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FREE MUSIC RAP Remixes DMX Saga Legin JR Writer Havoc Mobb Deep

July 22, 2010 1 comment

FREE MUSIC RAP Remixes DMX Saga Legin JR Writer Havoc Mobb Deep

While going through a few music folders I came across a group of remixes for various artists. Here they are, enjoy them.

DMX “Lord Give Me a Sign”

I totally knew I had to go to Church on this one, so I went immediately to a Roland Juno-G organ for the main melody line. The stab in the middle was straight inspiration from being at church and seeing the organist accenting certain sermon parts. When DMX breaks into his Lord’s Prayer I chose church bells for a total spiritual vibe. I’m very proud of this remix and was disappointed that the label never used it. That’s how it goes with open submissions and contests.

Saga Legin feat. JR Writer “New York City”

New York City Excalibur Remix 75 bpms

New York City Tribal Union Remix 75 bpms

New York City is a remix for Sag Legin feat. JR Writer. I immediately dove in with the Frank Sinatra sample for the intro. I think it adds a nice touch. Years ago, I recorded a radio mix where the phrase “New York City” is scrambled and tap-repeated all throughout the show and I always wanted to have that effect in a joint. I chose to go with a similar vibe to the original, which was up-tempo and energetic. Saga liked the first version, but requested a different direction so I went with a slow lounge feeling. I think I pulled it off well since so many people swear the songs are going at two different speeds.

Havoc of Mobb Deep

Producer’s Edge had just interviewed Havoc from Mobb Deep when the a capella came across my desk. I jumped right in on it. I was quite surprised when I heard the vocals since it was a change in direction for Havoc, where he had a real commercial slant to this song. I rolled with it and went with total club swing. If you listen close, you can hear me yelling to Havoc like I’m the paparazzi trying to get his attention. At the start I added all the news clips and they were generated by the same engine I use for my sci-fi Dynamic Universe records.

Thanks for the listen