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Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Issue 05 Chapter 18 & 19

February 25, 2022 Leave a comment
Dynamic Spider-Man Plus Page Pull
Peter Parker wakes up and gets the packet.
Dynamic Spider-man Plus
Energy Fields and fielding energies.

Issue 05 Chapter 18 Wake up, Time to Rise. Peter Parker wakes up to a new realization as a Truth is uncovered!

Issue 05 Chapter 19 Long Arms of the Law Terrorists-as-Crooked-Cops get straightened out. The Long Arms of the Law reach into the sinister plot. Doc Oc does damage. The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus continues…

This is a brief explainer and recap of The Dynamic Spider-Man Plus comic book series demo that’s being shared on webtoon hosting sites. The 8-issue series is being broken up into chapters and uploaded weekly.

Updates on Thursdays or Fridays.