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Domino Grey plays @ Rhymes and Riffs Trash Bar in Brooklyn

Rhymes and Riffs at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn

 8 turned presents: Rhymes & Riffs; a DJ hosted mix of hip hop & rock n roll. We’ve got a crazy lineup this go around.

Trash bar Banner

Trash Bar, baby

I was invited to play a set at The Trash Bar [http://www.facebook.com/thetrashbar] in Brooklyn last night. The event was called Rhymes and Riffs and was put together by Jason Lev Collins. DJ G$D played a wide array of music and did some impressive genre mixing. Soundman Owen kept the sonics in check as the solid line up did what they do. Ace Da God opened up and was taking topic requests from the crowd to freestyle about. I was able to get him to rhyme about the Knicks and the Nets and he killed it. He did some of his own songs and set a great tone to start.

Adam Warlock [http://www.uncommonmusic.net/nasa/] from Uncommon Records rocked his piece and injected some thoughts about the world and our place in it. Daydra Love [http://www.reverbnation.com/DaydraLoveMusic] rocked a few songs and sang the hook on a few of them. Gem Uria Star [https://soundcloud.com/gustheartist] did a Nirvana cover and a few other high energy rock songs. Baxter Wordsworth had an amazing show and really an awesome set [http://thatninjawordz.bandcamp.com/]. Leon Marin [http://www.leonmarinmusic.com/] appeared after doing another show earlier and shared a lot of about himself and his personal tragedies, including his father’s death and his own adoption. Centri and DJ Jedi closed the night out with a mix of hip hop and dub. Thanks to everyone who came out, performed and showed support.

Gear-wise, it was my first time trying out a dual iPad set up with IK multimedia iRig MIX running their DJ Rig app. I started off with a string of Domino Grey [http://www.dominogrey.com/]cuts, dropped into a few upcoming releases and closed out with joints from the Fallout Shelter Elevator Music series. [https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/fallout-shelter/id312307879]. Spacely Rockit [http://beatcrusade.com/] rolled shotgun and took [the better quality] shots. I look forward to playing at the Trash Bar again. Thank you Jason Lev Collins for adding some Grey to the mix.

Rhymes and Riffs

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