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Daz Studio Orestes HDRI issue

Daz Forum post: HDRI is blurry

“How do you use Orestes Iray HDRI Skydomes – Erupiter or other products by Orestes. All I find are files to load render settings. When I do a iRay preview all I see is a fuzzy varible colored sky. I don’t see any planets or moons like what shows on the product page. Do you need to buy other products to get those celestial things? Do you need to load a skydome or something? And where would you find that? Thanks.”

Griffin Avid said:

You need to rotate the HDRI until you get the part of it that shows the view(s) from the promo. Since they are usually large skies, you might need to get the camera to point the perfect way.

The option I usually do – is to render the exact scene without the HDRI dome included.

Environment Mode (Dome and Scene)
Draw Dome (Off)


Then I render the HDRI all alone in its own scene and pick all my favorite views and place those behind the render so I can have full control of the camera angle and the backdrop. I can also try a whole bunch of different ones and compare them. I only really do this with HDRIs that have a super-sweet spot.

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