Force Six, The Annihilators: Building Blocks Volume I

Force Six Building Blocks Volume I

Force Six Building Blocks cover

The entire Building Blocks story arc as a trade collection

Drew Spence and The Dynamic Universe are proud to present the Building Blocks collection Volume I. We have the first three episodes of season II combined with season I episode 09 Metal Devil Maiden to create the incredible arc that marks the arrival of the synthoid agents. A loose-end clue leads the Force Six Annihilators to a base hidden in the clouds. The action is intense. It’s 132 pages of full color action, scripted and sketched by Drew Spence.
Available in digital format on comiXology for $6.99

Available in print at Indy Planet, Digital $8.49 and Print $22.50

The entire story arc gets combined and as a bonus we included episode 09 Metal Devil Maiden as the opening chapter. How awesome is that?

Force Six the Annihilators page samples

Page Pulls from Building Blocks Volume I

Force Six, The Annihilators page example

Jackie-5 and Beta Two jump into action at the Synthoid base.

Confused? have no idea what this is all about? Watch the video trailer.



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