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Wheels and Cogs The Complete Adventure

September 17, 2018 Leave a comment

Force Six, The Annihilators

Force Six comic cover Wheels and Cogs

Trade stuff for the Force Six as a collection.

Wheels and Cogs The Complete Adventure

Wheels and Cogs is the collection of the season III opening story arc.
Force Six, The Annihilators episodes 22 and 23 tell the story of LunStar-G joining a gal grifter gang and going all in before the wheel turns and the cogs fit into place. Gears up for this adventure. Rendered and relayed by Drew Spence. Deluxe format with additional art. Available now on comiXology ($2.99) and in Print from Indy Planet ($14.99).

Panel Pull from Force Six comic series

The Tri-Bs breaking out by breaking in!

Force Six panel pull Wheels and Cogs early

Computer hacks and thieving acts!

Panel pull Force Six comic book Wheels and Cogs

The Womens whip it into shape.


As always ..Where to get our works…..

comiXology in digital format

DriveThruComics for PDF format

In Print from Indy Planet

Force Six, The Annihilators

They were a team of specialists assembled to bring order to a chaotic universe. Something went wrong when right became their final choice. See the transformation from Renegade outcasts to Legends. They are Force Six, The Annihilators. Drew Spence writes and illustrates a graphic comic, mixing science fiction with science fantasy. It’s a superhero space saga as a group of renegades, gifted with special abilities and artificial enhancements, charge and change the fate of all those they come across. They are the Force Six, The Annihilators and this is the story of their rise, fall and ultimate redemption.


Force Six 22 Wheels and Cogs

September 1, 2018 Leave a comment

Force Six, The Annihilators

#22: Wheels and Cogs: Weak Links

Force Six episode 22 Weak Links cover

LunStar-G goes Biker-babe.

22 Wheels and Cogs Part I Weak Links – Available on comiXology

It’s a well-heeled wheeled adventure when LunStar-G ventures into a bundle of bikers and works her way into a gorgeous gang of gangsta gals. Here’s the catch: Catch them without getting caught or caught up. Wheels weaved and written by Drew Spence.

This starts a new story arc! Enjoy. The full story is already being enjoyed on Patreon.
LunStar-G force Six by motortbike

Sometimes, the game starts before you’re ready.

Force Six, The Annihilators. Episode 22

Let’s get ready to go.

Force Six panel pull from episode 22

Action from early in the episode

comiXology in digital format

DriveThruComics for PDF format

In Print from Indy Planet