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Domino Grey interview with YoungCelebrityNews

Young Celebrity Newsblog interview with DOMINO GREY

Domino Grey

Domino Grey, never fencing with words

Can you tell us about growing up listening to music? Did that have a big effect on you in who you are today as a musician?

I think so. I believe a huge part of happiness is doing what we loved to do as a child, in an adult world, which means either as a career or as an intense hobby. Our grown up eyes only see responsibilities and what we think we ‘should do’. A child’s vision is much more honest as it focuses only on ‘wants to do’. Therefore, the limitations of what you ‘can and can’t do’ are what fuel your dreams. My music is a reflection of those aspirations.

And that’s what inspired you to start producing music? 

Yes! My parent’s record collection told the story of their history. It told me who they were. It represented their tastes and sensibilities. It was a wide array of music. Calypso, Dance, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Country & Western…plus I watched so much sci-fi and anime. I would stare at these albums and create the story of me as that artist. You’d see an album cover of the producer in the studio, a picture of the artist lost in thought or just a pretty woman sitting there. I wanted to be in that world and I hope the music I make tells a story.

Who are some of your musical influences today?

I’m more drawn to sounds than artists, to be honest. I like to paint with a large palette of sounds…from synthesizers to traditional instruments to using samples in my work. We are doing so much to break down the barriers between composing, producing and performing. So much of our music happens on the production side and so much of our tendencies are influenced by the live performance aspects. The modern record sounds as if it is already being manipulated by a DJ and so much of its sound is affected and not recorded. It’s a producer’s craft now.

Tell us what exactly being a producer means and does?

Traditionally, it’s about bringing the record to term. It’s about the session and bringing the best out of the artist.  It’s about the details and…

Domino Grey interview with JamSphere 20 Questions Deep with Rick Jamm!

Twenty Questions: DOMINO GREY – The Intellectual Electronic Music Artist!



Domino Grey Electronic Musician


Electronic Music producer, Domino Grey from New York, has influences that range from HipHop to Deep House. He is part of a group that releases instrumental music under the name Fallout Shelter and producing records as Drew Spence and Dynamics Plus. Recently in an exclusive interview, Domino confirmed that his  prowess and skills are not only confined to keyboards and mixing desks. The man (and artist) comes across as a rational and intelligent being, who completely understands his art and the sacrifices necessary to move within, and more importantly around and outside of its boundaries successfully.

1. How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

Domino Grey: It’s been a few years now doing electronic music after many years doing Hip Hop and Rap. I think there’s some kind of artistic debt in trying to give the same kinds of experiences with my music that I had, when I was younger. I want to recreate what I felt then for someone else.

2. Who were the first influences on your sound and who do you consider the most influential electronic music producer in your genre today?

Domino Grey: Influential for today, I would say Deadmou5 and for dub enthusiasts, Skrillex -more so, for what they have accomplished, than their musical sensibilities overall. I think many artists see them as the end goal for their musical aspirations. It’s a little funny when the kids only look at their last two years in the big spotlight and think that’s all there is to it. So easy. Those are developed artists with long histories and are not overnight success stories. I tend to be inspired by ideas and not sounds or production techniques.

3. Do you remember the first piece of software or equipment that you actually purchased, for your productions, with your own money?

Domino Grey: First, I’m not so sure of, but most significant would be the Ensoniq ASR0-10 sampling keyboard. I bought it brand new from Sam Ash for over 2 grand, at a time when you didn’t know who else was using it besides yourself. There wasn’t a fantasy in my head like if I get this, I’ll be just like so and so. It was all about what it could do for me. When I forked over the money I thought “Okay, now you’d better be serious about this.”
READ MORE reviews Domino Grey Butterfly Affect II: Pretty Imposter

DOMINO GREY: “Butterfly Affect II Pretty Imposter”

Creative Nourishment For The Mind!


Domino Grey Pretty Imposter

She posed as someone else to look like herself

Whether you find yourself rocking to and fro in your favorite armchair on a mind trip, or grooving enthusiastically across the club floor, this Ep acts as a really nice soundtrack. Atmospheric and spacey, Domino Grey illustrates his profound grasp of Electronic Music, proving he is able, to incorporate exquisite beat pulses and sounds into his intelligent motifs.

D.O.M.I.N.O. Dance Or Move In Natural Order G.R.E.Y. Generate Rhythmic Energy Yourself. In two simple words DOMINO GREY. Domino Grey is an Electronic Music producer from New York. His influences range from HipHop to Deep House. He is part of a group that releases instrumental music under the name Fallout Shelter and producing records as Drew Spence and Dynamics Plus. His newest project is contributing to the soundtrack of the Mark of the Griffin web series and comic book. It’s about a regular guy turned into a vigilante-like superhero that’s not so super. After creating the video, Domino adds his music as the final signature.

I’ve been performing, producing and writing about music for almost 30 years now. Back in the old days I hustled my way around the major labels, while today I have chosen to work in the grinding indie music market. Throughout all this time I have come to distinguish two types of music artists. There’s the genuine musician who simply creates music he feels, and let’s everyone else put their own personal label to it. All he cares about is the music. Then there is your ‘hope to make it big’, hype-and-image variety of artist, who is so unsure about what everyone else will call what his doing, that he labels himself. Just in case everyone else gets it wrong (?)!

