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ToneFlame magazine reviews Rock It Science

Dynamics Plus: “Rock It Science” – amazing, utterly genius, and completely different to the previous release!

Rock It Science album cover

Rock On Rocket

Even if you’re totally alienated from rap and hip-hop, “Rock It Science” is extremely hard to resist if there is a musical bone in your body. Dynamics Plus aka Lenzmen, once again displays his fearlessness and blindness to inhibiting boundaries, and coupled with his core musical competence, it is evidence that he knows exactly what people yearn for – great music, perspective, and a voice to be heard.

So what is “Rock It Science”? Is it a sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed 18-track, “Rocket Science”? Well, the answer is yes…and no! Same songs, same performers, same lyrics…and that’s where the similarities end, because musically and production-wise, this latest musical installment has been rebuilt from the beats to the bars. To the list of creative credits, Dynamics Plus has added the likes of DJ Cut Supreme, Producer Sam Duren and The Cryptic One, turning the electro-boom bap vibe of the previous release into pure fire!

What makes the above collaborations so good is that Dynamics Plus is obviously not looking for crossover acceptance, rather he is demonstrating how he can excel in such distinguished company. In my opinion, all the tracks are stand-outs, with my personal favorites being “Rocket Science Intro Esper Wish (ArtWriteUs Remix)”, “Hug the Pole FEAT SheaDoll”, “Seek End Destroy Cut Supreme Remix”, “Turn It Up a Few Degrees”, “Grace Notes (High By Noon Remix)”, “Sunrise to Sunset Spoil Sport Remix” and “What Comes Up (Cryptic One Remix)”.

Relating this album back to the past one, synthesizers, computer music, and sampling technology, together with real instrumentation, certainly shapes the incredible music-making ability of Dynamics Plus production and style. “Rock It Science”  is a stellar combination of music technology, artistic soul and raw talent. Dynamics Plus, for me, remains one of the best producers and eclectic rappers in the industry today, defying the genre-based stereotypes that exist in Rap and Hip Hop. He really has been ahead of the game ever since I can remember.


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Fallout Shelter Age of Men Part I: Change of Seasons

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Fallout Shelter releases maxi-single

Age of Men Part I: Change of Seasons


Fallout Shelter Change of Season cover

Reasons for Change is Seasons in Range

The Fallout Shelter mellows out with some somber grooves. It’s the Change of Season for a mind state and state of man. Dynamics Plus, Domino Grey, Xodus Phoenix and special guest Anthony Michael Angelo produce this Volume I.

Available on iTunes and directly from Dynamica Music.

01 Elastic Measures with Anthony Michael Angelo 2:33

02 Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders 3:19

03 New Destination 4:08

04 Lord Over His Estate 3:14

Fallout Shelter

Four music producers decide to combine forces and create music under the name Fallout Shelter. They are Dynamics Plus (from the Lenzmen rap group), Drew Spence (from Producer’s Edge Magazine), Xodus Phoenix (instrumentalist) and Domino Grey (electronic music producer). These are instrumentals and beats designed for your listening pleasure. links up with videos from Rocket Science

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Video reviews from

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Very Cool Tunes supports the Rocket Science album with a supportive nod on their blog.
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Well, well, well got a great set of tunes from a rapper by the name of Dynamics Plus titled “Rocket Science”.  This guy knows how to put together some F.U.N. tracks and then some…

These videos are songs from the album that you can pick at the end of this post on iTunes!

Dash The Cloud feat Anthony Michael Angelo What a great start to this album.  The funk riffs and freestyle make this one fantastic.  The supporting videos really are a great addition to this killer tune.

What Comes Up a smooth track with some very nice twists and turns designed to entertain even the most seasoned amongst us.

“Phase Shift” this hard hitting tune really gets to the point of rockin’ the listener with their heavy rhythm and fantastic rap.

“Seek End Destroy Rocket Science” this is one wild track all around the supporting video is phenomenal and this one is futuristic time 1000.

Plenty to Say feat Nae B Nice track with great production and sensuous vocals by Nae B.  This one is soulful and will fill you up so nicely.

Grace Notes This is a super wild track with some really cool and quirky sequences and the rap is spot on.

Taxi All Is Fare Nice smooth track with some nice styles and lyrics that paint a really cool picture.

Sunrise to Sunset” an epic anthem with great production elements.

Gear Lust A great raw rap that will get you going.

Holla @ a Chick with Kids This is a fun little skit

Esper Wish Rocket Science Great track have to check it to appreciate it.

You have to check this out now and share this post with all your friends on the web.  It is definitely a great set of tunes.  Bravo!!!



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Video Dynamics Plus – Dash the Cloud feat. Anthony Michael Angelo (Official)

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Official video for “Dash the Cloud”

Dynamics Plus album Rocket Science


If an office romance isn’t risky enough, Dynamics Plus dates a woman who is fresh out of a relationship. When you Dash the Clouds, a storm is certain to come. You can seed, you can concede.

The grayscale of life plays out in a video from Rocket Science.


Faith Crummel – the Rebound Woman who Dashes

Sam Lipford – the Bounce-back Rebound

Jim Walters – Office Mate

Vincent Zito – Co worker

Howard Warcow – Co worker


Filmed by Samuel M Wimbley
Edited by Griffin Avid

Elements filmed at Lyes Papparazzi Studios

Technical Assistance Lyes Papparazzi Garcy


Image of Dynamics Plus and Faith Crummel from "Dash The Cloud" video shoot

Out of bounds, rebounding is bound to happen.

