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Force Six The Annihilators episode 07

The Annihilators 07

Force Six Annihilators episode 07 cover

Heaven Descends and Angels Fall

Heaven Descends and Angels Fall

It’s the destruction of Redder Coltrane as The Annihilators finish their work order.  The story arc wraps up,  unravels and spirals  downward as all accounts are due. The cost is staggering and the toll keeper carries a heavy side iron. We promise It will NOT be too heavy to lift. The graphic comic, written and illustrated by Drew Spence, continues.


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Rocket Science review on’s Jenn Carson

January 23, 2015 Leave a comment

Album review : Dynamics Plus Rocket Science

words by Jenn Carson for

The lyrical talents and drive within the experimental music is top notch, setting a tone of high anticipation for the album.

Dynamics Plus Rocket Science

Music is logged and blogged

With his most prominent release yet Dynamics Plus sets out his creative vision of hip-hop with fast-paced lyrical talent and drive.

Sometimes I wish I could step into the mind of someone during their creative process. To see and hear what is going on and how the person came to create formulas in music, writing, art etc. Sometimes, those with talent fall just short of genius, making one wonder where something went wrong within the process. At times what is produced is top notch and addictive. Within experimentation it is difficult to find the balance between perfection and pleasantly weird. Dynamics Plus recent release The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science is the perfect example of what I am talking about. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a pretty solid album but that doesn’t mean I would necessarily describe the sound as “Rocket Science” as it isn’t as pristine or clean cut, but more so Steam Punk.




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Music Review Sleeping Bag Studios -The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science

January 12, 2015 Leave a comment
Read the Rocket Science review @ Sleeping Bag Studios

Father, the sleeper has awakened.

Dynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9:

Rocket Science – Album Review

Dynamics Plus, is raising the bar for talent mighty, mighty high up and out of reach for most rappers that will ever have the experience of holding a mic.

Cause chances are, in comparison to Dynamics Plus, that’s exactly what they’re doing; holding it.


37961-lenzmen2bdynamics2bplusDynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science – Album Review

Sooooooo…..yeahhhhhh. This is about as sick as it can get. Honestly…was it supposed to all come out THIS good?

This is ‘Gift-Of-Gab’ quality; you know, the dude that once rapped the periodic table of elements for the excellent hip-hop group Blackalicious? Seriously! Dynamics Plus has literally put together a lyrically perfect album here on The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science – one that shows this emcee could easily rhyme circles around the rest. I am not even remotely kidding people – the way this all comes together so incredibly, it’s very clear that someone….ahem….Dynamics Plus, is raising the bar for talent mighty, mighty high up and out of reach for most rappers that will ever have the experience of holding a mic.

Cause chances are, in comparison to Dynamics Plus, that’s exactly what they’re doing; holding it.

This absolutely astounding rapper brings a hip-hop flavor to his game and demonstrates his monstrous ability to put an entire dictionary’s worth of words into any 16-bars right off the drop in the INTRO track. I mean…he’s not taking a single moment off here! “Rocket Science Intro Esper Wish” will convince you straight-up and leave no doubt that you are about to go on a completely wild ride filled with rhymes designed to invade your mind.

“Phase Shift” comes out BIG right away, picking up the energy after the more-subtle intro track. But listen to the STYLE, listen to the SKILL, listen to the metering, the lyrics…I mean, Dynamics Plus literally HAS to have a foothold or a view into mainstream-life…there’s just way too much skill here to ignore. Each rhyme could just as easily make you take a moment to sit and think, as they might just make you laugh – but there’s no question about it; you’ll be glued to each and every word coming through sparklingly clear over the mic.

