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The Best of Domino Grey 2011 FREE TRACKS

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The Best of Domino Grey 2011 FREE TRACKS

Album artwork for The Best of Domino Grey 2011

Free sampler...ready to be sampled.

Bonus track- available for FREE download.

Domino Grey is a child of rhythm- born from the Organic Electronic. The mixture of our Past and Future presents us with a sonic footprint- a quiet moment in time when silence expressed our deepest emotions and music was the only word spoken. These are cascading thoughts falling across a canvass of sound. Use these new colors to illustrate your imagination. Please touch the walls and leave behind the fingerprints as evidence of your existence.

D.O.M.I.N.O. Dance Or Move In Natural Order
G.R.E.Y. Generate Rhythmic Energy Yourself

And so AVXP Music/Dynamica Music [My Vanity label] has shut down for 2011. That makes it clear for me to reflect on everything that has happened this year. I keep a huge calendar (a cheap one from Staples) and use it as kind of a loose journal to document what goes on for any given year. I’ll make it a sort of a scrapbook and glue ticket stubs, flyers and even bills in the day’s boxes. I keep a few printouts that have important dates like birthdays (I am very bad with dates) and have a sheet for goals or Resolutions.

It’s my habit to look it over on New Year’s Eve and gauge what percent of my ‘plans’ I’ve accomplished. This has truly been one hell of a year. I’ve spent more than a decade making underground/abstract hip hop and decided to dabble in other genres. I added live musicians to my production(s) and reconnected with my muse; Shea the Doll Lizette. As Domino Grey, I’ve been able to work with some really talented artists like DJ Miki, FarishaMusic, Stephanie Kay, Elina Milan and Donna S. I released a total of six projects including Get it Up, Lay it Down, Back in the Black, the My Heart Never Skips a Beat Remixes, Fallout Shelter, Butterfly Affect Part I and the Falling Planets Soundtrack.

Back in the Black “You’re My Addiction” featuring Stephanie kay and Shea the Doll

Fallout Shelter “Kool Intentions” Produced by Dynamics Plus

Butterfly Affect “We Can Go [Dancing]” Domino Grey

Back in the Black “Melody Diagnosis” Featuring Donna S

My Heart Never Skips a Beat Flat Line Remix Featuring DJ Miki

Lonely Angel – Broken Halo Remix Produced by Dynamics Plus

Most recently, I finished the vocal recording of the Shea the Doll and Nae B FREE mixtape called The Take Over. So I’ve run the gamut from hip hop instrumentals, R&B joints to dance music – all in one year. Wow. I’m only hoping next year can run like this year and the Mayan calendar doesn’t run out just when I’m at my most productive.

A big thanks to everyone that supports my music and also my inner circle who keeps me on my toes when it comes to making the best music that I can. Blog sites like I Can’t Call it and ministori for the reviews. In 2012, I expect to finish a full Lenzmen album, more Dynamics Plus, Doctor Atomics and a few new characters will get their shine. What else? I guess that’s it. We’re early with the wrap up, but since everyone is already flipping for the holidays; let’ go in.

Oh snaps, I almost forgot. I got a free sampler, I’m running around with. It’s got all the singles from the albums of 2011. Hmm, if you want a download let me know what’s good. Crack at the kid on FaceBook.

Peace, love and Productivity from [Everything at] AVXP Music.

Domino Grey 2011

Behind the Take Ova Shea the Doll and Nae B The Take Over Mixtape

November 30, 2011 5 comments

Behind the Take Ova

Download Shea the Doll Nae B The Take Over album

The Take Over is taking over.

“This is an anthem for all the women who have decided to say ‘Enough, no more’. They are sharing the deepest aspects of their lives and I doubt anyone will listen to this and not be moved.”

Shea the Doll and Nae B drop a powerful mixtape that may change your life.

I don’t even know is I should be sharing this, but meh, let’s see where this goes. For the last couple of weeks I have been locked away in the lower levels of the Fallout Shelter recording Shea the Doll and Nae B. They are solo R&B recording artists putting together a free mixtape called The Take Over. Normally this would be no big deal since I record all sorts of projects, but things quickly took a left turn.

Well, let’s go back a bit. Shea, who I’ve known for many years, is no stranger to hear me doin my thang. She was featured on the Album Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude “Machine Slave” and my most recent Domino Grey music. Now, years later, it was time for me to sit back and watch her do her thang. She’s always had a powerful voice and most people describe it as raw and emotive. I kept hearing how ill Nae B was for a while, but never met her until now. They are both solo song writers/artists who have come together for this first project. They usually sell songs to other artists and have done tons of spot work singing and writing hooks for rap songs, but now they’ve decided to make their own music and take it to the world.

Shea the Doll and Nae B

Strong Women, Strong Voices, Strong Message

There are a few times I spun around at the desk and asked “Do you really want to say that?” Oh yeah, it gets pretty raw. This is an anthem for all the women who have decided to say ‘Enough, no more’. They are sharing the deepest aspects of their lives and I doubt anyone will listen to this and not be moved. When we were near the end, Shea asked me “What do you think?” I answered; “This is going to change things”. She said “No, what do you think of the songs.” I replied “I just told you.”

I take no credit in the creation of this project. They came, they saw, they recorded their vision. All I did was donate my facility and time, to which, they said was a rare act of…

Hold on. What are we all here for? How can you not want to be involved with this kind of music? Do you say you love good music? Are you haunted by shadows from your past? Are you working your way through a world of struggles? Do you have hope and faith that you can make it through? Are you going to look at yourself and say that it’s time for a change? New Years is fast-approaching and that will be time when all of us reflect and decide to make personal changes in how we move about in the world. I suggest you turn it into more than a night of personal promises and vows. I say you commit to Take Over your life and use this album as your inspiration.

You can find out more about this album here.


It can be downloaded for FREE here!

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