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Bullet Points Force Six 01 Trick Shot

Video Shot- The Annihilators comic series

The Bullet Points video series takes a shot at the comic series Force Six, The Annihilators. The creator, Drew Spence breaks down the happenings with an insider’s edge. They were a team of specialists assembled to bring order to a chaotic universe. Something went wrong when right became their final choice. See the transformation from Renegade outcasts to Legends. They are Force Six, The Annihilators. Story & art by Drew Spence.


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Force Six 14 Tale of the Serpentine

The Annihilators Tail Tale of the Serpentine

Episode 14 on comiXology, DriveThruComics and in PRINT

Force Six The Annihilators episode 14

Episode 14 starts the Medusa story arc!

Force Six The Annihilators 14 Tail Tale of the Serpentine

What lurks and moves among the darkest of bones? There are stories of a terrible beast that waits for the unlucky and more so, the unawares. Fire Destiny will see the edges of his fate when he tangles and gets entangled in a terrifying tale of terrific terror. Coils and colors by Drew Spence.

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49 pages $2.99

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Available in Digital and PRINT as a Trade Collection from Indy Planet

Force Six: The Annihilators

Coils Of The Medusa

Fire Destiny investigates the sinister silence and sees a sight hard enough to turn your bones to stone. Is there an ancient and sinister evil lurking among the serpentine labyrinths? Must a man lose in death to find life in the arms of an innocent girl?

Force Six Coils of the Medusa (Trade Collection)

Coils Of The Medusa

Digital Download $3.99

Print $16.50 88 pages, full color deluxe format