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STAR Patrol video from Dynamics Plus

Song: S.T.A.R. (Stellar Track Android Recon) Patrol

Album: Foresight Wars [Dynamic Universe Volume 2]

Artist: Dynamics Plus


This is a video for The Dynamic Universe Volume 2. The album is Foresight Wars. The song is track# 6

S.T.A.R. (Stellar Track Android Recon) Patrol

It’s a suicide mission for a group of space robot fighters.

More about Foresight Wars, the album…

I went totally space cadet on Foresight Wars. It’s alien abductions and the origins of my Foresight Powers. There are three CDP (Captain Dynamics Plus) songs and the debut of the Nucleon Universe with Eve of Destruction.

The overall feeling at the time was total disconnect from everything that was happening around me. I felt like a stranger or some kind of foreigner to this …planet. I mean everything. The music industry and the trends in rap, the surrounding culture and really just disappointed with humanity. Sounds a little weird, I know, but it made sense to consider myself an alien that was deposited here by accident. I’m still waiting for the mothership to return and beam me up.

You’ll hear lots of reference to the Lenzmen and another member Beta One. That was a friend of Doc Strange from Queens that’s really a sick lyricist. We’ve always considered being a Lenzmen a lifetime thing that doesn’t only connect us through rhyme so although he was mostly inactive; he’s still counted as ‘an official Lenzmen’ whenever I do a roll call.

This albums stands out so much for me as it signifies the turning point where storytelling became a major focal point on my albums. Thank you for checking out my music and I hope you enjoy Dynamic Universe Volume 02: Foresight Wars.

-Dynamics Plus