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Well, well, well got a great set of tunes from a rapper by the name of Dynamics Plus titled “Rocket Science”.  This guy knows how to put together some F.U.N. tracks and then some…

These videos are songs from the album that you can pick at the end of this post on iTunes!

Dash The Cloud feat Anthony Michael Angelo What a great start to this album.  The funk riffs and freestyle make this one fantastic.  The supporting videos really are a great addition to this killer tune.

What Comes Up a smooth track with some very nice twists and turns designed to entertain even the most seasoned amongst us.

“Phase Shift” this hard hitting tune really gets to the point of rockin’ the listener with their heavy rhythm and fantastic rap.

“Seek End Destroy Rocket Science” this is one wild track all around the supporting video is phenomenal and this one is futuristic time 1000.

Plenty to Say feat Nae B Nice track with great production and sensuous vocals by Nae B.  This one is soulful and will fill you up so nicely.

Grace Notes This is a super wild track with some really cool and quirky sequences and the rap is spot on.

Taxi All Is Fare Nice smooth track with some nice styles and lyrics that paint a really cool picture.

Sunrise to Sunset” an epic anthem with great production elements.

Gear Lust A great raw rap that will get you going.

Holla @ a Chick with Kids This is a fun little skit

Esper Wish Rocket Science Great track have to check it to appreciate it.

You have to check this out now and share this post with all your friends on the web.  It is definitely a great set of tunes.  Bravo!!!



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ENTERTWINE Rising Artist Feature: Dynamics Plus

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Interview with Dynamics Plus on ENTERTWINE with Jacqueline Cassell



Dynamics Plus Phase Shift

Dynamics Plus: Phase Shifted and shifting gears


Hip Hop artist, Dynamics Plus and his recent album, “Rocket Science” has been making the rounds. Along with the raps and production, Dynamics Plus been crafting music videos that really spell out his message. We thought he caught a nice spin with his previous release, “Phase Shift,” but now his second video, for “Gear Lust,” is proving to be just as captivating. We sit down with this instrument collector and find out more about studio life and technology, and how the big music retailer Sam Ash got involved!


Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What originally inspired you to create music?

Dynamics Plus: I think, like most, there was a moment when you loved music that spoke to you and you felt like you also had something to say that wasn’t being said. You keep asking How come no one ever…and eventually you see yourself as the person willing to try something new.


ET: How many albums have you released and how long have you been pursuing and living your dreams?

DP: If I count everything together, probably ten, but rap alone, maybe five. Well, the dream or dreams keep changing. At one point I wanted a record deal and I spent all my energy working on being viable. Then one day, after years of frustration, I just gave myself a record deal. Yep, I made a record label and signed myself. It was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I no longer had to worry about every little thing being catchy or how will this group or that group respond and I didn’t have to make music for imaginary suits. I didn’t even need to worry about commercial radio- I could rock out for the headphones!

That lead to me make whatever I wanted and people would hear my music and say “Oh, I don’t think labels would…” and I would answer with: Well, I only need one label and I already found one that digs me…mine.





The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.



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Indie Spotlight: An interview with hip hop artist Dynamics Plus

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Interview w/Hip Hop Artist Dynamics Plus


Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.

An interview with hip hop artist Dynamics Plus for our Indie Spotlight Series.

His new album “Rocket Science” is available now.


I’ve been getting some really great music video submissions lately and that makes me very happy.

This creative number from hip hop artist ‘Dynamics Plus” is called “Phase Shift” from his new album “Rocket Science”.

Dynamics Plus who hails from Long Island has a really nice flow that he successfully pairs with clever lyrics.

The premise of ”Phase Shift” is an artist’s 15 minutes of fame and why they should appreciate their turn.

In the video you see a man creating miniature models of people and vehicles using foil from a ‘rap toy kit’ he receives in the mail. At one point he creates a life size replica of a person made from wire and foil. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

Dynamics Plus sent us the video to share with you and he also took a minute to answer some questions for our Indie Spotlight Series.






Rocket Science album review on REVIEW INDIE

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REVIEW INDIE takes a listen to Rocket Science


Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.


Dynamics Plus: “Dynamic Universe Volume 9 Rocket Science” Intelligent Hiphop from a Lyrically Enhanced Scientist!

Bottom line: amazing production, superior lyrics and almost no time wasted. I seriously cannot think of any flaws that this album has. “Rocket Science” is a must; you won’t be disappointed by how good this album is, or how easy it is to listen to.


Most talented rap producers wish they could ply their verbal wares on the mic, while their emcee counterparts often hope one day, to be able to twiddle a knob or two. So what happens when these two rap’s renegade start flipping rhymes and beats for a full album?

For starters, you get a whole heap of possibilities as to where hip hop can go sonically. On “Rocket Science”, the bass lines and punctuated drums are sure to make the jiggy, jaded, and conscious bob their heads unremittingly. This album is a natural progression from previous works, with moods music shifting rapidly and without warning, tracks start one way, and then stop and morph. Musically, it is far less reliant on ‘standard’ Hip-Hop sounds, pushing more determinedly into funkier, soul, jazz and other keyboard induced grooves.


In fact, such is the wildly eclectic approach here that it almost begins to feel like an avant-garde form of beat production. Organic sounds are in abundance and littered across the whole album drawing from a huge catalog of sources.

The lyrical flow sounds like a mix between Q-Tip and Eminem. It’s so intensely musical, it doesn’t require you to like rap music at all. The lyrics are clever and occasionally brilliant, and the delivery top-notch. Every track is constructed with excellent beats, rhymes, and intricate word-play; these attributes definitely make this album worth the cheddar.





