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Video Dynamics Plus – Seek End Destroy

September 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Dynamics Plus drops a video for Seek End Destroy Rocket Science


Dynamics Plus Seek End Destroy

I see you have constructed your own microphone…

Official video for “Seek End Destroy Rocket Science” from the Dynamics Plus album Rocket Science.
Filmed by Samuel M Wimbley
Edited by Griffin Avid
2014 AVXP Music/Dynamica Music




Seek End Destroy

lyrics by Dynamics Plus


Must a smoked some ecto-dust and got

paranoid. lungs collapse, combust.

Here come the Dynamic Plus, android: Seek and Destroy

Crush, Murder Kill Leon Spinks his grill –

till little bits of his tongue splits, spits when he spits.

These are the scripts of a sick scientist.

Codename: Jade Mantis.

You want to attack this?

You better practice Drunk Monkey style.

Monk, chip monk making chip Tunes,

you chip tooth rap raccoon

Kung-fu coon, you stuttering fool.

Shut up. Pile in. Shuttle shutter island.

Juvenile style, while I’m styling on you.

Now hold up, I’m handing out these orange cones.

Microphones in the studio construction zone.

Heavy loads, I’m racing over like tracks like Tyco.

Plus, I’m a super charged, turbo-charged superstar.

You’re sub par, need a call from your OnStar.

Your car lacks charge, your bars lack barbs

– Trying to start and spar with a Spartan of art.

Ask Tony Starks about the shards in his heart.

I’m starving, sharpening when I’m carving him.

Bring Karen Carpenter in or Stephen King or

John Carpenter or a #2 sharpener-

Bring anything to make my darts even sharper.

Go even harder with a sharpie-edged marker

Defeat em with my wrapping, they call me Peter Parker.

You in a sound proof booth with a saber tooth.

Time to tell the truth: I produce so I’m bullet proof.

I MC, make a thousand of these.

I shock you with my Chakra; I’m Blanka with my energies

My kick speed: you playing soccer with a centipede.

Want some more? Make some noise, I seek and Destroy!


The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.
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New video Dynamics Plus “Gear Lust”

Gear Lust:

To have an intense desire for equipment,

usually beyond any logical need of the musician.



Let’s face it, I spend an inordinate amount of time at Sam Ash. Let’s rewind. It was years ago, but still feels like yesterday. I am circling the keyboard area and waiting for the pro audio rep to be free. He tells me hold on a second as he finishes up with the previous customer. See, I have a wad of cash in an envelope, in my pocket and I know this is a pivotal moment. Up till then, I’ve been using an old AKAI S- series sampler and now I’m about to buy a brand new Ensoniq ASR-10. It’s a workstation sampler and in my mind, the purchase represents crossing a line that now means I’m serious. Yes, that’s the “big box carried out” , but if you know the ASR-10, you aint carrying that thing under one arm like I am in the video.


Over the years, I’ve met many friends and musicians at Sam Ash. From producer Nate Tinsley to Jen to Anthony Michael Angelo, who plays guitar on “Dash the Cloud”. Sam Ash is an incredible place to meet, greet, jam and of course buy gear. So it only made sense to ask Sam Ash (Huntington) to sponsor my video for “Gear Lust”. A super thank you for supporting Dynamics Plus and his Rocket Science album. Of course Jen does a cameo along with David Weintraub from the bands Terra Stigma and Olive Drabs. Thanks, although he had a little too much fun cutting up my credit card.

Enjoy the video.




I’m at Sam Ash, a credit card in a flash

a Little stash of spending cash soon as the salesman asks.

ASR in my grasp, I cashed out, did the dash

ran out , credit maxed out, big box carried out.

First beat blacked out and since seen the seeds sown

I’d seek to own a whole studio and

compose in a grove where fungus grows

and go all out in my Fallout where

time goes in reverse. I’m so immersed in a verse

and reawakened to when first taken by the Gear Lust thirst


And then the MPC became the MCP

Master Control Program over quantized beats

Dispatch EMTs this patch bay EMP

Radioactive fallout rays irradiate Rom Tray

It’s the space knight Rom-pler verse the titan

Triton, astride a tide with his trident: silver surf board

I’m Jean Luc Infected by the Borg.

My foresight affords me more Cause to amplify chords

and multiply Scores. I’m tied to the MicroKorg;

It’s an applied optical force

brought forth from the visors of Geordie LaForge.

less is more, none the less I’m poor,

even when blood

pours from my pores

I’m still at the store with more gear in store.


The baby plays in his playpen, the Rob Papen presets

sits and assists in the banks of the A6.

It’s the basics of a spaceship, in an Analog grip.

Equipped with digital chips, conducting experiments

Rocket Science cast-iron Black Lion.

Galaxy Alliance – LFO descends like a UFO

Pro Tools to edit in Audition, extra exhibition.

I’m Roy Orbison with X-Ray vision, visit my Solar System.

I’m a Projector wiz with the AV with the JP and the JD

and the JV all Roland into One Super Friends/ Justice League

Greed’s the engine to feed, plus it’s the rush of the gear lust.


On Craigslist I can’t resist the endless list of

equipment and musical instruments.

Told my wife that I need this.

She said “Get your Focusrite

It’s a sounbank that amounts,

a new track to bounce, a few checks bounce,

a new age pronounced, the old sounds drowned out.

Moving the crowd, Removing any doubts

setting up my debit accounts, my debt mounts.

I moved out, first record comes out.

Credit runs out, few fans ran out.

Shout outs, shots rang out.

CD sales count and I surmount.

insert a new serving; this my new album announced.

Rush my Rocket Science – a crush is a crutch,

and hear the bust – down for the count from the Gear Lust




Closed Captioned a bust, so close to the clutch


It’s Technique over touch- so close to Gear Lust


It’s at most a Rush, a new plug is a plus


As it grows so Composed In the throes of the Gear Lust


Closed Captioned a bust, so close to the clutch


It’s Technique over touch- when so close to Gear Lust




Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.


Dynamics Plus video: Phase Shift from Rocket Science album

Dynamics Plus video:


Phase Shift from Rocket Science album

New video from Dynamics Plus off the album Rocket Science. It’s called “Phase Shift” and the subtitle is “Be Glad it Ever Came”.


Official Video for Dynamics Plus “Phase Shift”
from album Dynamic Universe Volume 9 Rocket Science
Directed by Dynamics Plus, Filmed by Sam Duren, Griffin Avid
AVXP Music

Rocket Science album cover

Blast off, Dynamics

The full album is available for purchase directly from Dynamica Music

And iTunes and other outlets where fine music is sold
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