“Dash The Cloud”

Written by Dynamics Plus



Maybe I Never should taken you

at your full word, and let my vision get blurred… and

Maybe I never should have taken you

For granted as my girl or the center of my world.. and

Maybe I never should taken you

to a special place without giving you space …and

Maybe I never should have taken you

fresh off a rebound and now we dashing a cloud.





You in the fourth cubie, the cutie from accounting.

Break it down and start counting

Day One:

I’m looking at you, you got me stunned.

Suddenly I get caught, you occupying my thoughts – on

Day Two:

They tell me that you got a dude.

He rude: late and overdue.

He a doof and tripping over you.

Day Three:

We working on notes, you laughing at jokes.

I’m so engrossed, we stay past close, and get close.

I wanna see what’s up with you – so

I stayed late too, hoping I could rock with you.

You stay true, won’t stray, hey we stay cool.

You can’t choose yet you feel confused and used.

Day Six:

Yeah, we still counting how it starts

how you drifting apart and how I’m playing a part

And the part that you play

when you playing a game.

Chase the ball out of bounds.

Now you dashing a cloud.





Maybe I Never should taken you

at your full word, and let my vision get blurred… and

Maybe I never should have taken you

For granted as my girl or the center of my world.. and

Maybe I never should taken you

to a special place without giving you space …and

Maybe I never should have taken you

fresh off a rebound and now we dashing a cloud.






I seen you on break, trying hard not to break

I know how you ache, but wait.

How much can you take?

Now aint this bizarre?

How we the last two cars.

You say you broke up this morning

then the rain starts pouring.

Now that day was the ultimate way.

Begin, get in, the flip from friend to girlfriend and win!

We dating, things are more complicated.

Time is slipping and fading, see how she changing.

You scarred and scared unaware of what’s happening here.

Used to be a pair,

now your time is scarce and your hearing impaired.

And now you going there.

She need space. Bitter; how that taste.

In an interview miss said he’s mistreating you.

Misleading you, not quite true, I’m reading you.

I’m cup caking and waiting.

Daily demonstrating every virtue to prove and

move closer to you.

Something’s amiss you miss you misconstrue the truth.

You drew a picture that drew me in. No clue.

This relationship is a re-up of rebound

The rocket ship falls back to the ground, I’m dashing.


The Rocket Science album is available on all digital and physical copies can be purchased here.



Follow Dynamics Plus:

And his interests:


Anthony Michael Angelo reviews Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude

Anthony Michael Angelo from Rights are Imaginary


Dynamics Plus – Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude


Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude


The album Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude , which I got directly from emcee Dynamics Plus, is the only album I have from them; I’ll eventually get the entire discography because this one album already shows me it’ll worth listening to even just once during my lifetime. IMO, Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude is pure talent in all directions that the mainstream and even the majority of the underground Hip-Hop/RAP world wishes it could be. Beyond ahead of their time lyrically. And to top it off their beats are so damn strange and catchy, I can’t help but let the track take me on whatever journey it wants to.

Track Listing taken from :
1. Entrance Verse 03:14
2. Album Intro: Tour Guide 01:43
3. Get it Right while I Write 04:26
4. The Big Dynamic Robot Show episode I 04:07
5. Far Beyond Your Range 03:11
6. S.A.F.T.A. 03:00
7. Look at My Lifestyle 04:05
8. Focal Point 03:55
9. My Son from the Red Sun 02:34
10. Ghost of Machines 02:50
11. Interactive Construction Module 02:35
12. Easy to See 04:24
13. Interlude: Finish the Project 01:13
14. Machine Slave 03:56
15. Robot Citadel: Final Siege Story 04:33
16. One Chance 03:51
17. STACI III Garden of Eden 07:24
18. End is True: Exit Verse 03:25

“Entrance Verse” isn’t just your average entrance. It blasts off rhymes at speeds that my Ex-Thrash Metal playing ears have trouble keeping up with. I think it’s hilarious that they name such a funky beat and flow that has such an immense amount of rhymes in it just an “Entrance Verse.” Hilariously impressive.

“Far Beyond Your Range” is one that sticks out to me in a big way. A change in swings on the drum pattern from the rest of the album up to that point – it’s a big half time feel, like the average Bone Thugs N Harmony beat, and I absolutely love BTNH. The lyrics are referring to cosmic events in the vacuum of Space and showing the beauty of it via Rhythm And Poetry. I love the concept and feel it was executed perfectly. I actually feel a tingle of inspiration listening to this track. I thank them for giving me that tingle. It’s probably my favorite track off the album.

“Focal Point” is a lyrical assault with a flow that makes my brain explode.

“Interactive Construction Module” is simply creative. I love it. A lot.

“One Chance” lyrically destroys mythologies and other forms of imaginary being based fairytales. Even Christopher Hitchens would be impressed with the wordplay. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel C. Dennett would probably drop a shout out during the filming of The Four Horsemen to Lenzmen if they knew this track existed.

“STACI III Garden of Eden” is what I would consider pure evidence of versatility that Lenzmen posses when it comes to production, engineering, lyrics, and execution of lyrics. I can’t describe this one other than it has an intense vibe to it. And I love the beat; it has a Funky feel to it. I could strut down a cyber metropolis city block to this groove.

Overall, I would say Lenzmen are fascinatingly talented and I would suggest them to anyone who is looking for Hip-Hop/RAP music that is “out there” from the everyday nonsense that is being spewed out of people’s faces. Listen to the album after the sun has set for that day’s rotation, because IMO it has a good night vibe.

Keep it groovy. Because sometimes, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.



You can read more from Anthony Michael Angelo on his Website and be sure to reach out to him on His Facebook page .