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Force Six, The Annihilators #40

November 2, 2020 Leave a comment
Force Six The Annihilators cover episode 40

The Eye Looks Down and Sees the Efforts of Men

Captured! What will happen when Force Six member Alexi Alito is placed in the clutches of the nefarious Synthoids? Victory may be a dream too far and survival may be the greatest accomplishment when the Spirit of the Invincible is tested. This is Part III. Force Six episode 40: The Eye looks Down and Sees the Efforts of Men.
Force Six page Pull episode 40
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Force Six, The Annihilators

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They were a team of specialists assembled to bring order to a chaotic universe. Something went wrong when right became their final choice. See the transformation from Renegade outcasts to Legends. They are Force Six, The Annihilators. Drew Spence writes and illustrates a graphic comic, mixing science fiction with science fantasy. It’s a superhero space saga as a group of renegades, gifted with special abilities and artificial enhancements, charge and change the fate of all those they come across. They are the Force Six, The Annihilators and this is the story of their rise, fall and ultimate redemption.

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Force Six The Annihilators 11 Building Blocks Storm Front

February 21, 2018 Leave a comment
 Force Six The Annihilatos episode 11 Cover
By: Drew Spence
Price: $2.99

11 Building Blocks Storm Front
Force Six The Annihilators 11 Building Blocks Storm Front

It’s the Season II opener of The Force Six. It’s a double-sized start with a lightning fast response as the Force Six sets its sights on a weaponized weather site. Catch the Lightning and throw the Thunder. It’s more tight and tantalizing tales and tints from Drew Spence and The Dynamic Universe..

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Along with episode 11 arriving on comiXology, the entire story arc is also available in print. Find out more here….

Building Blocks Volume I

Drew Spence and The Dynamic Universe are proud to present the Building Blocks collection Volume I. We have the first three episodes of season II combined with season I episode 09 Metal Devil Maiden to create the incredible arc that marks the arrival of the synthoid agents. A loose-end clue leads the Force Six Annihilators to a base hidden in the clouds. The action is intense. It’s  132 pages of full color action, scripted and sketched by Drew Spence.

Print price $22.50 Digital Download $8.49

11 Building Blocks Volume I