Mark of the Griffin episode 3 NIGHT ZONE

It’s a good guess if Griffin’s got a ghost. Is it a ghoulish clue that unglued Griffin or a haunted hint that’s given as a gift?

Marcus Griffin is forced to reconsider his stance on all things supernatural when the riddle of the taken tots rattles his rationale and shakes up his sensibilities.

Mark of the Griffin episode 3 Soundtrack album cover


Soundtrack episode 3 Night Zone

Five fearful bits of music bite into this soundtrack. Mark of the Griffin Episode 3 Night Zone.

Video Credits

Episode 3 Night Zone Written by Drew Spence

Gabe Lugo The Tot Taker

Mikey White Gabriel (Keith) Krane

Drew Spence as Marcus Griffin

Camera and Film Nimish Panchal Matt Marra Robert Holmes

Wheelz supplied by Matt Marra

Music by Fallout Shelter $4.99 Direct from Avxp Music


Dynamica Comics, AVXP Music and the creative Mind of Drew Spence Presents a graphic web series. Mark of the Griffin follows the journal of an ordinary man turned into an Angel of Mercy and Daemon of Vengeance. The story will be told through video, a graphic Novel and episode and music soundtracks.

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