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Happy New Year 2019

Thank you for all the support.

  It’s been an awesome year with a lot of changes and growth. When I year starts we never have a full idea of how it will end. You write resolutions and plan to be productive and see where the creative energies takes us. 2018 added the Digital Art Live webinar series and finds a selection of my presentations in the Daz Store. We launched the Killer Butterfly comic as a second series, behind the flagship Force Six, The Annihilators, which wrapped a 3rd Season. We had a huge year of hardware upgrades and built a new CGI rig. We also added a vast array of new software and apps to add to the graphic palette. All in all, it’s been a great 2018 and we hope 2019 continues in the same bold direction. Thank you for your support and valued readership. -Drew Spence, The Dynamic Universe.

P.S. These covers don;t really follow the months, but it does look cool.