Dynamics Plus Seek End Destroy

I see you have constructed your own microphone…

You’ll experience the lighter-side of Dynamics Plus…I’m pretty sure that’s an extremely apt name after everything I’ve heard…I mean, it starts out with more energy and punch than you’ll find on 90% of the albums out there; and let me tell you…no matter how intense tracks like “Summer Anthem,” or “Hug The Pole” might be…or how funny some of these tales can be; the interlude “Skit Callus Interruptus” is prrrretttttty much hilarious enough to make you quickly spit out whatever you got in your mouth; there is a whole other level of energy still to come just around the corner. But for now…we’ll pretend I’m still listening for the first time out…

His ability to find something completely new to bring to any beat is uncanny. Something like “A Perfect Night/A Perfect World” almost hits an R&B-meets-Big-Band groove…but again, there’s never a moment where you’ll hear him sound out of place, or anything other than right at home no matter what style the beat is that comes his way. “Plenty To Say,” is another example of this kind of cross-genre cut; though it’s a strange one…I can’t quite put my finger on it…

…I think what it is, is just that I thought the ‘hook’ was one of the weaker ones I guess, despite an extremely convincing and amazing performance by the female vocalist. Each time this track comes on, I seem to like it more though…so maybe there is something there. At present, this wonderful lady is what sells me on this track as that is one completely committed performance, you can hear the heartbreak and emotion audibly come through radiantly.

But here we ARE; I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the last time I heard it, which REALLY wasn’t all that long ago…I’d say approximately 52 minutes and change… “Turn It Up A Few Degrees” is one of the most exciting tunes I’ve heard from the hip-hop genre in a long time…if this isn’t played in every stadium as the ball-players get their warm-up on…then this world is behind by more than just a beat. Absolutely killer grind on this track; it’s all about the energy as Dynamics Plus once again puts the words on display with another wicked flow and tricky lyrics all crammed-in and perfectly metered-out. But does he “Turn It Up A Few Degrees?” Yes. The answer is a definite yes…and then some!




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The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.



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DjjD’s Top Picks and Reviews + Interview Rocket Science

December 4, 2014 Leave a comment

Album Review: DUV 9



Rocket Science by Dynamics Plus

I believe Dynamics Plus has done an awesome job here. It’s not hard to tell a lot of serious work went into this. It takes a special kind of person to make everything sound just right, it takes a skilled one to make it cohesive adhering to a certain degree of multeity.


Rocket Science album cover

DJJd Studios blasts off with Rocket Science

Dynamics Plus, a native of Long Island, New York provides an original blend of R&B elements and fast-paced words of wisdom to those who are keen enough to listen. Depending on how you look at it, this is either going to satisfy your taste with cool, funky fresh synths or aggressive, charismatic lyrics that display a compendium of genres, bound to take you by surprise.

The production of this album is great, the highs are crisp where they need to be and mid-EQ sits on a finely tuned plain of audible astroturf. It varies quite a bit as the tracks can consist of R&B, House, Trip-Hop, Rock, and Funk elements. It always switches things up; there’s never a dull moment. I took a moment to ask Dynamics Plus a few questions on his new album:

DjjD Studios: What was your inspiration for this album?
Dynamics Plus: I guess Rocket Science feeds off the last albums. It was after C.H.A.O.S. Legion and Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship that people kept asking if I was done with freestyle rhyming and aggressive raps. I just felt that the narrative was a fine showcase for my creative slant so I incorporated a lot of the storytelling style on Rocket Science.
DjjD: So it’s your fans who help you create more new material?
Dynamics Plus: Yes. It’s about slices of my life translated through rap music. Things happen and have happened and I share. I planned for a huge number of albums and I jump around that list of projects- depending on what’s going on and what feels right to make. Some projects had to wait until my skills and tools matched my vision.




The People’s Opinion review Rocket Science the album + videos

November 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Dynamics Plus

– Rap and Hip Hop with an experimental twist

The People's Opinion Banner

A penny for their thoughts

reviewed by Emissary on


 Nowadays, things are quite different. An independent musician can produce quality, marketable music, without sacrificing creativity. This is why “Rocket Science”, the latest Rap/Hip Hop album by Dynamics Plus’ is real example to indie musicians, regardless of genre.

*seeing a nice trend when the videos are being mentioned with the reviews.


A long time ago in music… the term “Indie” or “Independent” equaled bad production quality, low fidelity and/or music that was not marketable. Rap and Hip Hop artists, specially, could spend years selling tapes out of the trunk of his car, before anyone took real notice. Nowadays, things are quite different. An independent musician can produce quality, marketable music, without sacrificing creativity. This is why “Rocket Science”, the latest Rap/Hip Hop album by Dynamics Plus’ is real example to indie musicians, regardless of genre.

