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Rocket Science review on musicblogged.com’s Jenn Carson

Album review : Dynamics Plus Rocket Science

words by Jenn Carson for MusicBlogged.com

The lyrical talents and drive within the experimental music is top notch, setting a tone of high anticipation for the album.

Dynamics Plus Rocket Science

Music is logged and blogged

With his most prominent release yet Dynamics Plus sets out his creative vision of hip-hop with fast-paced lyrical talent and drive.

Sometimes I wish I could step into the mind of someone during their creative process. To see and hear what is going on and how the person came to create formulas in music, writing, art etc. Sometimes, those with talent fall just short of genius, making one wonder where something went wrong within the process. At times what is produced is top notch and addictive. Within experimentation it is difficult to find the balance between perfection and pleasantly weird. Dynamics Plus recent release The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science is the perfect example of what I am talking about. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a pretty solid album but that doesn’t mean I would necessarily describe the sound as “Rocket Science” as it isn’t as pristine or clean cut, but more so Steam Punk.




Source: http://www.musicblogged.com/dynamic-plus-rocket-science/



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