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This is Super Rocket Science!

Rocket Science album artwork

44 Songs of Super Science

It’s everything, including the launch pad. Rocket Scientist Dynamics Plus combines every tone, track and tidbit from blast off to splash down.

The albums Rocket Science and Rock it Science are combined with every remix release and turned into a superbly souped-up super package.

Available on iTunes Amazon Beatport

Video: Plenty To Say feat Nae B (Shameless Plug Remix)

New video from Rock It Science album for “Plenty To Say”

Thumbnail for Plenty to Say remix

Plenty to Say about this video remix

Dynamics Plus music video for “Plenty To Say feat Nae B”

This song is from the Rocket Science full remix Rock It Science.

Available on iTunes and other places where fine digital music is sold.

A clever rapper does a date different. Dynamics Plus features the smooth vocals of R&B songstress Nae B to tell of the story of a date done well. First meetings parallel a studio session. Right writing has “Plenty to Say”.

Seek End Destroy Cut Supreme Remix Single

Dynamics Plus Seek End Destroy Remix cover

New nasty cut from Cut Supreme


It’s DJ Cut Supreme from the WUSB Trim Mix Party radio show taking the remix lead for the Rock It Science album’s “Seek End Destroy”. It’s Hip Hop on Blast Off with this release.

Maxi-Single Track Listing

Seek End Destroy Cut Supreme Remix

Seek End Destroy Cut Supreme Alternate Radio Edit 2:33

Seek End Destroy Cut Supreme Remix Instrumental 2:05

 Can be purchased Directly from the Dynamica Music Store


And the Full Remix Album is here.

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The Appetizer Radio Show reviews Rocket Science

November 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Appetizer Radio Show Banner

Dynamics Plus Phase Shift

Dynamics Plus speaks through speakers

Dynamics Plus Explodes On Rocket Science


Rocket Science isn’t a straight hip-hop album. It’s isn’t a straight anything. The brilliance is that the rap style can cross borders and appeal to people who enjoy a little thought in their lyric…


Reviewed by D Grant Smith

What made Eminem stand out from his competition when he emerged in the underground was his more than just style. It was content, and the incredible ability to flow with intellectually crafted lyrics that challenged you to think in the middle of his rhyme. Just like when a great writer makes you go back again and again to the same line to discover more of what it meant. Dynamics Plus takes on this complexity with his new release Rocket Science.

0 Rocket Science Cover

The style similarity is present from the opening track, but the music does more than Shady’s typical sound. Kicking things off on The Ultimate Year, a throw-back styled tune recalling the Fresh Prince with a little modification with a California-styled setting, there are brains and musical brawn packaged together.

This is notably due to Dynamics Plus being more than a standard lyricist or rapper. The talented producer is visibly articulate in representing his one-of-a-kind approach to rap and hip-hop, illustrated in his video series from the new release. Of the 9 Official videos, standouts include Sunrise to Sunset, Plenty To Say, and Taxi All Is Fare.



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Dynamics Plus Interview and Spotlight on TheXXFactor

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The XX Factor is proud to present: The Dynamics Plus

 Enjoy the unique flare that this artist brings to the table. We are reminded of a sound reminiscent of Talib Kweli with a similar story telling and use of rhyme scheme to both drive the story along and emphasize the deeper meanings in the story. The artist is clearly a thoughtful individual which shows through in his music. We enjoy the story telling over a smooth beat with slight dissonance to keep it funky and keep us paying attention. Anyone looking for a provoking message or something to entertain the soul and mind will enjoy this artist. We look forward to hearing more in the future.

Lenzmen Dynamics Plus image

A Spot for the XX Factor Spotlight

The XX Factor had the opportunity to speak a bit more with the artist…

I understand the scientist slant, but why Dynamics Plus and what’s the story behind the name?

DP: Over the years, there’s been several acronyms, but for the most part I just say Dynamic as in always changing and Plus means there’s always more. Just when you have a complete summary or understanding, there is a new concept or aspect to add on. I rarely use a consistent flow and every line, and even word, has more than one meaning. That’s my style and approach for the most part.


How long have you been doing this? What drove you to get involved in music?

DP: I think I discovered at a pretty young age that I didn’t make a good fan or spectator. I can’t be into something and not want to do it. When I used to hear rap songs, I wanted to create rap songs. It wasn’t enough for me to just listen and think “somebody should…”. So I started making my own songs, with my own style and have been trying to explore, experiment and progress at it ever since.



Video Dynamics Plus “What Comes Up”

October 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Rocket Science “What Comes Up” video



Love falls down as your compass points in a new direction. Opposites attract- and sometimes the tighter you pull a person in, the harder they push you away. Lenzmen Dynamics Plus creates a video for “What Comes Up” from the album Rocket Science. It’s the Dynamic Universe Volume 09.


Dynamics Plus video photo shoot

Stepping in to a new situation

Filmed by Samuel M Wimbley

Edited by Griffin Avid

Fendi Monae as The girl who falls down


“What Comes Up”

written by Dynamics Plus

Crowd around the center, runs around till I met her.

She a 10’er. Loud, pitch like a tenor.

She has a way to raise my antennae.

So what comes up, sometimes go down

and what comes around- makes it all fall down.

When your North goes South and your East goes West

it’s for the best — it’s only right she gets left.

She got a face like a Saint once she start painting.

And a heart of gold, but she had to go.

Love is over-rated it’s a cage for the dating

She draining my patience, she so high maintenance.

Stars are comets, starts with the comments.

You would swear that I every time I swear
“Could you pick this up?” Soon as I pick her up.

Put the King Under Pressure and now you feel lesser

The time bomb’s ticking for time (wait watch)

Wait a minute, she so dramatic at the finish.

It tears your dream and tears start to stream.

She starts to scream and everything seem to move-

in slow motion –I got a notion that the worst emotion

is the curse of devotion.

And here she go quoting something I said.

So long before, you aint that girl no more.

It don’t apply, so don’t even reply

– lying next to her, it’s all a blur…

Then these thoughts occur

The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.



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