Pop the playlist below; you’re sure to get hooked by those crunchy riffs in “Dash the Cloud”, by Anthony Michael Angelo. Not what you expected from a Rap album? Get ready for more surprises!

As you’ll notice, Dynamics Plus’ videos are fairly simple – no insane special effects, or irrelevant bullshit. Everything is well thought out and significant to the stories being told.  Kudos on great directing and editing!

“Phase Shift”, for example, is a reality check. Artists big and small, from rappers to rockers, are subject to manipulation within the modern music industry.

This rapper isn’t afraid to expand on his comfort zone. “Seek End Destroy” is a short, straight to the point rap, featuring some slick dance moves by Alesony. Then there’s “Plenty to Say”, featuring the soulful voice Nae B. The contrast between these two is exceptional, plus there’s some more nice dancing & popping to ease you into the video. “Grace Notes”, another fast-paced rap, will have you bouncing to that break-beat; and that phat, mid-range synth bass!




Dynamics Plus Interview and Spotlight on TheXXFactor

October 26, 2014 Leave a comment

The XX Factor is proud to present: The Dynamics Plus

 Enjoy the unique flare that this artist brings to the table. We are reminded of a sound reminiscent of Talib Kweli with a similar story telling and use of rhyme scheme to both drive the story along and emphasize the deeper meanings in the story. The artist is clearly a thoughtful individual which shows through in his music. We enjoy the story telling over a smooth beat with slight dissonance to keep it funky and keep us paying attention. Anyone looking for a provoking message or something to entertain the soul and mind will enjoy this artist. We look forward to hearing more in the future.

Lenzmen Dynamics Plus image

A Spot for the XX Factor Spotlight

The XX Factor had the opportunity to speak a bit more with the artist…

I understand the scientist slant, but why Dynamics Plus and what’s the story behind the name?

DP: Over the years, there’s been several acronyms, but for the most part I just say Dynamic as in always changing and Plus means there’s always more. Just when you have a complete summary or understanding, there is a new concept or aspect to add on. I rarely use a consistent flow and every line, and even word, has more than one meaning. That’s my style and approach for the most part.


How long have you been doing this? What drove you to get involved in music?

DP: I think I discovered at a pretty young age that I didn’t make a good fan or spectator. I can’t be into something and not want to do it. When I used to hear rap songs, I wanted to create rap songs. It wasn’t enough for me to just listen and think “somebody should…”. So I started making my own songs, with my own style and have been trying to explore, experiment and progress at it ever since.



Fallout Shelter Music included in the newest issue of Rapper’s Delite Magazine.

December 28, 2011 1 comment
Fallout Shelter Evelavator Music Series Volume I: BASSment Level

Fallout Shelter Evelavator Music Series Volume I: BASSment Level

Some tunes from the collaboration project Fallout Shelter have made their way into the free bundled tracks for Rapper’s Delite Magazine! Rapper’s Delite is the sister magazine to Producer’s Edge with a similar idea. In Producer’s Edge you get free sounds/loops/kits to make beats with and in Rapper’s Delite you get FREE BEATS to rhyme over or write to.

Rapper's Delite Magazien Issue 02

Rapper's Delite Magazien Issue 02

And so, some of my beats from Fallout Shelter are in the Sugahill Gang issue for Winter 2011. They also have snippets to preview on their site. Here it is.


Thank you Rapper’s Delite Magazine for the nod.

Here’s their blog about it!



Chaos Legion Track Spotlight Raven’s Gate

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Chaos Legion Track Spotlight Raven’s Gate

Chaos Legion concept art Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths

Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths. Slain by the evil General Magnus!

This song was originally called ‘Betrayal at Raven’s Gate’. At the point of being relieved by fellow Legionnaire Magnus Arkanus, Dynamics is ambushed. The Queen of the Van-Goths is murdered and in retaliation, Dynamics severs the hand of the fiend Magnus. With his closest friend Bathis Omacry and most of his warriors slain, Dynamics dives off the cliff to certain doom.

Sometimes I consider fleshing out an album to be similar to creating a sculpture. It’s a subtractive process of scraping away stuff that’s not needed until only the central idea is left behind.

