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SNV Life has plenty to say about Plenty to Say with Dynamics Plus- Interview

September 15, 2014 Leave a comment

SNV Life interview with Dynamics Plus about Plenty to Say feat Nae B


Nae B in studio

Singer Nae B maybe at the board


The Rocket Science album has lifted off and D Plus hits orbit with another video release. It’s for “Plenty to Say feat. Nae B” and we ask some questions about the visual.

What’s the story behind Plenty to Say?

Well, it’s kind of a first date scenario and I’m telling about some cleverness I pulled off to get in close with a girl. There’s the two dancers acting out the lyrics and the parallel of a studio session with a singer I just met.

How is that working- since no one really does dating stories?

Well yeah, it’s usually a lot more raw like ‘look how I bagged this chick and beat it up a few minutes later’. These are grown-man bars and ….


READ THE REST HERE!!!! and the see the Video!

Video Dynamics Plus TAXI: All is FARE

September 8, 2014 2 comments



Official video for Dynamics PlusTaxi All is Fare” from the album Rocket Science

AVXP Music 2014.

Written By Dynamics Plus and Edited by Griffin Avid

Directed and Filmed by Samuel M Wimbley

Starring Megan Gilroy

Body Paint Artist/Model Rey and Glen Alexander videographer


The working name of this song was “TAXI : All is Fair FARE in love and WARe”. It was changed upon release.


The body art text says:

My Life has to Turn


Do you think I am worth saving?


Change for a small amount of change


Does your soul cost more than your body?


Dynamics Plus Taxi All is Fare Megan Gilroy

Megan Gilroy plays ‘A Woman at Desperate Crossroads’



“Desperate Times”

-words by Megan Gilroy


$27.8 billion. $27.8 billion? Billion? With a B—billion?

$27.8 billion.

$27.8 billion USD—the UN estimates is the yearly worldwide revenue for sex trafficking. $27.8 billion USD of blood money through the exploitation of millions of people, predominately women and children.

Sex trafficking is not solely a third world problem. It is a whole-wide-world problem. Italy… Nicaragua… India… Nigeria… America…

Six months ago my hometown was shocked when news broke that two women were enslaved and forced into prostitution in our community. They were held captive nine blocks away from my born-and-raised-childhood-home. It is literally happening in our own backyards. And their ages? 21 and 15.

Scrap any misconception you harbor. This is not a victimless crime between two consenting adults. It is a pandemic crime against humanity. Sex trafficking preys on those who feel trapped by circumstances, duress, fear, shame, addiction, hopelessness, and desperation.

It is time we recognize that prostitution is not the oldest “profession”. It is in fact a form of bondage for the majority of “working girls”. And those who have been exploited are worthy of our love, time and compassion.

Now that you are aware what will you do about it? Will you volunteer your time with an organization like House of Hope Nicaragua? Will you donate to Love146 in the hopes of abolishing the sex trafficking of children? Will you pray for those trapped in bondage? Will you take a moment to reach out to those in need? Will you raise awareness? Or will you wait for someone else to do something?

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” ― William Wilberforce

Educate yourself about the truth of sex trafficking now by clicking here (Huffington Post), here (ABC News), here (Christian Today), here (Polaris Project) or here (10tv).


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Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.

The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.



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Video release Dynamics Plus “Plenty to Say feat. Nae B”

September 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Dynamics Plus feat Nae B “Plenty to Say”


Official Video for Dynamics Plus “Plenty to Say feat. Nae B”
from album Dynamic Universe Volume 9 Rocket Science

Nae B instagram mymanismymusicvideos
Choreography by Neicy Clark
Crysha Forsynthe
Donnovan Pryce

Directed by Dynamics Plus, Filmed by Sam Duren, Edited by Griffin Avid for AVXP Music


“Plenty to Say feat. Nae B” Song Lyrics

Written by Dynamics Plus and Nae B



Truth is, you’re on my mind 24-7, babe

You give me these butterflies, they just won’t go way

Please stay with me tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight.



My phone ring, it’s Jalyssa Bing.

How ya be? I gots the perfect thing.

Now this girl she about your speed,

got a degree 33 and not a thing she need.

Just agree to meet, you can speak over coffee and tea

leisurely- let it lead to a flick to see.

A nibble bites to eat, a little sights to see,

Say aight. Now what nights you free?

She’s my bestie; best friend Leslie

Milk chocolate Nestle, built slim, but sexy

She’s just your type so we text and type.

Now, I’m tying my tie, eying the time, trying to decide

shirt in or shirt hanging out.

She starts flirting: lets it all hang out.

A nice plate, she said she can’t wait,

There’s more to say but it’ll have to wait.



Truth is, you’re on my mind 24-7, babe

You give me these butterflies, they just won’t go way

Please stay with me tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight.


Verse 02

Man, how she even walk in those?

Her face glows, hair tint with a hint of rose

dress huggin her hips like whoa

The same color drips from her Lips, finger tips and toes.

She was wrapped in a strapless.

Shades like an actress, a face like madness.

Pull out a chair, here, sit right here.

Said a small prayer and tried not to stare.

And so we compared and started to share.

She tugged her ear and said we quite a pair

No kids, one cat and a crazy ex-hubby,

divorced of course, but now that’s my summary.

Said summertime is her favorite time.

In downtime she unwinds with a glass of wine.

We like minds, I’m liking her mind.

She in to fine dining and fine with just dining in.

To define: I think I know what this is.

I asked her sign and she STOP

Just kidding, I don’t think it’s written

or is predicted or the future scripted

I never pray for wishes or get superstitious

a few misses I guess what I’m missing is a missus

-with the start and the heart to finish

Exactly,  she laughed and asked me…

What you got say?



Truth is, you’re on my mind 24-7, babe

You give me these butterflies, they just won’t go way

Please stay with me tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight.



She leaned back said she’d be right back

watched her walk to the back,

cracked one from the pack.

I broke it open wrote up a note and

then placed it back.

When she came back. She opened it up and

read the note and got open and opened up.


(Listen) I got plenty to say

(Don’t get it twisted) this aint no game

(Please listen) I got plenty to say

(why you make me wait?) well now it’s here to stay



Truth is, you’re on my mind 24-7, babe

You give me these butterflies, they just won’t go way

Please stay with me tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight.



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