Force Six, The Annihilators #15

Force Six, The Annihilators episode 15

 15 Scales of Seduction


Force Six member 3, Fire Destiny comes face to face with the facade of fate! It’s a fatal tale that tilts the scales when scales are the tint of skin! It’s the final and frightful chapter of a shape shifting sifter saga of Destiny. What shakes and rattles in the dark shall be rolled and exposed in the light. Shades and Says by Drew Spence.

Available on comiXology and DriveThruComics ($2.99)
Also, the entire adventure is available in PRINT!
Coils of the Medusa

Force Six: The Annihilators  Coils Of The Medusa

Fire Destiny investigates the sinister silence and sees a sight hard enough to turn your bones to stone. Is there an ancient and sinister evil lurking among the serpentine labyrinths? Must a man lose in death to find life in the arms of an innocent girl?


Drew Spence

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 88

88 pages (Mature) Full Color $16.50
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