Mark of the Griffin episode 2 The Mechanic & FREE MUSIC

Mark of the Griffin web series episode 2 The Mechanic


It’s a mysterious mess when a Miss goes missing. Marcus masquerades as a mechanic when murder is the main mission and the Mark is in the mix.

Fallout Shelter makes the music for Mark of the Griffin episode 2 The Mechanic. The soundtrack swings from ambient to aggressive as Dynamics Plus and Domino Grey accent the action.  BUY THE SOUNDTRACK HERE

Mark of the Griffin episode 2 album cover

It’s hammer time. Literally, it’s hammer time.

Extended Notes and Spoilers

This is a really good episode. Those early teaser clips of the Griffin rolling and picking up his sword had everyone waiting for this one. Johnny Thomas of Titan Auto was kind enough to let us use his shop for filming and Sam Lipford did an amazing job as the bad guy. Sam Wimbley worked the lens as we went hand-held to keep the action moving.

After initial editing, I went back and shot some pick up scenes to help flesh the story out more. Candice Holmes, who was also in the Domino Grey video for Call It Off, appears at the start as Melissa Karn. Her father, Robert Holmes was there to film a number of the intro scenes.

Although I explained it in the 2nd Graphic novel, the Griffin wears a gas mask because he uses chemical weapons- along with the guns, knives and swords. I needed to make that connection as early as possible so The Mechanic was released earlier than I originally planned. There are a few more bits to the origin story and we’ll be showing them in future episodes.

The choreography looked very real because it mostly was. We are very careful with locking things in or landing blows, but I had some serious bumps and bruises after this one. Beyond the small continuity gaps, there are some very cool Easter eggs in the episode. Some were planned and others are just happy accidents. Spoiler! You’ll find a Domino Grey reference and a nod to the 1st comic book, Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun.

What else? I think that’s it for now. I’ll drop more information about the soundtrack and comic book once they get closer to completion. A big thank you to everyone that made this episode and the Mark of the Griffin series possible. Don’t forget to be a Mark and share this web series. The more people know, the more we can do. #MOTG

– Drew Spence

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