl looked in the mirror and saw a caterpillar instead of the butterfly she had become.”
Download the Digital Album at CD quality for only $5.99
Available on iTunes and other sites where digital music is sold

@Domino_Grey on twitter

Domino Grey is now live on Earbits Radio

Earbits Banner Domino Grey

Domino Grey on Earbits

Earbits provides 100% commercial-free, online radio, with no listener subscription fees. We feature only high quality, artists, and have developed a business model that eliminates the need for interruptions, ads or distractions.

Butterfly Affect Part I: Facial Recognition Technology in rotation on Earbits!

We Can Go [Dancing] –
Just Look At Me [Last Night Reprise & Another Thought] –
Communication Is The Key That –
Unlocks The Delicate Girl –
Mirrored Responses –
Primal Themes & The Beating of Wings –
Personal Affects [Facial Recognition Technology] –

Listen to us on commercial-free Earbits Radio, the best place to discover new music.

Domino Grey is on your Radio Waves (FREE MUSIC)

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Domino Grey is on your Radio Waves

The Butterfly Affect Part I song “Just Look at Me” was featured on the Radio Waves beach cast by DJ Michael. Congrats at the airspin. Domino Grey music is currently spinning on your internet radio station. Please support the stations that support our music.

Radio Waves Logo

From the Creators of Brocket 99 comes our less hard edged, not so controversial little brother… Radio Waves. We’re looking for the best *pod friendly, indie and unsigned Rock, Pop, Dance and Top 40 bands in the world. A bit of Reggae too mon’. Surf in, get the love lotion ready and hear the waves! The very best music you’ve never heard. Guaranteed… or we’ll clean the sand out of your shorts.

You can catch the stream and even download it here.

BeachCast # 11 – DJ Michael

Support the Artists you Hear on Radio Waves

Band / Musician


Domino Grey,

Just look at me,

Bubble Gum Orchestra,

Night in Shangri-la,

3 in Counting,

Michigan Song,

Ten Year Vamp,

Got 2 me,

Walter A Torres,


Gory Bateson,

Conan O’Brien’s Hair,

Catherine Duc,

Essence Of Dreams,

Emma’s Revolution,

Occupy the USA

Bravo, Max,

Two Headed Boy,

All India Radio,

Bollywood Nights, (Remix),

Bj’rn Lundquist,

The Rain,