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Lenzmen Zhombie Joint Remix + 360Video

October 29, 2017 Leave a comment

Lenzmen Zhombie Joint

(Blood Bath Remix)


From their classic release of sci-fi rap comes the remix of “Zhombie Joint”. Track architect Dynamics Plus revisits this ambitious piece from Scientific Community/Magnify Lenz and bathes the track in blood for the Blood Bath Remix.


Available everywhere fine digital music is sold.




Video Centri No ScrewDrivers


Lenzmen Centri Drops a new video! No ScrewDrivers


Chopped and ScrewDriveres- chop it up

Centri, the military veteran rapper, releases his first release of 2016 since his album ‘Headless Nobody‘ with the visuals of the title track “No ScrewDrivers“. Centri personifies the voice of man in self-inflicted isolation, who’s on the edge & who finally gets the opportunity to speak his mind, hoping that someone on the planet can relate to what he’s been internalizing.

A veteran who is trapped between the assumption of his patriotism & the reality of struggles of being Black in America, he opens up about reoccurring dreams of leaving the poor to fend for themselves as he selfishly burrows through life with a military mentality geared for success regardless of the casualties. “No ScrewDrivers” poses a few loose screws maybe exactly whats needed to keep everything held together & working efficiently.


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Lenzmen Dokta Strange The Plague album release

October 20, 2014 Leave a comment

New album from Dokta Strange


Dokta Strange The Plague album cover

The Dok doctors up a new album!

The Dok, A.K.A “Chemical Ali”, Lenz 2, the Blind Chemist drops his full album today entitled The Plague on Insightful Records. It’s a great thing to have produced some of the cuts on here.

The circle is now complete.

iTunes and Beatport have contracted it already. It’s available everywhere and for direct download from the Dynamica Music store.


Street scientist and wordplay chemist Dokta Strange drops a vile full of sinister lyrics over sick beats. Featuring the vocal talents of Blu Warta, Cryptic One, Vast Aire, Aythwonda, Big Mert and fellow Lenzmen Centri, with Production by Nickel Plated, Cryptic One, Jared Turinsky, Dr Izmore, Mega Phenom and Dynamics Plus. Cure your infection with a full dosage.


Keep up with his exploits

Twitter/Instagram @DoktaStrange911

Domino Grey plays @ Rhymes and Riffs Trash Bar in Brooklyn

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Rhymes and Riffs at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn

 8 turned presents: Rhymes & Riffs; a DJ hosted mix of hip hop & rock n roll. We’ve got a crazy lineup this go around.

Trash bar Banner

Trash Bar, baby

I was invited to play a set at The Trash Bar [] in Brooklyn last night. The event was called Rhymes and Riffs and was put together by Jason Lev Collins. DJ G$D played a wide array of music and did some impressive genre mixing. Soundman Owen kept the sonics in check as the solid line up did what they do. Ace Da God opened up and was taking topic requests from the crowd to freestyle about. I was able to get him to rhyme about the Knicks and the Nets and he killed it. He did some of his own songs and set a great tone to start.

Adam Warlock [] from Uncommon Records rocked his piece and injected some thoughts about the world and our place in it. Daydra Love [] rocked a few songs and sang the hook on a few of them. Gem Uria Star [] did a Nirvana cover and a few other high energy rock songs. Baxter Wordsworth had an amazing show and really an awesome set []. Leon Marin [] appeared after doing another show earlier and shared a lot of about himself and his personal tragedies, including his father’s death and his own adoption. Centri and DJ Jedi closed the night out with a mix of hip hop and dub. Thanks to everyone who came out, performed and showed support.

Gear-wise, it was my first time trying out a dual iPad set up with IK multimedia iRig MIX running their DJ Rig app. I started off with a string of Domino Grey []cuts, dropped into a few upcoming releases and closed out with joints from the Fallout Shelter Elevator Music series. []. Spacely Rockit [] rolled shotgun and took [the better quality] shots. I look forward to playing at the Trash Bar again. Thank you Jason Lev Collins for adding some Grey to the mix.

Rhymes and Riffs

Centri ‘Rise of a Veteran’ Mixtape reviewed on Soul Anchor Collective


Centri Rise of a Veteran Mixtape

After the military Centri built up a name for himself in underground hip hop circles joining the abstract crew, The Lenzmen & debuting on The Persecution of Hip Hop compilation album in 1998 Cannibal Ox, Slug, etc. He recently dropped a military inspired album titled article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story and will be dropping the headless Nobody featuring Akir. Blaq Poet, Sha Stimuli, Sky Zoo, etc

Congrats to Centri on the positive review.  Congrats to Dynamics Plus for producing a whole lotta cuts on the joint.


Hard Core Wrestler 1 and 3 – Both tracks flex the lyrically advanced styling of Centri and his crew The Lenzmen. This track makes listeners remember when they first discovered that hip-hop could be more that just end rhymes and basic delivery. Whether that was via Rakim, Inspectah Deck, or Eminem on the Wake Up Show, once you hear hip-hop on this  (almost scientific) level of  representation, its hard to ever go back to monosyllabic word play.

They fully say :

Centri, the ex-military man with flow hits us with his latest project entitled  ‘Rise of a Veteran” hosted by DJ Jedi and masterfully produced by  Akir, Nickel Plated and others. Full of a slew of underground features ranging from Skyzoo to Blaq Poet and Sha Stimuli the project is laced with below the surface (and above the surface) talent ready to emerge.

Hold NY Down (Masai Bey) – The word play is reminiscent of early Canibus, with a true rapid fire approach and effortless delivery that connects the bridges and represents for NYC.

