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Challenge of The Champions The Complete Adventure (Free to read)

February 20, 2019 Leave a comment

Force Six, The Annihilators: Challenge of The Champions The Complete Adventure

Force Six cover Challenge of the Champions

Challenge of The Champions
It’s a contest of champions when the UFWA attempts to unify the Universal Heavyweight Championship. The Oberon Authority wants the civilian Alexi Alito beaten and the Renegades want to beat the totalitarian regime to the punch- literally. Challenge of the Champions combines season III episode 25; The Champion and episode 26; The Challenge into one explosive package. 88 pages, full color. Marked and matched by Drew Spence.

Covering the covers.

Champion’s Impressum

comiXology in digital format

We are The Dynamic Universe. We create graphic comics. They sit between traditional strips and a 3-D style of photorealistic drama. Enjoy the science-fantasy action adventure with terrific tints, great graphics and compelling story-telling. Read the comic and enjoy the soundtrack. Story and art by Drew Spence.