The first version has the narrator Orice Corraine speaking these lines:

 “It was the great betrayal at Raven’s peak that set the wheels of change in motion. In one simple thrust of a sword, the destiny of a man was etched in stone and an entire empire would fall before his rage. But first..”

When listening to the album, it felt like he was talking too much early on. I mean, we just heard him on the intro “Scribes did Describe” so this opening was removed. There also was a conversation between myself and General Magnus, which served to establish our relationship and set up the context of the betrayal.

Magnus speaks in bold-

“General Magnus (Lord Dynamics)

It has been too long friend. Fires lit in remembrance.

Tell me, brother, what of the homeland?

Massive frontier that expands.”

“Fires lit in Remembrance” was going to be a cultural saying about missing someone. This was also going to be the original name of the CHAOS Legion II song “Ashes and Remembrance” where the flames of the destroyed convent are similar to fires (or pyres) we would light ourselves. If you note that someone I cared about was obviously a part of that religious retreat. Once I changed this song, it didn’t make sense to include the additional nods.

“And lady Shandra?

You did not hear…(huh?) we are wed now.

Twin sons she bears.

That’s, that’s excellent news.

The god’s blessings be on both of you.

Now Magnus, you must meet the Van-Goth queen..

In time, in time, first walk with me

What are you thoughts on King Xertese

This has been a tough assignment.

I go where I’m sent.

‘What good is a soldier that questions orders?

Besides I have done a margin in these outland borders.

But still I look to return to the Iron Fortress”

Magnus is checking on my ambitions. His mission is to terminate my command with extreme prejudice. I show that I am a loyal soldier and look forward to returning to the Iron Fortress. This is foreshadowing of the last track- originally called “Destruction of the Iron Fortress”.

“(sound of men yelling) so many reinforcements

Believe me our treaty is sunk deep (chuckles)

Your men won’t do more than idle patrol

Be sure nothing stirs here, now come let’s go.”

I note that he brings a great number of troops; the reason will become obvious in a moment. When I say the treaty is sunk deep, it’s a sexual innuendo about my relationship with Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths. I removed this romantic interest, even though it would have made Magnus’ treachery all the more villainous. I saw too many liaisons happening in the album and I didn’t think it’d be convincing (or too meaningful) that I’d fallen for the Amazon bodyguard Alanis with my early connection to this Queen and a later hint to someone special from my past staying at the religious retreat- Triage Sheol that is overrun in “Ashes and Remembrance”

Other than that, the story is pretty straightforward. King Xertese sends the General Magnus Arkanus as an assassin to kill me. He starts by murdering the Van-Goth Queen and I act on instinct and chop off his hand. My men are slaughtered and I alone escape by diving off a cliff.

 CHAOS Legion I: “Raven’s Gate”

General Magnus., may I preset Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths

(Lord Magnus)

He knelt, took her hand and said King’s will.

  Then drills steel  she reels but held the hilt still. 

     I swung and took his hand off at the sleeves (arhh),

           In a dream I’m screaming to their fallen queen

             Grand decree from King Xertes

 Dynamics this day you die here on Raven peak

 (you fiend)     and then he raised his arm to me

         As if he didn’t see how his hand bleeds


He laughed, I advanced and he fell back

In a flash we attacked and many swords clashed

 men fell, pell mell into the angry swell

with my best back to back somehow we held

       someday scribes will tell, how two

stood against many and did quite well.


    We can’t outlast, sir it’s been an honor

He cleared a path and screamed avenge this horror.

  Then he rushed and leapt to attack

I called, but only swords and spears answered back

(he falls) I raced to the ridge- to the

edge of the cliff,  twisted and dove off the rim.

    I had a glimpse Magnus raising up his limb,

    then the blackness slips  as I splashed in.

Thank you for your interest in the CHAOS Legion series

CHAOS Legion Break Down and Synopsis

Other Track Spotlights

Track Spotlight Chaos Legion II Eyes of Fate

November 2, 2011 1 comment

Track Spotlight Chaos Legion “Eyes of Fate”

Artistic Chaos Legion II "Eyes of Fate"

- Just before his watch was up, he watched her wash up...

