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Free Music: Remix “Get It Right While I Write”

June 30, 2010 1 comment

Free Music: Remix “Get It Right While I Write”

This song is from the Dynamic Universe Volume 6: Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude.

Album Cover: Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude

In  Producer’s Edge Magazine issue 01 DJ/Producer Drawzilla said:

“My job as a remixer is to prolong the life of the track. I must make the remix better than the original. I have to take the song out of its character and take it someplace else.”

That’s a great thought to keep in mind when approaching a remix. I’ve heard of producers that purposely go after an exact opposite vibe, so they remix the up-tempo and energetic track into a more melodic and peaceful version. I usually consider matching the style of the original, but it makes sense to go someplace else since that vibe already exists for that record. Why do it again?

In this case, I wanted to do a reinterpretation of Get It Right While I Write. I took the original drum track, which is futuristic- old-school and went with a more traditional 80s’ pattern. The bassline alternated between thumping twice and sustaining so I went with continuous bounces and kept a sustained note as the transition between the verses and hooks. I was into a chilled-out-headphone zone on the original. In order to feel like I did justice, I upped the energy level and went for more of a head-nodders effect.

I used the Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2 to generate all the sounds for the remix. It’s a groovebox with a step-sequencer, a virtual analog synth and three DSP synths on board. You can find out more about it, by looking at the feature in PE Mag issue 07.  In the middle of the page, click the white triangle to start the flash-based video presentation.

For me, the remix brings a special joy. It’s working with some of my favorite gear and material in a purposeful way and revisiting older songs with a fresh perspective. I encourage producers and artists to consider the remix, not only for the business of capitalizing on a popular record or trying to realize the untapped potential, but to explore a familiar voice with fresh eyes. It’s another chance to Get It Right.


Original Album Version

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Get It Right While I Write

[Dynamics Plus]
This may take a while
Analyze the style get it right while I write
Maybe all of this is just too much for you
Could be my views are made to only touch a few
Maybe the Lenz only comes around every
Now and then think again when you grab the pen

Your Raps an act that’s so inaccurate so I chose to
Go with a flow that’s the most appropriate to choke you with
No alternate for the spent clip or cartridge
Ejected in the spit of a sick lyricist.
Who’s this that claims to be the utmost?
– standing so close to Me with his eyes closed.
What I compose and wrote Will decompose most.
I feel close to Nostradamus I’ll Absorb all you know.
Plus; I’m Nick Nolte, note.
I’m Like lightning strikes, my flow’s a thunderous bolt.
You’re a Joke, lyrics little jolt like licking the end of a nine volt.
I’m Lou Ferrigno, quote: Soon as this blunt sheds its Skin and molts
I’ll join Swayze pushing that coin in ghost.
48 hrs more fiends fiend for morphine
I’d advise you get visine we keep everything green.
Been a fiend since sixteen and seen sicker
Scenes than sealed in the ceilings of the Sistine- that’s my sixteen.

Lenzmen, brain chip Pentium- engine Intel
High class level, Die-cast metal.
Spent Clip and shell, tougher mettle. Resin by Revell
I can tell you’re a toy- made by Mattel
While Roy Batty plays chess with Tyrell.
I’m a Battery- composed from the volts of a million Duracells
William Blatty exorcised the Ghost From my Shell.
I’m the Son of Ja’rell- wearing the red suit from The Cell
While little Carol Ann watched the TV static
Little Jon Benet went away on the eve of the pageant
Now imagine, the Man of steel down in a single leap
In the real world Christopher Reeves receives a wreath
Under my supervision- kids become transparent
In parallel it’s apparent to even mild mannered Bruce Banner
should listen the leader of an elite league Of gentlemen
leaking the sickest speeches, The Lenzmen.

The Griffin Mantis- Dynamically Energized Emcee
Lenzmen Cipher, circular AVX-3
Accustom, lyricists to the sound of the spit
Grounded and surrounded by 106 Agent Smiths
It’s just fair- some just smoke to escape-
Some smoke is bound to escape
I slowly closed his casket and broke it down to his face
Rap’s in a drastic state
I’m a basket case
bracketed in a straight jacket
My cassette with reinvigorate, re- energize And resuscitate-
keep weak emcees running- seeking Sustenance
– form an acid substance secreted from my stomach
I’m sick in a dozen
hit the bulls eye in the soundproof
And switch suits with Collin Farrell when he’s in the phone booth
And recruit Colin Fergusson to let loose.
I animate and Produce verses to reduce the power of those in the room-
Like the end of Superman II in his fortress of solitude.