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Mark of the Griffin web series review from

October 22, 2014 Leave a comment gets wind of the web series

 Comics, Characters and action! Mark of the Griffin gets a look!

.. the web series still carries the gravitas of the prose…

Read the graphic novel

Graphic Novel goes live! Mark of the Griffin FIRST


 They say:

I also had the chance to read a comic book from The Dynamic Universe collective, Mark of the Griffin issue #1 written by Drew Spence. This story is presented in a web series as well. After viewing the web series and reading issue #1 of Mark of The Griffin, I have to say that the web series is a far superior presentation of this story. The story overall is very well written and captivating, and the one major plus that the comic has over the web series is that as a reader you can consume the narrative with the aid of your own imagination. Reading the prose, which is basically an internal monologue, has a certain effect that you just can’t get from watching the web series. The major failing of the comic is the art style. The comic is composed of actual shots from the web series that have some sort of Photoshop effect applied to them. As a comic book nerd, I just couldn’t get into this style. I applaud the creators for taking an unorthodox approach and really investing in a multi-media platform for their storytelling, but the comic just doesn’t work for me. By comparison, the web series still carries the gravitas of the prose and the production value is just much, much higher. The story basically revolves around one man, Marcus Griffin, as he undertakes a high-stakes heist and has flashbacks along the way to his very first kills. It’s a captivating story and well told. If you are interested in viewing it yourself, I would recommend the web series. It is truly quite good. Check the links below.

Mark of the Griffin Issue #1
Mark of the Griffin Webseries:

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Mark of the Griffin Episode 4 Man with a Briefcase

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Mark of the Griffin Episode 4

Man with a Briefcase

Mark of the Griffin episode 4

Watch Man with a Briefcase!

 It’s a brief case of a briefcase when the Griffin goes grabbing for a grift with a gift and a gun. The action web series by Drew Spence follows suit and the vigilante-turned-hero, Marcus Griffin follows a mysterious man in a suit. Will mashed memories mar the mission? It’s the final episode of MOTG Season 1. Thanks for watching.

Mark of the Griffin episode 4 Soundtrack

$3.99 for Episode 4 Soundtrack

This episode’s soundtrack can be purchased here for $3.99

Soundtrack Information & Track listing

1) Saucer Defies Gravity 100 bpms 3:42

Produced by Drew Spence

2) Mercy Me Run Runner 125 bpms 1:55

Produced by Dynamics Plus

3) Marathon Do You Think I Want This 118 bpms 2:50

Produced by Dynamics Plus & Xodus Phoenix

4) Bio Chromatic Unity 128 bpms 2:30

Produced by Domino Grey

5) Cycle the Circle 93 bpms 1:43

Produced By Drew Spence

You can watch the entire season by starting here….

and check out all the soundtrack and music releases from Fallout Shelter

and read the early episode comic book!


Drew Spence interview with Mark of the Griffin Web series

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Interview with Drew Spence (Mark of the Griffin)


Mark of the Griffin

The Mark and the Mask with questions to ask
How did you come up with the concept of Mark of the Griffin?
I fell in love with the look of a jet pilot’s gas mask and wanted something similar. It was going to be just an image used across all my music videos, but the concept just seemed like it needed to be fully developed and so, I fleshed out a character that matched the visual.
What message are you trying to give off with the series?
The overall arc with be about the personal growth of Marcus Griffin and his transition into a fearsome avenger.
How do the episode plots get created?
Choice D) All of the above. Sometimes I scout a location and ask myself what interesting thing could happen there. A story could be attached to someone I met with a skill set or unique attribute. And other times, there’s a statement I want to make and it’s about trying to convey an idea using the MOTG universe.
What software and hardware is used?
Pretty much, I use a Canon camera and Adobe’s suite for graphic and video editing with plug-ins by Red Giant to twist the color at the end.
How close to reality is the series?
So far it’s pretty real. As the story moves along, some of the sets and villains will push the borders. We’re going to slide further into the realm of comic book fantasy.
What’s the difference between the comic book and web series?
The web series is very linear and the comic book jumps around in time. In print, I will be taking advantage of the graphical freedom and showing you stuff that would be impractical to film at this point. The web series is more about you watching Marcus Griffin and the comic book is written straight from the thoughts inside his head.
What other stories have you explored?
I created a two-part rap album called Chaos Legion that explores a futuristic Rome and the vengeful quest of a betrayed general. I rhyme as Dynamics Plus- it’s highly lyrical with some ground breaking storytelling, if I do say so myself. Battlestrux is another rap universe which is similar to Star Trek and Macross. The first album is called Year One: Captain of a Starship.

