Killer Butterfly 02 is here.

Killer Butterfly #2:

The Daemon and the Stroke

Killer Butterfly issue 02 cover art

It’s not a swim stroke in issue 02

Killer Butterfly 02 The Daemon and the Stroke

The orphan-turned-assassin Kuse Yatsumi will learn her first lesson… from an unexpected teacher! Odion Adisa will visit the gravesite of his parents and be haunted by a memory more dangerous than he can imagine. The Killer Butterfly series continues in issue 02: The Daemon and the Stroke. Hacked and Handled by Drew Spence.
02a page01
02b Page 02
02c page 03
Drew Spence, the creator of Force Six The Annihilators, presents the Killer Butterfly series. The lives of young Kuse Yatsumi and the warrior Odion Adisa intersect in a tragic turn of fate. What is their true destiny and what will it cost them to find out?
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