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Mark of the Griffin episode 4 and the Mixtape Alpha

September 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Mark of the Griffin episode 4 and the Mixtape Alpha

“What is that thing at the start of the episode?”

Mixtape Alpha Synthesizer

Technically, a thief takes the tape.

8-Bits of goodness

I opened episode 4 with the segment of a technician playing with some kind of advanced, retro-looking-tape-cassette-thingy. So what is it? That’s a two-part answer. In the context of the episode it’s a mysterious device that apparently has some kind of important information that’s been encoded onto it. A technician steals the device, but is interrupted at the selling point by the Griffin.

The prop is actually a synthesizer created by I love gadgets and gizmos so once I discovered a 4 voice synthesizer for $42 I snagged one. It just looked so crazy I had to put it in an episode.

Want Won?

Unfortunately, fortunately, their first run sold out, but there is a crowd supply project where you can show interest and get them to make a second run. Get involved and make a difference!

Here is a link to the Youtube video explaining the unit.

And the page on the site.

And the Mark of the Griffin episode 4 link again.

-Drew Spence