Where are you hoping Mark of the Griffin will take you? In other words, what’s your final goal from the series?
I’d like to be able to devote more time and resources into the MOTG universe. I have so much more to show you. There are short chapters and segments and also a very long story arc. Being able to tell the full story is a huge goal.
Where can we watch and follow the series online?
We have a youtube channel with all the episodes and a website that explains and links to it all.…layer_embedded
READ ISSUE 01…f_an_angry_man
READ ISSUE 02…e_vile_for_web
info about Chaos Legion can be found here:…legion-series/
Do you have any kind of management, publishing or distribution team behind you? If so what are their responsibilities?
I do everything under my own label Dynamica Music. I stay split between creating and sharing my content.


How long have you been producing music?
I think I made my first record back in 2000, sometime back then. I got tired of paying for studio time and began building my own studio and making my own music.

What influences your music? Do you use samples or compose your music from scratch?
I started off sampling vinyl and still use sample libraries today. Early in, I began to want the source instrument for the sounds I found myself always sampling. That began my interest in researching and amassing production gear.

What software and hardware do you use to make and produce music?
I like synthesizers to create new sounds and keyboards for traditional sounds and familiar instruments. I mostly record everything into my digital workstation as live audio and then edit after.

How do you create across multiple genres of music…Rap, Dance and Electronic?
I’ve been around different styles of music since I was young, so it’s not that hard to wander around between the different vibes. I have a bit of freedom to just make music and then gently push it in a certain direction.

What one tip would you give to other music producers?
As a creative, I think it’s important to love your own work. A lot of artists create what they think others will like. They are being influenced by material that is popular- even though they don’t like it or can’t fully connect with it. It’s following whatever’s selling well or at least out there in a big way. They feel they must do something similar. You can never have true confidence in your art thinking and working that way.

If someone says you stink, they will be right because it’s all about their feelings about you or your art. If you walk in already appreciating your merits, no one can limit your value; they can only offer their opinions. This world is full of No’s; you’d better get your Yes together before sharing or doing business behind your art.

Do you want to give a shout-out to anyone?
Wow. So many people have helped me put this together. You know, I’d like to thank you, Iain for taking the time to help spread the word about the Mark of the Griffin. I’d also say check out my music group Fallout Shelter, EDM artist Domino Grey and rap artist Dynamics Plus.

Thanks again Drew for doing this interview.

Mark of the Griffin episode 2 The Mechanic & FREE MUSIC

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Mark of the Griffin web series episode 2 The Mechanic


It’s a mysterious mess when a Miss goes missing. Marcus masquerades as a mechanic when murder is the main mission and the Mark is in the mix.

Fallout Shelter makes the music for Mark of the Griffin episode 2 The Mechanic. The soundtrack swings from ambient to aggressive as Dynamics Plus and Domino Grey accent the action.  BUY THE SOUNDTRACK HERE

Mark of the Griffin episode 2 album cover

It’s hammer time. Literally, it’s hammer time.

Extended Notes and Spoilers

This is a really good episode. Those early teaser clips of the Griffin rolling and picking up his sword had everyone waiting for this one. Johnny Thomas of Titan Auto was kind enough to let us use his shop for filming and Sam Lipford did an amazing job as the bad guy. Sam Wimbley worked the lens as we went hand-held to keep the action moving.

After initial editing, I went back and shot some pick up scenes to help flesh the story out more. Candice Holmes, who was also in the Domino Grey video for Call It Off, appears at the start as Melissa Karn. Her father, Robert Holmes was there to film a number of the intro scenes.

Although I explained it in the 2nd Graphic novel, the Griffin wears a gas mask because he uses chemical weapons- along with the guns, knives and swords. I needed to make that connection as early as possible so The Mechanic was released earlier than I originally planned. There are a few more bits to the origin story and we’ll be showing them in future episodes.

The choreography looked very real because it mostly was. We are very careful with locking things in or landing blows, but I had some serious bumps and bruises after this one. Beyond the small continuity gaps, there are some very cool Easter eggs in the episode. Some were planned and others are just happy accidents. Spoiler! You’ll find a Domino Grey reference and a nod to the 1st comic book, Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun.

What else? I think that’s it for now. I’ll drop more information about the soundtrack and comic book once they get closer to completion. A big thank you to everyone that made this episode and the Mark of the Griffin series possible. Don’t forget to be a Mark and share this web series. The more people know, the more we can do. #MOTG

– Drew Spence

Mark of the Griffin FIRST graphic novel + FREE SOUNDRACK Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun

Mark of the Griffin Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun graphic Novel

40 Pages, deluxe printing, full color $9.50

Mark of the Griffin. It’s about a regular guy who gets recruited into an organization called the AGENCI and grows to become a fearsome vigilante-like detective.