Culture Shock – This has the feel of that late nineties, hip-hop storytelling. that told social tales of urban environments within great production and lyrics that never let up. I feel that “Phone Tapped” vibe as he tells the story of a solider that has came home from 6 years in the service only to find out that the aftermath isn’t as sweet as envisioned.  That “Persecution of Hip-Hop” Centri is resurrected on this track.

Rot The Body – This track is a vacation from the emcees norm and enlists a heavy break beat package. With a flow that borderlines eccentric and sporadic the emcee creates his most diverse and improbable track. There are a couple reasons why this works…He allows himself to create a sonically nostalgic nod to hip-hops past via the beat; while at the same time bringing lyrically unpredictable rhyme schemes to the present.

Hard Core Wrestler 1 and 3 – Both tracks flex the lyrically advanced styling of Centri and his crew The Lenzmen. This track makes listeners remember when they first discovered that hip-hop could be more that just end rhymes and basic delivery. Whether that was via Rakim, Inspectah Deck, or Eminem on the Wake Up Show, once you hear hip-hop on this  (almost scientific) level of  representation, its hard to ever go back to monosyllabic word play.

Other stand out tracks worth the listen:


Residue (with The Lenzmen)

Black Light Sabre

Despite some awkward arrangements  and imbalanced mixing on a couple tracks, this mixtape goes hard and will offer a great precursor to further Centri projects. Stay tuned for Headless Nobody, the LP coming soon.  Also, we at SAC are hoping there is more from The Lenzmen. Centri seems to be at his best in this collective of big spitters.


Antonio Cortez Appling


You can download it for FREE here:

And learn the man here:

A Rapper named Centri

“I’m the Master of the Universe; a Man-At-Arms
Still heavily armed with only one arm like Carl Weathers in the Predator”

-Dynamics Plus in “Motion Lesson”

Lenzmen. We are a bunch of scientific emcees and friends. We’ve been recording together and hanging out (and bickering) for over a decade. There’s four of us. Me, producer and lyricist Dynamics Plus. Doktor Strange the Hybrid who moved back to Long Island recently. There’s Earthadox who’s now down south making his waves and Centri who’s in Brooklyn. We’ve been splintered but still stay in contact and each member is doing his own music-related projects.

Lenzmen Rapper Centri Image

Vetted Veteran

Centri has been doing collabos with other rappers (Skyzoo, Planet Asia, Supastar Straps and Sha Stimuli- to name a few). Great for him. Unknown to most is that Centri has had shoulder problems for years, with a shoulder that’s quick to dislocate and pop out. Of course, as boys, we had to crack on his [Special Ed] fake arm. Well recently he underwent surgery and had a complication, which left his arm useless for a minute. Instead of laying up lame and making excuses or pushing his projects back, he’s decided to go full force and keep pounding on his music. This has led him to come out to my studio and marathon-record tons of tracks.

I sometimes forget about the chemistry and friendship that forges a group that goes way beyond music. It’s also humbling and inspiring to see his bandaged arm stuffed in his pocket to protect it – all the while spitting verses like rapping is the most important thing in life. And you know what, as an Emcee, he’s right; rapping is the most important thing in life. That’s why he raps that way. If you’ve claimed to be a rapper or producer and you have any excuses as to why you haven’t completed your project, shame on you.

Grinding for most artists means worrying about music 24-7. For those better, it means working on music straight for 72 hours. For the best, it means grinding through adversity until you reach your goals. If he can do it with one arm, what’s your excuse?

New Music: Centri ft. Blaq Poet & Supastar Straps – “That’s Why I Rap Like This”

Thats Why I Rap Like This Single Artwork

Centri featuring Skyzoo – RhymeGlue produced by Dynamics Plus

 Off of his upcoming Rise of a Veteran mixtape, Centri unites with Skyzoo and reinvents the concept of a hook over production from Dynamics Plus.

Centri Rise of a Veteran, The Mixtape

Centri ft. Skyzoo – RhymeGlue produced by Dynamics Plus

About a year ago, I produced a bunch of tracks off the Article 15 album from fellow Lenzmen Centri. Since then he’s been running around, traveling and meeting up with other emcees and also started featuring other rappers on his songs. Every once and a while I hear that someone else is on board and it seems like cats is really getting behind his mission. Now the thing about Centri (that I endlessly make fun of) is the fact that he’s a One-Man-Army like he done had too much super-soldier serum. When he goes in, he goes in…all in and so it’s almost no surprise when I see videos of him performing over my unreleased tracks and unfinished beats like nothing.

He mentions that he’s working on a collabo with Skyzoo. Cool. I got up on Skyzoo at a few iStandard events so I’m thinking Yeah, I can imagine them cooking up something kinda crazy. Next he tells me that it’s done and says “By the way Skyzoo picked one of your beats”. Nice, but they happened to pick a track from my Fallout Shelter instrumental album and so I had to replace it and strip down the track to create space for rhymes.  If you listen to the ending you can hear me playing the Jamisen <think Shamisen, a Japanese guitar> and I had a bridge and additional solos before the track was opened up.

The track was mixed by Big Earth and you catch it on Centri’s Rise of a Veteran. Right now he has it for free download on his Bandcamp site here. You can catch more on Centri by visiting his website here and check out his previous album Article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story here.

Rapper’s Delite has a blog blast about this single too!

After the military Centri built up a name for himself in underground hip hop circles joining the abstract crew, ’The Lenzmen’ and debuting on ’The Persecution of Hip Hop’ compilation album back in 1998 along side Cannibal Ox, Slug, etc. He recently dropped a military inspired album titled ’Article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story’ on 11.11.11. Veteran’s Day in preparation for his next project ‘Headless Nobody’ which features Akir, Blaq Poet, Sha Stimuli, Planet Asia and more.