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I know who’s making music worth listening to, before I even hear a single note, just by listening to, or reading how artists introduce themselves. A few days ago a kid approached me and asked: “Hey, I’d like you to review my music, I’m a Deep Soulful House artist, do you think you know this music well enough, to handle it?” My answer was, what it has always been for the last 30 years, and taken from a phrase I heard somewhere as a kid. “Unfortunately I only know two types of music. Good and Bad. If you fall into one of those genres, send your music along!” Needless to say, the kid was flabbergasted, and it took him a while to understand.




Music Review DOMINO GREY “We Can Go Dancing” by THE MUSIC FEED

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment

The Music Feed

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part I EP: Facial Recognition Technology

“We Can Go Dancing”

Butterfly Affect Part I cover

The Music Feed- feeds off Butterfly Affect Part I

“Domino Grey Promises Music That’s Rhythmic

Fun, and Great to Dance To”

“Domino Grey is a child of rhythm. A quick perusal of his music makes a strong case for the validity of this statement. Grey’s style is characterized by driving percussion, deep grooves, and a lighthearted, dance-y sense of fun. It calls to mind the funky ambiance of Royksopp,  Lindstrom, or Junior Boys. Grey has previously released two EPs in 2011, with styles ranging from instrumental hip-hop to nu jazz, and is looking to continue advancing his eclectic, dynamic sensibilities.”
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Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter goes live on Earbits Radio FREE MUSIC

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter goes live on Earbits Radio FREE MUSIC

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part II Pretty Imposter

Domino Grey Butterfly Affect part II Pretty Imposter

Much Ado About Nothing –
Call It Off –
Right Before She –
Guided Me Home –
Common Sense –

So with the changing trend of indie artists doing it all themselves, Dynamica Music/AVXP is placing all of our artists in rotation on the radio with a  heavy emphasis for online  stations. One of the newest ones is Earbits.


earbits logo

Earbits online radio!

Earbits is a marketing platform for music related products built around interactive radio experiences.

Earbits ( works directly with labels, high quality artists and live music event promoters to create innovative internet radio-based promotions that turn listeners into loyal fans and consumers. They provide commercial-free streaming music on, Earbits Mobile Radio apps, and across a variety of affiliate website partners.


The PROs are the relatively huge number of spins for your $$ campaign. There is a Facebook like button embedded in your profile and you are able to collect the email addresses of your fans and easily export them to your regular contact list.

The singular CON is the lack of a true profile page that streams ONLY your own music. The play lists are generated by genre and region so you can’t directly target your music exclusively. That’s a great system for touring or performance-heavy bands that need regional or home-base concentration, but for artists who want a more global reach…

Overall Earbits provide a great online radio experience with high quality music, but I would like a little more control over the station’s feed.

Mark of the Griffin – Graphic Web series first trailer

Mark of the Griffin

One Man will change!

And so Drew Spence from Producer’s Edge Magazine created a web series called Mark of the Griffin. It’s about a regular guy who  gets recruited into an organization called the AGENCI and grows to become a fearsome vigilante-like detective. The first trailer shows some stuff from season one episodes. The series features music from Domino grey, Dynamics Plus and Fallout Shelter. What else? It’s also a graphic novel that embellishes the stories and goes deeper into the background of what happened. It’s slated for  fall 2012 and so far 9 episodes have been filmed.

Here’s the trailer.

Please spread the word and share the links. This is a big deal to all of us at Dynamica Music. Thanks everyone.

Twitter is @MarktheGriffin

Official Website

Domino Grey Music featured in AutoMod Central Car Commercial

The track “Unlocks the Delicate Girl” from Butterfly Affect Part I was selected for a car commercial by Automod Central.


About AutoMod on Facebook:

AutoModCentral has been created to improve the quality of cars, trucks and SUVs everywhere. We will help make your vehicle quicker, handle better, look better and keep you safer, more entertained and informed while inside. The cutting edge of automotive technology is right here, available 24/7 with support and staffing like nobody else. Truly knowledgeable people who are at car shows, races and in auto shops when they’re not here is what separates us from the competition. We eat, sleep and live modified cars, whether its a sport compact, muscle car, bad-@$$ truck or a sweet European ride. From mechanics to body shop managers to autocross drivers to mudders, our staff is a mix of everything you need when looking for the right parts for your ride.

 Visit their Website:

Butterfly Affect Part I:
Facial Recognition Technology
Butterfly Affect album artwork available on iTunes
Domino Grey presents a tightly wound set of dance tracks. It’s high-energy all the way around. This is the first release for the Butterfly Affect series. The caterpillar undergoes its metamorphosis and a young girl discovers her face in the mirrored responses of a woman.
This is Part I: Facial Recognition Technology.

“A girl looked in the mirror and saw a caterpillar instead of the butterfly she had become.”
Download the Digital Album at CD quality for only $5.99
Available on iTunes and other sites where digital music is sold

@Domino_Grey on twitter