Near the ending of the second Chaos Legion album is the song “Eyes of Fate”. I admit I usually skip past this one because I’m amped to hear one of my favorites “Twilight of the Crystal Castle”, but every so often I play it and am reminded of its importance. It’s one of those prophecy joints, and just like every prophecy; it’s hard to get an exact idea of what’s going to happen – until it happens. It gives away the ending of the final battle and describes the Dynamics Plus falling in battle – to the delight of the evil King Xertese. It’s important to note that everything he sees in her vision does happen in “Twilight of the Crystal Castle”.

 “Eyes of Fate”

Lyrics by Dynamics Plus

She sees.    The future through her eyes of fate
What she creates, it relates inside her dreamscapes

(Her eyes of fate) she watched the world take shape

To Future late -When the weight of destiny awaits

Just before his watch was up

He watched her wash up (someone get Dynamics Plus)

So young is the girl with her hands bound

Found where she drowned          wrapped inside a white gown

She faced face down – we turned her around

And found her face full round as if time rewound

Quite absurd, then the worst occurred, her mouth

Pursed poured forth words and verses only I heard

One of the Legionnaires finds a beautiful girl washed up on the beach near our camp. As we roll her over, her face returns to its youthful appearance and she speaks to me alone.

King Xertese exercises as he please and

Even as she bleeds she sees future prophecies

He will ride through the gates of his city wide

And face you face to face the end draws nigh

On his golden chariot victory decry

You dare deny, or defy your destiny defined

The young girl is a Futurist Maiden, a cross between a seer and witch, who, upon reaching womanhood can see glimpses of the future.  The unknown story is that she was taken by the King and forced to disclose the future.  She lets me know that in the final battle I will fight King Xertese personally. And he will win and ride back into his city through the massive city gates on his golden chariot.

(How do you know this?) from the inner eye

In her mind are signs, the evil king will enlist to try

To divine, to devise a concubine confined

She’d rather die as a bride at Poseidon’s side

So she decides and consigns to the oceans tide

Here a final find for our fates intertwine

After Xertese is given knowledge of his destiny, he has no further use for her and decides it’s now time to break her seal and make her one of his concubines, in a similar way to how the Iron Maiden’s chastity it tied to their fighting spirit. [see Chaos Legion I “Iron Maidens”] To avoid this, she breaks away from her guards and leaps from a tower into the ocean far below. It’s another point of fate that she washes ashore near my camp and her spirit is able to deliver one last message.

(Dynamics!)  Boris (You seem shaken)

a dream ? I feel as if freshly awakened

Should the body be returned to the sea?

Rhea’s daughter has drunk enough water

Leave the body undisturbed and set to burn

Now rally the troops for my final words.

The reference to Rhea is from Roman and Greek mythology, which suggests perhaps Dynamics Plus sees the young maiden in a similar way to Hestia or Hera. This all sets up an interesting idea that Dynamics knows he is going to lose the final battle and still makes the rousing speech in “Eve of Final Conquest”. It may also explain why he notes the significance of what they have already achieved before going into battle.

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Back in the Black after-release REMIX EP “My Heart Never Skips a Beat”

September 13, 2011 1 comment

Dynamica Music Presents:

Domino Grey & DJ MIKI

My Heart Never Skips a Beat Remixes for Extended Play

From the album Back in the Black

Artwork for EP featuring talented Singer and Producer DJ MIKI

My Heart Never Skips a Beat Remixes for Extended Play

The hit album Back in the Black is given Extended Play with a remix emergency from Domino Grey. The popular song “My Heart Never Skips a Beat” is addressed by Dr Domino Grey and Dynamics Plus. After the frenetic opening, Domino settles in and focuses on the haunting voice of talented singer and producer – DJ MIKI. Her voice becomes the centerpiece for the first Back in the Black after-mix release.

Two new tracks round out the package. “Faint Murmurings and Light Musings” and “Errors and Eros, Paths and Pathos” are sure to sink you into the blue of a beating, bleating heartbeat.

Available as a direct download from CDbaby and iTunes and at

Thank you for supporting Dynamica Music, DJ MIKI and Domino Grey.