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Killer Butterfly #3: Fat Gold Chain

December 8, 2018 Leave a comment

Killer Butterfly 3: Fat Gold Chain
Killer Butterfly continues as Jaguar warrior Odion Adisa faces his first daemon in a fight to the death. The grave of his parents may also become his own! Kuse Yatsumi must discover if she is ready to fully transform – or must she remain in her cocoon a while longer. The Killer Butterfly story continues in Fat Gold Chain. Everybody wants one.

Killer Butterfly, Vol. 1: Daemons of Destiny

Two unlikely warriors embark on an epic journey to rid their world of the alien Daemons. Their quest will take them to the edge of madness and face to face with an evil so old and ancient- it has turned monsters into myths and the hopeless into heroes.

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We are The Dynamic Universe. We create graphic comics. They sit between traditional strips and a 3-D style of photorealistic drama. Enjoy the science-fantasy action adventure with terrific tints, great graphics and compelling story-telling. Read the comic and enjoy the soundtrack. Story and art by Drew Spence.

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