Cosmic Centipede streaming on Webtoon!

The Comic Book Cosmic Centipede by Drew Spence is now streaming on the Webtoon platform.

Comic cover Cosmic Centipede by Drew Spence

Do you want to live in a world where great ships loom across the skies? Do you want to visit galaxies and have adventures on the edge of the universe? Do you want to follow the history of the human race from its beginning to its end? If so, begin reading books from the BattleStrux universe!

Stories and Works related to the BattleStrux Universe.

Enter the BattleStrux

The Crew of the Mantis-1 faces its greatest challenge as Captain Dynamics Plus is lured into a trap at the end of the universe. Cosmic Centipede, episode 5: The End of All Things Imagined.

Official Video for the Lenzmen Dynamics Plus track “Cosmic Centipede Episode 5” from the album Dynamic Universe Volume 02 Foresight Wars. Set to rerelease in April 2023, originally recorded circa 1996.

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