Force Six #24: The Misused Muse

Force Six, The Annihilators

#24: The Misused Muse

Force Six comic cover #24

Art in action and acts of Art

24 The Misused Muse
The Misused Muse. Art imitates life when the most famous painter is painted into a corner. It’s up to Force Six member Jackie-5 and Beta Two to solve the mar mystery and mend the misery of the misused muse. 52 pages, full color. Canvas and conversations by Drew Spence

Page Pull from Force Six comic series

Beta waits as Jackie states

One of my favorite story arcs as I get to insert some very artsy-fartsy moments in the Force Six comic.  I loved playing with classic art and twisting some of the overall themes. It’s a double-sized episode and reads like a complete adventure release.

The Annihilators comic page pull episode 24

Vistas and verbose vantages


Action page pull from Force Six, The Annihihlators #24

So polite a fight

Here’s an action sequence from further along in the book…..


As always ..Where to get our works…..

comiXology in digital format

DriveThruComics for PDF format

In Print from Indy Planet

Force Six, The Annihilators

They were a team of specialists assembled to bring order to a chaotic universe. Something went wrong when right became their final choice. See the transformation from Renegade outcasts to Legends. They are Force Six, The Annihilators. Drew Spence writes and illustrates a graphic comic, mixing science fiction with science fantasy. It’s a superhero space saga as a group of renegades, gifted with special abilities and artificial enhancements, charge and change the fate of all those they come across. They are the Force Six, The Annihilators and this is the story of their rise, fall and ultimate redemption.



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