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Killer Butterfly 4: The Bridge is Over Troubled Waters

January 16, 2019 Leave a comment
The Bridge is really over.

4 The Bridge is Over Troubled Waters
What mysterious creature lurks at the Pass to Nowhere? What lies beneath the surface of still waters? There are questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved. A chance encounter may be the last encounter for Kuse the Butterfly and Odion of the Jaguar Clan. Drew Spence continues to craft and cut the story of Killer Butterfly in issue 04: The Bridge is Over Troubled Waters.

Killer Butterfly, Vol. 1: Daemons of Destiny

Two unlikely warriors embark on an epic journey to rid their world of the alien Daemons. Their quest will take them to the edge of madness and face to face with an evil so old and ancient- it has turned monsters into myths and the hopeless into heroes.

We are The Dynamic Universe. We create graphic comics. They sit between traditional strips and a 3-D style of photorealistic drama. Enjoy the science-fantasy action adventure with terrific tints, great graphics and compelling story-telling. Read the comic and enjoy the soundtrack. Story and art by Drew Spence.

comiXology in digital format

In Print from Indy Planet


Digital Kit Bashing Part 2

January 10, 2019 Leave a comment

Part II : Space and Spaceships

Date: Sunday January 13th – 20:00 GMT/12:00 PST/15:00 EST

Missed a part? Buy the “Complete Series” ticket to gain the previous webinar recordings

In this unique webinar series, you’ll learn how to gain much more value from your DAZ Studio product library, extending the usefulness of your existing models. This will help you create innovative and fresh props/scenes all from your existing content. Drew Spence from the Dynamic Universe will include highly recommended resources as part of this comprehensive process to give you “prop permutations” from your library. Save money by utilizing your existing assets to the max!

Digital Kit Bashing Series

What you’ll need for this series:-

  • DAZ Studio
  • Photoshop or a photo-editing program (light use)

Part II is all about the open spaces and the starships that travel across your galaxy. We have in the Daz store space HDRI products and alien-world skydomes. We can create our own galactic backdrop and build on those environments through kit bashing. We can take the post work approach and create our own scenery or add our extra touches directly in DAZ Studio to whatever environment we have chosen to use.

We will cover:

  • The best products and environments to start from and aid in our kit bashing efforts.
  • Software to generate spacescapes, skies, beautiful starfields and more!
  • Creating your own planets and worlds in 2D and 3D.
  • Resources for royalty-free images
  • Generate Spaceships or build them yourself plus the best sites for modular parts and pieces.

You can find other series that Drew Spence has created with Digital Art Live for purchase in the Daz Store. You can take classes, watch tutorials and attend webinars and much more

And, and before I go, they also have a magazine and I am featured in Issue 35, out now. My interview starts on page 35

Force Six, The Annihilators #27: Speed Kills

January 10, 2019 Leave a comment

Force Six episode 27 Speed Kills

Episode 27 Speed Kills Part I of Crash and Burn
The hand is quicker than the I in team. Rexard Avery leaves the chamber in a story about his final days as a Death Ryder. Season III of the Force Six series races towards its climax in episode 27 Speed Kills. What does it take to tug the heart strings and extract the heart of a SPEAD Demon? Expect Pure Fire when the flames are cleared and a winner is declared. Drafted and delivered by Drew Spence 38 pages, full color.

Info on the Raser Gear

Rasing at the speed of Death!

We are The Dynamic Universe. We create graphic comics. They sit between traditional strips and a 3-D style of photorealistic drama. Enjoy the science-fantasy action adventure with terrific tints, great graphics and compelling story-telling. Read the comic and enjoy the soundtrack. Story and art by Drew Spence.

comiXology in digital format

DriveThruComics for PDF format

In Print from Indy Planet

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Depth of Field tutorial Daz Studio

New tutorial video is live on You Tube

An expansion of material I covered in my Webinar series for making comics for Digital Art Live and the Daz Store. Depth of Field came up and I went over it. Here, I expand on that segment. My webinar series is for sale here: My comics are here:…

Daz Studio Postwork Clinic

December 28, 2018 Leave a comment

Artwork work for After the Render

Available in the Daz Store

This tutorial presented by Drew Spencer is a scene composition and postwork “clinic”. If you’re having trouble with any render where you’re aiming to produce a polished character-based scene, Drew offers valuable postwork tools and tips that can assist you with that that process.

  • Learn from Drew’s own case studies of actions, filters, recommended Photoshop plugins, lighting and composition techniques.
  • Drew gives professional feedback to a series of Daz Studio artists
  • Solve challenges that you have had with postwork when using Photoshop.
  • Advice on repairing flaws in a rendered image.

