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Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter goes live on Earbits Radio FREE MUSIC

Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter goes live on Earbits Radio FREE MUSIC

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect part II Pretty Imposter

Much Ado About Nothing – http://www.earbits.com/s/nBQ2yRjc4xfZCs6
Call It Off – http://www.earbits.com/s/vBQ2yRjc4xfZCs6
Right Before She – http://www.earbits.com/s/Ns7vetVZNxfZCs6
Guided Me Home – http://www.earbits.com/s/Vs7vetVZNxfZCs6
Common Sense – http://www.earbits.com/s/fPA0DAeM7Hao04

So with the changing trend of indie artists doing it all themselves, Dynamica Music/AVXP is placing all of our artists in rotation on the radio with a  heavy emphasis for online  stations. One of the newest ones is Earbits.


earbits logo

Earbits online radio!

Earbits is a marketing platform for music related products built around interactive radio experiences.

Earbits (www.earbits.com) works directly with labels, high quality artists and live music event promoters to create innovative internet radio-based promotions that turn listeners into loyal fans and consumers. They provide commercial-free streaming music on Earbits.com, Earbits Mobile Radio apps, and across a variety of affiliate website partners.



The PROs are the relatively huge number of spins for your $$ campaign. There is a Facebook like button embedded in your profile and you are able to collect the email addresses of your fans and easily export them to your regular contact list.

The singular CON is the lack of a true profile page that streams ONLY your own music. The play lists are generated by genre and region so you can’t directly target your music exclusively. That’s a great system for touring or performance-heavy bands that need regional or home-base concentration, but for artists who want a more global reach…

Overall Earbits provide a great online radio experience with high quality music, but I would like a little more control over the station’s feed.

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