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Video Dynamics Plus Grace Notes

Official music video for Dynamics Plus


“Grace Notes”



Dynamics Plus “Grace Notes” from

the Dynamic Universe Volume 9 album

Rocket Science

Written by Drew Spence

Filmed by Samuel M Wimbley

Edited by Griffin Avid


Rocket Science launches another one. Gracefully Noted



Grace Notes lyrics – written by Dynamics Plus


You can vow to never- come up out your house

my d— still pushed down deep in your mouth

You liar, you said you retired, shots fired

The “Wizard Is In”; sick magician, tricky.

Lyrically, my scripts writ far beyond abilities.

Rap critic, acidic, cynic, here’s another clinic.

You should leave this elite league

You need a leave, Aleve, plus a long lead.

I’m a read Reed Richards, be relieved

This aint Christopher Reeves or Duane Reade

or Dwyane Wade, or Dwayne Wane.

This means: watch his arms raise when he gains degrees.

You couldn’t surpass if you had every answer

in the X-Men First Class, now and future past,

a flying guillotine, a Gracie gui, the tai chi

the yellow suit and black stripes of Bruce Lee.

You couldn’t find a mind more twisted than mine

if you combined the half life combine,

combined with some carbines from Columbine-

or had the prawns armor on from district 9

or a glass of water from signs

or even a suit Tom Cruise would use or a

Pandora suit Stephen Lang would choose.

No acrobat, you couldn’t write and react

even if you had Yoda stuffed in a knapsack.

I’m nimble, limber, singe to cinders

a sick inventor I spit, split and splinter

My Fallout Shelter’s a Nuclear Winter.

A shooting star, I back flip to finish ya.

I grim reap, trim meat cleave.

You grit your teeth ask ‘Why you repeat?’

Well, that’s a motif, my ES7.

The DS7: heavy metal, heavy weapon

Ignored the warning, sign said ‘no swimming’ in.

Dived in, saw the sharks fin, started panicking

Your splashing’s attracting him.

Stop acting in bullshit rap tales.

You feeling the Braille?

Rhymes too frail, you just might fail.

——————     ———————–

Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.

The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.



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Video Dynamics Plus – Seek End Destroy

September 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Dynamics Plus drops a video for Seek End Destroy Rocket Science


Dynamics Plus Seek End Destroy

I see you have constructed your own microphone…

Official video for “Seek End Destroy Rocket Science” from the Dynamics Plus album Rocket Science.
Filmed by Samuel M Wimbley
Edited by Griffin Avid
2014 AVXP Music/Dynamica Music




Seek End Destroy

lyrics by Dynamics Plus


Must a smoked some ecto-dust and got

paranoid. lungs collapse, combust.

Here come the Dynamic Plus, android: Seek and Destroy

Crush, Murder Kill Leon Spinks his grill –

till little bits of his tongue splits, spits when he spits.

These are the scripts of a sick scientist.

Codename: Jade Mantis.

You want to attack this?

You better practice Drunk Monkey style.

Monk, chip monk making chip Tunes,

you chip tooth rap raccoon

Kung-fu coon, you stuttering fool.

Shut up. Pile in. Shuttle shutter island.

Juvenile style, while I’m styling on you.

Now hold up, I’m handing out these orange cones.

Microphones in the studio construction zone.

Heavy loads, I’m racing over like tracks like Tyco.

Plus, I’m a super charged, turbo-charged superstar.

You’re sub par, need a call from your OnStar.

Your car lacks charge, your bars lack barbs

– Trying to start and spar with a Spartan of art.

Ask Tony Starks about the shards in his heart.

I’m starving, sharpening when I’m carving him.

Bring Karen Carpenter in or Stephen King or

John Carpenter or a #2 sharpener-

Bring anything to make my darts even sharper.

Go even harder with a sharpie-edged marker

Defeat em with my wrapping, they call me Peter Parker.

You in a sound proof booth with a saber tooth.

Time to tell the truth: I produce so I’m bullet proof.

I MC, make a thousand of these.

I shock you with my Chakra; I’m Blanka with my energies

My kick speed: you playing soccer with a centipede.

Want some more? Make some noise, I seek and Destroy!


The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.
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