Photoshop is used in this tutorial to help you take your renders to a more professional and effective level. 

Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

  • Definition and types of postwork
  • Adding energy and movement to a scene
  • How to apply successful blurring
  • Depth of field techniques
  • Postwork fixes on bad render elements
  • How to emphasise characters or other elements in the scene
  • Adding special effects such as energy bolts or lightning
  • Animated postwork effects

About the Presenter : Drew Spence

Drew Spence is a graphic comic writer and illustrator from the United States. He creates under the title of The Dynamic Universe. He has combined his music and video into several works- including Mark of the Griffin, which is both a graphic novel and web series. He’s also part of the instrumental group Fallout Shelter which provides the soundtrack.

Drew Spence is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and holds various certificates – from graphic arts to web design. Drew Spence was the CEO and Editor-in-chief of Producer’s Edge magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to all aspects of music production. He currently lives on Long Island, New York and produces his work from the aptly named Fallout Shelter Studios, where he crafts crafty and clever comics using Daz Studio at the heart of his workflow.

What’s Included and Features

  • Two hour tutorial video (standard and high quality versions included)
    • 00:00 – Introduction
    • 00:02 – Definition of postwork and type of post work
    • 00:05 – Preparing for postwork in the scene before rendering.
    • 00:05 – Drew’s case study 1 : Car scene before and after postwork.
    • 00:10 – Drew’s case study 2: City bank scene
    • 00:12 – Drew’s case study 3: How to bring energy and movement into a scene by postwork.
    • 00:15 – Blurring and adjustment layers
    • 00:19 – 3DL vs Iray for blur
    • 00:20 – Class submitted render : Dragon in the park
    • 00:25 – Depth of field to emphasise specific parts of the image
    • 00:30 – Postwork fix : add a missing element (knife belt)
    • 00:32 – Using particle shop
    • 00:35 – Class submitted render : Sci-fi freighter anime captain
    • 00:36 – Watermarks pros and cons
    • 00:40 – Smoke brush
    • 00:45 – Adding postwork lights to the spaceship
    • 00:50 – Background to the anime captain.
    • 00:51 – Class submitted render : suburban street
    • 00:52 – Experimenting with tilt shift, a blurring tool
    • 00:55 – Depth layer pass.
    • 01:00 – Autopainter – applying painting styles in postwork.
    • 01:04 – Class submitted render : fantasy sword in the stone
    • 01:05 – Render issue – remove unwanted render hard edge line
    • 01:06 – The importance of upsampling
    • 01:10 – Making a foreground element (the sword) stand out
    • 01:15 – Getting to the “meat” of the image by cropping
    • 01:20 – Adding special effects : lightening
    • 01:25 – Adding special effects : particle effects (Ron’s brushes)
    • 01:30 – Adjusting objects to add any glow created by lightning
    • 01:33 – Drew’s case study : postwork tools used in his comic book artwork
    • 01:35 – Comic book cover : various techniques applied
    • 01:40 – Energy and particle effects in comic artwork.
    • 01:45 – Mindset and postwork – increasing your rate of actions on postwork
    • 01:50 – Photo mirage – application to add animated postwork effects
    • 01:55 – DP Animation maker – 2nd application example to apply postwork animation effects
  • Photoshop postwork example files

Thanks everyone!

Before I forget, if you want to attend the live recordings, Digital Art Live has a whole series of sessions for classes, clinics and tutorials.

And, and before I go, they also have a magazine and I am featured in Issue 35, out now. My interview starts on page 35

Happy Holidaze from The Dynamic Universe!

December 24, 2018 Leave a comment

Happy Holidaze artwork banner

Have a safe and wonderful Holidaze season, from all of at The Dynamic Universe.

As requested, Shareable version for Mobile media apps. Thank you!

Drew Spence interview in Digital Art Live Magazine

December 19, 2018 Leave a comment

DAL gives The Dynamic Universe a verse!

Digital Art Live magazine cover issue 35

Drew Spence, the creator of Force Six, The Annihilators and Killer Butterfly comic series is featured in Digital Art Live magazine’s 35th issue. Peep the full reads here. We start on page 34. Thank you, Digital Art Live.

DA Live is a stunning showcase of some of the best digital art in the sci-fi and fantasy genres beautifully presented in our new monthly magazine. It follows the same format as our previous publication 3D Art Direct.


Join us to discover stories of creativity in 2D and 3D digital art through our live webinars, magazine and podcast.

We specialise in promoting and interviewing digital artists in the sci-fi and fantasy genres to help inspire you on your creative journey.