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VIDEO Release The Big Dynamic Robot Show Episode I

So yes, in the zone we’re in- making videos for lots of records. This video is for Lenzmen Dynamics Plus, off the Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude album. It came out in 2005, physical copies and digital. We had some great reviews for the release. Years later, we’re making a video. As you’ve seen there’s a good number of tools at play. Runway AI does the transition from image to image using their Image Interpolation tool. Studio d-id is the clip where Doctor Atomics speaks. You might have recognized that effect from the “Lonely Angel” video from Domino Grey. Some VFX are custom clips done straight in Adobe Premiere and others are from a site that sells clips.

The Big Dynamic Robot Show Episode I

Daz Studio does the heavy lifting as the source of all characters and animation. Video upscaling was done with Topaz Video AI. The comet in the opening was done with GENMO. Runway AI was back with Gen-1 for the knocked out “dream sequence”. Oh and Ron Deviney (A vendor in the Daz Store) pretty much gets credit for any effect that wasn’t animated. No, wait, I hand drew the lasers in Photoshop and Griffin Avid did all the graphic effects. Thank you for your support.

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