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Force Six graphic comic 2018 Trailer

The Annihilators get a series trailer!

Force Six, The Annihilators is available in print and digital formats. Individual episodes are collected into trade versions and available for direct order. You can follow the Force Six on social media and support the comic series by picking up the various soundtracks and joining the ranks of the Patreons. As a Patreon supporter, you’ll receive early and full access to the Force Comic series, extra material, alternative artwork, wallpapers and more. Thank you for supporting Foce Six, The Annihilators and The Dynamic Universe.

ComiXology Episode 02 Sins of the Pass

September 6, 2017 Leave a comment

Force Six, The Annihilators

—– arrives in digital format on ComiXology!

Episode 02 Sins of the Pass

ComiXology Sins of the Pass


The Annihilator Jackie 5 and Beta One travel to Fronterra in search of the war criminal Tiber HenGemon. What they find when they find him is quite a fine find, indeed.

ComiXology Link

Comixology Store 02 Sins Pass

Mark of the Griffin Episode 0: Technique without Passion is Limited

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

5 years ago, Marcus Griffin went running from a house. Now his home is a Dojo run by Sensei-Master Ernesto Hawke. A challenge will be made. Victory and defeat will become one. The mask awaits!

Mark of the Griffin brings us to episode zero. What do you do with a disciple that is full of technique, but short on discipline? Sometimes it takes a kick to kick-start the student.    #MOTG

Extended episode Notes…

It was important to fill in the back story for Marcus Griffin so that his past is established. When writing the overall plot, I put in several arcs- hoping that the series would go on long enough to allow me to go backwards and forwards in the timeline. I didn’t want to someday just start showing ‘the early years’ or twist the story in a way that shows a writer is reaching for new and fresh material.

The journey wouldn’t be as special if Marcus started off everything with a single phone call. That’s why there is an episode -1 and 0. I didn’t want to go the prequel route so letting you know there were days of interest before our series started made sense.

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For episode zero, I needed to show HOW the Griffin is able to navigate the dangerous world of the AGENCI. It shows his last 24 hours before becoming an agent. Real life Martial Arts Master Phil Messina of Modern Warrior was kind enough to let us use his facility to film and Martial Artist and role model Megan Gilroy [as Phoebe Marcelle] joined the MOTG crew and did an awesome job. Mr Messina was also helpful in the choreography department of fitting some of the disjointed scenes together and created one of the best sequences where Phoebe hip tosses Marcus and then kicks him away after.
Sam Wimbley did the filming and did an awesome job capturing some impromptu action scenes that were added in and worked really well. Mikey White, who plays AGENCI representative Gabriel Keith Krane, lent his voice for the Quad-Corder sequence. This is also part of the set up for future episodes where you will see the Mark using the Q-corder as a major tool. That’s it for now. Next episode is Villainy of the Vile. It’s going to be crazy.

P.S. Did you happen to miss episode -1 (the one before this one..)

Graphic Novel: Mark of the Griffin 1st is live plus soundtrack embedded.

Read the graphic novel

Graphic Novel goes live! Mark of the Griffin FIRST


The 1st graphic novel in the Mark of the Griffin series is now live.

Much different than the vibe of the web series.

My (Dynamics Plus) track plays first and two more from Domino Grey follow after. Real cool stuff. Quite amped for y’all to read this.

Official speak comes next.


Before he was marked, Marcus Griffin thought he could change the world with a gun. He was wrong. Drew Spence creates a graphic web series that follows the adventures of a vigilante turned special agent. The story of the Griffin is told though videos, graphic novels, and episode and issue-based soundtracks. This episode features music by Fallout Shelter [Domino Grey and Dynamics Plus] and is available wherever digital music is sold. 

Twitter: @MarktheGriffin #MOTG

*The soundtrack will be up in a couple of days. Beats is crazy. Also it’ll be about a month till I have hard copies in stock. I’ll obviously update when I get them in.