Excerpt follows

Unlike a lot of rap and hiphop artists, who are just out to make money in spite of the harm it does to the credibility of the culture, Dynamics Plus displays an interesting musical and mental progression within the genre, adding his own distinct qualities. From the opening moments of the album, there is a sense that what you’re about it hear is going to be different.

When the sounds of “Rocket Science Intro Esper Wish”, hits your ears, you are quickly convinced that the lyrical flow just couldn’t fit any better with this beat, and that goes for every song on this album.

“Rocket Science” showcases 18 tracks, but this is one of those albums where there are no single highlights. Simply put, the whole album runs as a seamless blend of music that is one complete highlight. I’d be lying if I told you there weren’t tracks that I like better than others, but I’d also be lying if I said that I ever skip to these tracks.

Bottom line: amazing production, superior lyrics and almost no time wasted. I seriously cannot think of any flaws that this album has. “Rocket Science” is a must; you won’t be disappointed by how good this album is, or how easy it is to listen to.


Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.






Dynamics Plus interview with with indicoPromo Rocket Science and more

indicoPromo Dynamics Plus interview

Dynamics Plus Phase Shift

Dynamics Plus speaks through speakers

Lenzmen Dynamics Plus drops a Rocket Science album. It’s clever wordplay, familiar scenarios and a scientific take – all flipped out- over hopped up sonics. We blast off into orbit with this rap artist and producer.

What’s the scene like on Long Island, where you are from?

It’s a little splintered. We don’t have that density, so you have to drive everywhere and it can be tough to corral people in one place for smaller events. Some think it’s straight country, but it’s more suburban than people understand. We’re the home of Public Enemy, EPMD, Biz Markie, JVC Force and Keith Murray. Maybe Rakim said it best “It aint where you from…”

How long have you been performing… as a scientist?
Well, that’s more about the general category or banner style I sorta fit under. That was meant to lean towards experimental rhyming and usually sci-fi-ish subject matter. Most scientific rappers tend to use a lot of big words. I don’t really do that. I think of science as taking something very complex and making it simple and workable. I try to say a lot with very few words. On Rocket Science, there’s a song called “Dominator Brainstorm” where I said:

“…hit up the Cape drop a tape, launch a rocket, escape wrapped in a cape…”

Pretty simple on the surface, but in context I’m saying hit up Cape Canaveral in Florida where launches occur. “escape wrapped in a cape” is a reference to the child Superman being sent by his parents in a rocket, wrapped in his cape. Dropping a tape and launching a rocket is a reference to my Rocket Science album and I am comparing my situation to Superman’s. That’s a lot of stuff going on in that little snippet. I end that verse with:

“…the parallel is ill, Plus, I’m from a Smallville.”


The parallel is my use of metaphors and similes to compare and also Smallville is Clark’s hometown and a small village is a nod my own smallish town of West Babylon. So when you grasp the basics of what I’m doing, it becomes simple to understand. That’s the point of being a scientist, to me.

What’s next?

Promote, promote and promote. That’s why I’m so glad you are giving me this space to share my music. Right now, we have numerous videos for Rocket Science already in production so I’m counting down to blast off with that.


Who are your influences musically?
Who? I should really say everything. I hear musical sounds in everything. I really don’t have anyone that I can look at and go “Oh that’s how I should approach this.” My camp is Lenzmen and pretty much- lyricists on that level push me forward.

What do you do for downtime, when you are not making music?
Downtime, what’s that? I stay in my creative zone. I do digital comics and the Mark of the Griffin web series. Running behind EDM artist Domino Grey and our electronic band Fallout Shelter keeps me plenty busy.
Do you have any wise words for your fans?

I don’t know about wise, but yeah, I’d say let me know what’s happening. After CHAOS Legion and Battlestrux a lot of you hit me up and said you were waiting for a return to regular songs so here we go. I’ll rock out, off of your feedback so keep it coming. I appreciate that communication. Okay. Thanks for doing this interview and taking the time.


Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.

Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.


Its Not Rocket science!! Review and Interview from RadioSilence24 Dynamics Plus

Review and Interview from RadioSilence24 Dynamics Plus ROCKET SCIENCE


Dynamics Plus takes you on a journey of epic proportions. Energetic and infectious beats. Lyrically enhanced, yet so easy to listen to. I downloaded Rocket Science with excitement and anticipation. I had listened to Dynamics Plus previously and was instantly taken by the Acidic lyrics,beats and sound effects on a journey to another realm.
I listened to Rocket Science start to finish with ease.. The songs had an upbeat energetic feel. If you Love Lyrics, this is for you! Lyrics were spit with true fire and a sense of urgency yet ease. Passion in the delivery,the word play had me loving every song! Puns to Punches this album has it all!! Something for Everyone!

0 Rocket Science Cover




I was lucky enough to interview Dynamics Plus. Here’s our Interview.. The Scientist behind Rocket Science

How would you explain Dynamics Plus to an audience who hadn’t heard your work?
I probably wouldn’t…

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Dynamics Plus video: Phase Shift from Rocket Science album

Dynamics Plus video:


Phase Shift from Rocket Science album

New video from Dynamics Plus off the album Rocket Science. It’s called “Phase Shift” and the subtitle is “Be Glad it Ever Came”.


Official Video for Dynamics Plus “Phase Shift”
from album Dynamic Universe Volume 9 Rocket Science
Directed by Dynamics Plus, Filmed by Sam Duren, Griffin Avid
AVXP Music

Rocket Science album cover

Blast off, Dynamics

The full album is available for purchase directly from Dynamica Music

And iTunes and other outlets where fine music is sold
Follow Dynamics Plus:

And his interests: