Force Six, The Annihilators #39

39 Look to the Heavens

Force Six comic cover

Danger from the front and back! Some lessons need to be learned more than once- as Force Six member Alexi Alito squares up against the Synthoid threat. The edge of the circle is sharp in this arc and Mr Agility may get cut before cutting his losses. This is Part II of IV of the Spirit of the Invincible story arc. Force Six episode 39: Look to the Heavens

Force Six the Annihilators page art
Force Six Comic Book
The Annihilators comic

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Force Six, The Annihilators

They were a team of specialists assembled to bring order to a chaotic universe. Something went wrong when right became their final choice. See the transformation from Renegade outcasts to Legends. They are Force Six, The Annihilators. Drew Spence writes and illustrates a graphic comic, mixing science fiction with science fantasy. It’s a superhero space saga as a group of renegades, gifted with special abilities and artificial enhancements, charge and change the fate of all those they come across. They are the Force Six, The Annihilators and this is the story of their rise, fall and ultimate redemption.

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