Before he was marked, Marcus Griffin thought he could change the world with a gun. He was wrong. Drew Spence creates a graphic web series that follows the adventures of a vigilante turned special agent.

If you’ve seen the web series episode -1, then you know how it all starts. The graphic novel adds additional layers of depth and another adventure to the mix. Get the full story.

The printed graphic novel goes live for only $9.50. It’s 40 pages, full color. Buy the print version and get the combination graphic novel and web series soundtrack for FREE! That’s right, order the book and get the download package sent right to your email.

This package is the combination of the web series episode -1 soundtrack and the First graphic Novel soundtrack. Separately, this package would cost you $19.95 – that’s more than 50% savings!

Mark of the Griffin Combo Soundtrack Artwork cover

Web series + graphic novel soundtrack $4.99

Here’s the track listing:

1 Distance Changed + narration [Domino Grey]

2 Alarms ring + narration [Drew Spence]

3 After the Failure Reverse Psychology + narration [Dynamics Plus]

4 Ask Anything [Dynamics Plus]

5 Drag Step [Domino Grey]

6 I Don’t Know [Domino Grey]

07 Distance Changed instrumental [Domino Grey]

 And images from the FIRST graphic novel

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Mark of the Griffin Episode 0: Technique without Passion is Limited

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

5 years ago, Marcus Griffin went running from a house. Now his home is a Dojo run by Sensei-Master Ernesto Hawke. A challenge will be made. Victory and defeat will become one. The mask awaits!

Mark of the Griffin brings us to episode zero. What do you do with a disciple that is full of technique, but short on discipline? Sometimes it takes a kick to kick-start the student.    #MOTG

Extended episode Notes…

It was important to fill in the back story for Marcus Griffin so that his past is established. When writing the overall plot, I put in several arcs- hoping that the series would go on long enough to allow me to go backwards and forwards in the timeline. I didn’t want to someday just start showing ‘the early years’ or twist the story in a way that shows a writer is reaching for new and fresh material.

The journey wouldn’t be as special if Marcus started off everything with a single phone call. That’s why there is an episode -1 and 0. I didn’t want to go the prequel route so letting you know there were days of interest before our series started made sense.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For episode zero, I needed to show HOW the Griffin is able to navigate the dangerous world of the AGENCI. It shows his last 24 hours before becoming an agent. Real life Martial Arts Master Phil Messina of Modern Warrior was kind enough to let us use his facility to film and Martial Artist and role model Megan Gilroy [as Phoebe Marcelle] joined the MOTG crew and did an awesome job. Mr Messina was also helpful in the choreography department of fitting some of the disjointed scenes together and created one of the best sequences where Phoebe hip tosses Marcus and then kicks him away after.
Sam Wimbley did the filming and did an awesome job capturing some impromptu action scenes that were added in and worked really well. Mikey White, who plays AGENCI representative Gabriel Keith Krane, lent his voice for the Quad-Corder sequence. This is also part of the set up for future episodes where you will see the Mark using the Q-corder as a major tool. That’s it for now. Next episode is Villainy of the Vile. It’s going to be crazy.

P.S. Did you happen to miss episode -1 (the one before this one..)

Graphic Novel: Mark of the Griffin 1st is live plus soundtrack embedded.

Read the graphic novel

Graphic Novel goes live! Mark of the Griffin FIRST


The 1st graphic novel in the Mark of the Griffin series is now live.

Much different than the vibe of the web series.

My (Dynamics Plus) track plays first and two more from Domino Grey follow after. Real cool stuff. Quite amped for y’all to read this.

Official speak comes next.


Before he was marked, Marcus Griffin thought he could change the world with a gun. He was wrong. Drew Spence creates a graphic web series that follows the adventures of a vigilante turned special agent. The story of the Griffin is told though videos, graphic novels, and episode and issue-based soundtracks. This episode features music by Fallout Shelter [Domino Grey and Dynamics Plus] and is available wherever digital music is sold. 

Twitter: @MarktheGriffin #MOTG

*The soundtrack will be up in a couple of days. Beats is crazy. Also it’ll be about a month till I have hard copies in stock. I’ll obviously update when I get them in.

Mark of the Griffin Episode -1 Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun

Before he was marked, Marcus Griffin thought he could change the world with a gun. He was wrong. Drew Spence creates a graphic web series that follows the adventures of a vigilante turned special agent. The story of the Griffin is told though videos, graphic novels, and episode-based soundtracks. This episode features music by Fallout Shelter [Domino Grey and Dynamics Plus] and is available wherever digital music is sold.

Twitter: @MarktheGriffin #MOTG